Quilt Challenge

Here are photographs of the entries to our Create a Log Cabin Keepsake Challenge.


13 thoughts on “Quilt Challenge

  1. hola, soy ana gomez,, resido en colombia-cali- estoy pensionada y aprendo quilting, tuve oportunidad de conocer una de sus boletines -24-, con un grupo de compañeras nos gustaria conocer mas sus informes y grandes proyecciones. Tambien hemos pensado en que forma podriamos adquirir sus telas y kit, en nuestro pais. Felicitaciones, favor no dejen de darnos unos respuesta. un grupo se fuertes seguidoras del quilting. gracias.

  2. WOW! Totally amazing how many different versions of a log cabin block can be thought up. Great job, gals – I am sure you had lots of fun doing your individual projects.

  3. absolutely amazing, beautiful quilts. I am a rookie quilter
    looking forward to my first class. With results like this from a
    log cabin design, can not wait to get sewing!!

  4. All the quilts look great, alot of time has been put into them with alot of detail .. but what I love the most is to read the ‘story ‘ that inspired the quilt design in the first place. that would be very interesting so please consider posting that too with each of those entries and not just the winners… cheers

  5. Some people have the greatest ,free thinking “outside the box ” minds. Fun to view. Keep it up ladies and pass your knowledge on.


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