Quick and Cute: Quilted Projects They’ll Love That Won’t Take Forever

We’re all busy, but we still want to make beautiful things for our family and friends–and let’s not forget making things for ourselves, either!

Even the simplest quilt is a commitment (which is great when you want to dive into something big), but you can finish the prettiest placemats, napkins, table runners, or pillows in a few hours. Everyone over for dinner will admire your beautiful quilted placemats, but no one knows you whipped them up in one afternoon. (We won’t tell if you don’t!)

"Double Dip" digital placemats quilt pattern

Imagine the dozens of color variations you can get from this “Double Dip” placemat pattern!

Take our “Double Dip” reversible placemat pattern. The strip piecing makes for superfast construction, but the color and pattern variations are endless. You could do a set in coordinating (but not matching) colors, or swap colors between the horizontals and vertical strips, or, if you use three colors, have half the set be colors a, b, and c, and the other half be colors a, b, and d.

Table runners aren’t far behind in ease and speed of construction. Look how eye-catching the “Pure Color” table runner (below) is in bright modern solids. But it’s a Keepsake Quilting Quick Kit, which means you get a kit designed for fast sewing delivered right to your door with everything you need included, so you can jump right in. That means faster finishing, and more time for your guests to admire your handiwork!

"Pure Color" table runner kit

This “Pure Color” Keepsake Quilt Kit gives you everything you need to start sewing!

No rundown of quick projects is complete without talking about pillows. They’re simple, comfy, and there’s an endless range of patterns, colors, and styles. Take our “Log Cabin :eaves” digital pattern: we show three color variations here, but the Log Cabin pattern may be the most versatile quilt pattern out there  (and it’s one of the easiest, thanks to strip piecing).

"Log Cabin Leaves" digital quilted pillow pattern

The “Log Cabin Leaves” digital quilt pattern has endless color variations!

Whether you choose placemats, table runners, or pillows, in no time you’ll have a fresh new quilted piece for your guests to admire. Let’s get sewing!



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Scrap quilts: a new take on an old favorite

Back in the day, all quilts were scrappy. Women sewed their scraps together into the most useful and prettiest covering they could.  They traded scraps with each other and showed their finished patchwork with pride (and probably a touch of competition).

Creativity and skill mattered, just like today. Because some things don’t change: we all still have scraps, and we want to do something beautiful and useful with them.

"Scrappy Jewels" digital quilt pattern available online for immediate download

The “Scrappy Jewels” in this digital quilt pattern really shine!

But how we learn has changed. That’s what I like about Bonnie Hunter’s “Scrap Quilts” class on craftonlineuniversity.com: it’s such a cool mix of old and new. Old, in that she works with the oldest style of patchwork; new, in that she teaches it online and brings a fresh new look to the oldest form of quilting.

Bonnie is the scrap quilt queen– she’s been giving classes, workshops, and lectures for years, but now you can learn from her even if you can’t see her in person. Sign up for her “Scrap Quilts” class (Oct. 12th- Nov. 23rd) and you’ll be learning from the best,  even though you’re sitting at home in your jammies or your oldest sweats (we won’t judge, or even know).

And if you don’t want a full class, Keepsake Quilting now has 1, 211 (you read that right) digital quilting patterns online for your shopping and immediate downloading pleasure. Here’s a couple of the scrappier ones, but with so many, you’re sure to find a quilt pattern that speaks to you, and that you can download right now!

Lime Twist digital quilt pattern

“Lime Twist” digital pattern available online for immediate download

Starlit Path digital quilt pattern available online for immediate download

“Starlit Path” a sup-scrappy digital quilt pattern available online for immediate download











If by chance you don’t have enough scraps, we can help! Visit our scrap collections page, where we spoil you with literally hundreds of scrappy collections: batiks, holiday fabrics, flannels, florals, kids fabrics, and of course every color in the colorwheel. You’re welcome!

Given how excited 19th century quilters were when sewing machines first appeared, I bet they’d love the online quilting world: immediate download of digital quilt patterns, classes with new techniques demonstrated online, and of course online fabric shopping: thousands of bolts delivered right to your door!

They couldn’t take advantage of all this; you can. Go for it!





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Quilting Arts Magazine’s Holiday Giveaway: It’s Christmas in September!

Our sister publication Quilting Arts is running a Holiday Giveaway: 12 days of Christmas in September! It’s actually a great time to celebrate: no cold or snow, beautiful autumn weather, and the kids are back in school.

Win great quilting prizes in Quilting Arts holiday giveaway

Enter once a day through Sept. 25th to win great quilting prizes!

Today’s prize (there’s a different one every day) is something we can all use: Aurifil thread, the really good stuff that we quilters love. We’re not skimping on quantity, either: 12 large spools at 1,422 yards each means 17,064 yards of thread! Money you would have spent on thread can now go straight to fabric!

Win this Aurifil quilting thread library in Quilting Arts's holiday giveaway

Win 12 large spools of top quality Aurifil quilting thread

The contest ends Sept. 25 (exactly three months before Christmas!) But you can enter once a day until then. My favorite prizes are the Kai scissors (super sharp, high quality scissors) and CraftOptics lenses (customized to your prescription so you can see even the smallest stitches clearly). Check out the complete list of prizes and you’re sure to find something you like.

