August happenings at the Keepsake Quilting Shop

Sew you want to know what’s happening at the Keepsake Quilting Retail Shop in August?

August is Next Generation Show & Tell month! All quilters under 18 years of age will receive 15% off their purchase if they bring in a show and tell item. There are many youths out there discovering and appreciating the time honored tradition of quilting, as well as beginning the all important task of building a stash…so bring in your granddaughter, niece, or nephew and let’s see what the next generation can do!

This month our demos are focusing on simple patterns a beginner quilter could easily make:

August 9th: The Yellow Brick Road is a standard pattern for beginner quilters. 10% off the Yellow Brick Road pattern plus any notions necessary for you to get started.

August 16th: Learn how to use the Strip Tube Ruler! Purchase the ruler and book at 10% off; black and gray background fabric is on sale at the shop at 15% off!

August 23rd: Learn how to make the Tonga Treats Table Topper & Table Runner with Tonga Treats 5″ square collections (or any other charm pack). Receive 10% off any charm pack you purchase to make these simple treasures.

August 24th & 25th: Visit the shop for our spectacular fat quarter sale! Over 10,000 fat quarters will be on sale! Prints, solids and flannels will be 20 for $25.00 and batiks 20 for $30.00 (must be purchased in multiples of 20).

August 30th: Haunting Hoofbeats Applique. Come to the shop to get 10% off the pattern and any fabric you choose to make it with.

Happy Quilting!

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KQ Employee Party – A Mexican Fiesta

Last Wednesday we held our annual Keepsake Quilting outing. After a couple of rainy days, luckily the weatherman was on our side. It was a great day for our Mexican fiesta, complete with a taco and quesadilla buffet with black beans, chicken, pork, tofu and all the fixings. If palates needed cooling after the Mexican fare, that was taken care of by a make-your-own sundae buffet, with choice of ice cream and sweet toppings.

After lunch, we señoritas and señores vied for prizes with all kinds of fun and silly games, such as pass the hat, bean race, taco fight (no food thrown, we assure you), and a disc toss. We had lots of laughs watching our blindfolded co-workers flailing about trying to break open the piñatas filled with candy.

Here are some photos of the festivities. Click on the first image to scroll through them all.

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Recipe from the KQ Cookbook: Tabbouleh

This is a perfect summer day side dish. It’s fresh. It’s healthy. And it can be toted to a picnic worry free, since there’s no mayonnaise in the dressing.

The recipe is from the out-of-print Keepsake Quilting™ Cookbook published as a charitable fund-raiser in 2001.


3/4 cup bulgur wheat
4 firm tomatoes, chopped
3 scallions, finely chopped
6 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
5 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
6 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
1/4 c. chopped fresh mint
salt and pepper to taste

Place the bulgur in a bowl. Cover with boiling water and let stand for one hour. Drain well and squeeze out excess water. Place the bulgur in a bowl and add the tomatoes and scallions. Combine the lemon juice, olive oil, parsley, mint, salt and pepper in a small bowl and mix well. Pour over the bulgur mixture and mix well. Refrigerate, covered, for several hours to overnight.

Yield: 4 servings

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At the Shop: Sew you want to make a Christmas stocking


For those of you who have visited the shop, you may recognize our staff member Sue and these charming wall hangings:

Sue’s Seasonal & Baby Wall Hangings


What you may not know is that Sue herself is the designer of these patterns!

Sue has been at Keepsake Quilting since 2005 and quilting for 25+ years after being inspired by her sister-in-law’s applique work. It’s not surprising, therefore, that Sue’s favorite thing to do is applique, and her favorite notions are the Aurifil™ Thread Collection, the 60° Triangle used with our Easy Stripe Table Runner, and the Porta-Trace Light Box. Before joining the KQ team, Sue submitted a piece to one of our Challenges and won an Honorable Mention, which is what prompted her to start designing her own patterns.  Now her patterns are sold exclusively at the Keepsake Quilting retail shop! Also, many of the models you see in our catalogue and at the shop are made by Sue. If you are putting together a table runner and get stumped- come on in to the shop and Sue will be able to help you.

Recently, Sue came up with a new pattern quite appropriate to this month’s shop theme of Christmas in July: a Christmas stocking!  We have been searching for a beautiful stocking pattern, and we love what Sue designed. While the pattern is sold exclusively at our shop, you are welcome to call and order it over the phone at 603-253-4026.


Sue's Christmas Stocking

She has chosen to make this model using red and silver—but think of the color way possibilities: red and green; red and gold; blue and silver—not to mention country primitive colors vs. those that have some sparkle!  We can’t wait to see what she comes up with for a Christmas tree skirt pattern…

Don’t forget—tomorrow Friday July 19th, we are demonstrating how to make these Woven Snowflakes from 10am–2pm. Come see how easy these are to make!


Woven Snowflakes

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KQ Quilt School – Third Class

Bonnie with Blocks on Quilt Wall

For our June quilt class, we did strip-piecing, using that technique for 6″ Nine Patch blocks. We also combined the strip-piecing and half-square triangles for a 12″ Jacob’s Ladder block. Our final block was a 6″ Spool. What fun we had laying out all the blocks that the gals had made. There were so many different looks—just so inspiring!

