Block Buster – 30+ Free Quilt Blocks

100_Free_Quilt_Blocks-866x1024Whether you are just learning how to quilt and want a little bit of assistance with quilt blocks or you are an experienced quilter looking for gorgeous free quilt patterns, this downloadable pattern book will inspire countless ideas for your next quilting project!

Inside this eBook you’ll find more than 30 unique quilt blocks and instructions to create them in 6”, 9”, and 12” variations. It also includes directions to combine blocks into sampler quilts. With dozens of quilt blocks, the design opportunities are endless and easily customizable to your unique style.

The quilt blocks in this exclusive download are organized into collections: civil war quilt blocks, traditional quilt blocks, floral quilt blocks, oriental quilt blocks, and batik quilt blocks.

Mix and match different quilt blocks or stick with one. The decision is up to you!

Download your copy of this FREE eBook, Block Busters, by entering your email below. The only question you’ll be left with is which quilt block to make first! 

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