Easy Quilts to Make

Many beginning quilters or even experienced quilters short on time are looking for easy quilts to make. We have many easy quilt patterns for you to choose from. Just pick your pattern, your fabric, and go! Easy quilts like the Yellow Brick Road can be made by just about anyone with some sewing experience. Many simple quilt patterns can be made to look complex depending on the fabric and quilting choices you make.  A quilt panel with a border makes a quick quilt, too. Get all our tips and tricks for making a quilt easy.

quilt fabric strips

How To Make A Bargello Quilt: Four Simple Steps

For a lot of quilters–myself included–making a bargello quilt is on the “quilter’s bucket list.” If you’re not familiar with these stunning quilts, they’re the perfect blend of traditional quilting meets modern and look challenging but are deceptively easy. When you first look at one, you might think “Wow, that’s a lot of piecing –…

Create Fabric Paintings using Pre-cut Quilt Kits

Ready to give picture quilts a try? My favorite way to create fabric paintings is to layer fabric shapes using fusible appliqué. It can be quite time consuming to iron fusible to your fabric and to cut out the various appliqué shapes. Now that laser pre-cut quilt kits are available, quilting images is easier than…

pre-cut quilt kit

How to Make a Quilt Without Cutting or Math

From the time I first became aware of quilting, as an adolescent, it’s been my dream to make a quilt in the Double Wedding Ring (DWR) pattern. I not only loved the design, but the name sounded so romantic. This was back in the 1970s, when quilting experienced a revival and hope chests were still…