Lynne and Her Quilt Blocks

Libby's Bali Blocks

We’re coming up on our last quilt class in which we’ll talk about assembling all of our 12″ and 6″ blocks together, adding borders, layering, quilting and binding. The gals are all at different stages. Libby has actually finished two quilt tops, one in Balis, and one in 1800’s reproduction fabrics. Lane finished a fabulous red and white quilt top. Other gals are still working on their blocks with plans to make table runners. Katie has gone off in an entirely different direction and has pieced a big-block beach-blanket quilt top in a modern mix of fabrics. Be watching for some pretty neat quilts, we’ll be sharing more of them soon!

Lynne Admiring Libby's Bali Blocks

Fun at Quilt Class

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At the Shop: Christmas Tree Napkin Tutorial

Sew you want a quick but memorable gift you can make for everyone on your list? How about these lovely Christmas Tree napkins suggested by staff member Gloria!

Gloria has been on staff at Keepsake Quilting since 2000.  She began quilting in 1991 when a local quilt shop offered an Eleanor Burns Log Cabin Quilt in a Day class and hasn’t stopped since.  Her favorite notion is her 6½” square ruler; she uses it all the time and finds it very helpful when making her preferred type of quilts- country scrappy! Gloria also has an addiction to all things chickadee, enjoys cross stitch, and is on a wool project kick at the moment. Here are some of her creations:

Gloria’s Chickadee Runner and Cross Stitch

Perhaps one of Gloria’s greatest qualities is that she is a fountain of knowledge. When asked for a suggestion of a simple gift to make for multiple people on a Christmas list, Gloria recommended these Christmas Tree Napkins.  She asserted that it was a quick & easy project, and she was right!  Another great thing about this pattern is that while it looks wonderful in traditional Christmas colors, it can easily be translated to other colorways.  The tutorial below uses primitive winter colors of navy and khaki, but you could also use fall colors for Autumn, or even Halloween fabric for a Nightmare Before Christmas theme!

If you would like to see these napkins being made, or want a little help picking out fabric, come to the shop this Friday, July 12th, from 10-2pm! Gloria herself will be on hand to demonstrate and assist. Participants will receive 10% off any fabric they purchase to make these festive napkins!

 Christmas Tree Napkin Tutorial

For four napkins: 2/3 yard each of two coordinating fabrics OR 8 coordinating fat quarters

Start with an 18″ circle of cardstock. Below we have demonstrated one way of doing this using a paper clip, thumbtack, twine, and a pencil. Make sure you cut the twine longer than necessary so that you can roll it along the ruler until you hit a little over 9″ in length.

Measuring for your circle

Then place the thumbtack in the middle of your cardstock and make a circle. You can also use a pizza pan or some other circular object; however you will have to adjust the rest of the pattern accordingly.

Drawing our circle

Cut the circle in half.  One side is the template for cutting your fabric. Take the other half and create a wedge template by drawing a line from 6″ on the straight edge to 7″ along the rounded edge forming a long, skinny, wedge.

Measuring for the wedge: measure from 6" on the straight

Measure to 7" along the rounded edge

Draw your line

Wedge template


Cut along the line.  This skinny wedge is what will help you establish your fold lines to create the “tree”.


1. Using the ½ circle template, mark and cut 4 semi-circles from each of your two fabrics (or one each from every fat quarter) so you end up with 8 semi-circles.

We love the Sewline Fabric Pencil; clear, clean lines that go on smoothly and come off just as easily!

Careful of your fingers!

2. Layer two coordinating napkin pieces right sides together and stich, leaving a two inch gap for turning. Make sure you reinforce either side of the openings.  Clip the corners.

Layered and sewn fabrics, reinforced at the opening

3. Turn, press, and slip stitch opening closed. Then topstich 1/8″ to 1/4″ from edge around the entire outline of the napkins to reinforce the seam and encourage the napkin to lay flat.

Topstitched napkins

4. Line your wedge template up against the straight edge of the fabric.  The curve of
the wedge should match the curve of your fabric.  Use a fabric marker to mark a line
on the fabric.

Lining up our template, marking our first point

5. Keeping the point of the template in the same place, slide the wedge so that the long straight edge matches your first line. Mark.

Continue around the wedge until you have five fold lines.

Marking the second fold line

Marking the third fold line

Marking the fourth fold line

Marking the fifth fold line

All five of our fold lines

6. Stitch along your fold lines to make it easy to know where to fold and create your tree.  Fold along each line and enjoy!


Folding our napkin


Our finished Christmas Tree Napkin

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At the Shop: July

Sew you want to know what’s happening at the Keepsake Quilting Retail Shop in July?

It’s Christmas in July!  Here at Keepsake we always know it’s July when we start getting buried in Christmas fabric, so we’ve decided we should celebrate the holiday throughout the month of July and pass on some savings to you!
Here’s what we’ve got planned:

July 12th:  10am–2pm

Come learn how to make these adorable christmas tree napkins! Our staff will be on hand to teach you how to make this great gift for anyone on your list.

