Build Your Best Log Cabin Quilt

Log cabin quilts are a favorite of beginning quilters and expert quilters alike. New quilters love how just piecing together precut quilt strips can result in a stunning finished quilt while more learned quilters love experimenting with different log cabin quilt layouts. For this reason, log cabin quilts are available in a wide variety of styles – from modern log cabin quilts that utilize big quilt blocks to log cabin quilts that use smaller strips.

In this FREE ebook, we feature three of the most popular Log Cabin quilt block styles: Traditional, Courthouse Steps, and Chevron. For each quilt style, we present you with an antique example and handy charts showing you different quilt settings – enabling you to make each style in a variety of strip widths and block sizes.

Plus – several brand new quilt projects with full instructions are also included!

The traditional log cabin quilt features quilt blocks built from the center out, featuring color shading so that half of the quilt block is “light” and the other half is “dark.” In this free log cabin quilt patterns eBooks, the Bears in Bertie’s Log Cabin and Woven Log Cabin quilt patterns are examples of this style. Courthouse steps is a type of log cabin quilt variation that became popular for using light and dark quilt fabrics in a different manner than the traditional log cabin. Many log cabin quilts of this design will divide the quilt block into fourths and use four different color families to complete a look that lines up “steps” when the finished quilt blocks are pieced together. Quilt strips are then added to the opposite sides of the center square and then each remaining side. The On The Dark Side free log cabin quilt pattern featured in this eBook is an example of this style. Chevron log cabin quilts are a more mordern quilt design where the quilt blocks are arranged so that the strips used create a chevron design running across the quilt. The log cabin quilt blocks are typically arranged diagonally or on-point as well, differing from the traditional design. Linked Chevrons is available as a free log cabin quilt pattern to experiment with as part of this eBook!

Did you know? Folklore says a red center square represents the log cabin’s hearth, a yellow square, the lighted window!

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