Christmas Tree Napkins

July 19th: 10am–2pm

Our Woven Snowflakes Pattern was a huge hit last year and continues to be in great demand. Come on in to the shop to see how easy these snowflakes are to make. Yankee swap gift anyone?

Woven Snowflakes

July 26th: 10am–2pm

Back by popular demand, Kristine Poor will be demonstrating how to make her Poinsettia Bowls. These come out so nicely and would also make a lovely gift, or just a nice present for yourself!

Poinsettia Accent Bowl

July 27th and 28th: Merry Christmas!

Come to the shop and receive 15% off any Christmas themed notion, pattern, or fabric! This is a shop only sale.

Click here for more information about visiting the shop.


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Recipe from the KQ Cookbook: Strawberry Delight

Here’s a colorful way to satisfy a sweet tooth. Since you use frozen strawberries, you can serve this at any time of the year.

The recipe is from the out-of-print Keepsake Quilting™ Cookbook published as a charitable fund-raiser in 2001.


Strawberry Delight
2-1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs
1/2 cup sugar
2/3 cup margarine, melted
2 (3-ounce) packages strawberry gelatin
2 cups boiling water
2 (10-ounce) packages frozen strawberries
12 ounces cream cheese, softened
9 ounces whipped topping
2 cups confectioners’ sugar
1/2 cup chopped nuts
Whipped topping

Combine the graham cracker crumbs, sugar and melted margarine in a bowl and mix well. Press the mixture evenly over the bottom of a 9″ x 13″ dish. Dissolve the gelatin in the boiling water in a large bowl. Add the frozen strawberries and stir until the strawberries thaw. Chill until partially set.

Combine the cream cheese, 9 ounces whipped topping and confectioners’ sugar in a mixing bowl and mix until well blended. Stir in the nuts. Spread the mixture over the crumb layer. Spoon the partially congealed strawberry mixture over the cream cheese layer. Chill until set. Top with additional whipped topping if desired. Cut into squares.

Yield: 12 -15 servings

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2013 Summer Tent Sale

The 2013 Keepsake Quilting Summer Sale was this past weekend, and it was a great success! Friday was a cool and rainy June day, but that didn’t stop our shoppers from finding lots of great bargains. The weather slowly cleared on Saturday, which was a welcome change! A great time was had by all, with both shoppers and employees prepared to make the best of the weather.

Here’s a gallery of Summer Sale photos for you to enjoy; click on an image to see it larger and scroll through the images.

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International Quilt Market 2013: Portland, Oregon

Jo’s buddies from Maywood, Gail & Larry

What a whirlwind!  We’ve been back from Quilt Market for a couple of weeks, and I think we’ve finally recovered from covering that show!  We spent Thursday, May 16th, traveling to Portland, Oregon.  It was such a long flight from NH, but luckily there were no delays or issues.  We met at 3am at the office to head to the airport together and arrived in Portland at noon (Pacific time).  We spent the next few days looking at all the new patterns, fabrics and notions!  Jo stops by every single booth at the show to find out what’s new and to ask questions about things that catch her eye.  Rosemary, Karen and I have appointments set up all day with various fabric companies showing us their newest lines.  It always nice being able to see old friends that we only get to see at Quilt Market.  As you may expect, the shows are a tremendous amount of work for us, but we always try to squeeze in some fun too!  Like Jake’s Famous Crawfish Restaurant. Which we liked so much we went twice!  They specialize in delicious fresh fish from the other side of the country.  We’re used to our lobster and mussels here on the East Coast, but what a treat it was to have fresh pacific salmon, sole and rockfish from Oregon.  Simply delicious!

Quilt Market Booths - Hoffman Fabrics

This trip was a little different for us this time, because Rosemary and her husband, Dan, left for Seattle the week before to visit with their son and his girlfriend.  They then traveled down to Portland and met us on Thursday.  Usually, it’s just us “girls” that divide and conquer, but having Dan along for the trip really was fantastic! He was our very own chauffeur taking us to and from the convention center every day—a real treat!  He would scout out the best places for dinner and track down the infamous Portland Voo-Doo donut shops, which everyone was raving about.  I also learned on this trip that Dan is one of those men who is never in a bad mood!  It was a real pleasure having him along.  We’ve joked that he should come with us every time, but I think he might have other thoughts about that.

We left Portland on Monday, May 20th and arrived back in NH very—very early on Tuesday morning.  We took Tuesday to regroup and refresh and were back in the office on Wednesday sorting through all the samples we brought back with us.  We are now busy working on our Fall Catalog that will mail in July.  We are so excited to show you the new beautiful quilts we found at the show and all the fantastic fabrics that will be featured in the catalog.

Stay tuned!
Happy Quilting!


PS. Hungry for more photos from Quilt Market? Check out the Best Booth Winners-2013 Spring Quilt Market photo album on the International Quilt Market Facebook page!

Here’s a slideshow of the rest of our photos!

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