Win Kai quilting scissors in Quilting Arts's holiday giveaway

Win these long-lasting, super sharp Kai scissors in Quilting Art’s Holiday Giveaway

Win CraftOptics lenses quilting tool to see clearly

Win customized CraftOptics lenses and you will see even the smallest stitches clearly!







Remember, you can enter once daily through Friday, September 25th. Good luck, and happy quilting!

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We’re Tickled (Tula) Pink!

Keepsake Quilting is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Tula Pink, everyone’s favorite illustrator, fabric designer, DIY’er, and all-around cool girl! She’s going to be doing a bunch of exclusive Tula Pink quilting patterns and projects for us: videos and kits you’ll find only at Keepsake Quilting.

Tula Pink quilting patterns and fabrics

Our exclusive Tula Pink kits are here now, designed by Tula’s favorite quilt designers and made from her favorite fabrics. We’ve got bags of all sizes: the Adorable Tote, Cute Clutch, and Pretty Purse and projects to liven up your home: the Sunrise and Compass large floor pillows and the Palace Floor Table Runner.

We’ve got six Tula Pink bed sized quilts, five of them exclusive to Keepsake Quilting. The “Tokari Bunai” quilt shown below uses the full range of Tula’s glorious colors and patterns, and sets the squares on point for a super dynamic quilt.

"Tokari Bunai" quilt by Tula Pink

“Tokari Bunai” quilt by Tula Pink- the mix of fabric patterns and the on point setting of the squares makes it so dynamic!

The other five Tula Pink bed sized quilts are equally eye-catching and fun! Each kit comes with instructions, patterns and all the Tula Pink fabrics you need to start creating!

OK, OK, here’s one more:

Tula Pink's "Jewel of Burma" quilt-- a Keepsake exclusive

Tula Pink’s “Jewel of Burma” quilt is exclusive to Keepsake Quilting!

And coming soon is what I’m super psyched about: a 12-part video series (that’s tons of Tula!) called “Tula’s House: Inside the Mind and Studio of Tula Pink.”  Each episode follows Tula Pink as she designs a new fabric line, “Eden,” starting with her notes and sketches and culminating in a printed bolt of Tula-licious fabric. She lets you in on every aspect of the design process, so you’re sure to pick up new ideas you can use in your artistic journey.

My personal fave, though, is the Tula Pink coloring book. First, there’s that amazing cover:

Tula Pink coloring book cover

Glorious colors, glorious design– the cover of Tula Pink’s new coloring book.

On the inside, there are Tula Pink illustrations to color and hang on the fridge! (Why should your kids have all the glory?)

Illustration from Tula Pink's coloring book

Imagine what you can make of this illustration from Tula Pink’s coloring book!

The coloring book is a favorite of hers too, as per Tula Pink’s Facebook page:

Tula Pink loves her new coloring book!

Tula is almost as excited about her new coloring book as we are!

So let Tula Pink inspire you. I hear she doesn’t even mind if you use colors other than pink and green!


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Celebrate National Sewing Machine Day!

Celebrate the quilting buddy who’s always got your back: your sewing machine! Yes, it’s National Sewing Machine Day. Whether you’ve got a simple classic Singer Featherweight or a high tech, high feature Bernina, today’s the day to send your buddy some love!

Classic old sewing machines

A wall of classic old sewing machines– a quilter’s dream!

Visit our tools and notions page to find something nice for your sewing machine, and for today only, free standard shipping on orders of $49 or more! How about a special foot to make free motion quilting easier? And remember, some specific sewing tasks need specific needles; find out which with Liz Kettle’s “Know Your Needles” book. And I’m sure your machine would appreciate a trip to the day spa (a.k.a a tune-up at your local sewing store).

Sewing machines are amazingly sturdy: the basic technology of two threads intertwining to make a nice durable stitch has existed for 150 years. Today we’ve got more stitch options, but the basic technique is tried and true. With proper care, your machine will last a long time.

If you want to get your bestie something extra special, consider this sewing machine cover. It will protect your machine and show off your creativity!

Patchwork sewing machine cover from Snippets

This adorable patchwork cover will protect and cuddle your machine while it show off your creativity.


Or declare your solidarity with sewing machines in general with this Christmas tree ornament (which is just the right size to work as a necklace). Remember, in celebration of National Sewing Machine Day, free standard shipping on orders of $49 or more!

Jim Shore sewing machine Christmas tree ornament

Show your love for your best sewing buddy with this sewing machine Christmas tree ornament from Jim Shore.


I close with a shoutout to my 22 year old Singer Spartan. I couldn’t afford much machine back then, so it was a big purchase. But it’s been with me through three states (Massachusetts twice), seven moves, and has sewn quilts, clothes, curtains, pillows, and cat beds. Thanks, dude. I appreciate the hard work.

What’s your favorite sewing machine? How many machines do you own? Share your memories with us, and happy quilting!


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Star Wars Quilting Fabrics and Kits are here!

Star Was quilting fabrics and kits (including Keepsake Quilting exclusives) are here!


We’ve got ‘em all: old favorites like Chewie and Han Solo, and all the new members of the Rebel Alliance like Rey, Poe, and Finn. And the adorable new droid BB-8!


Rebel Alliance fabric

If you’re into bad guys (we know you’re out there), we’ve got the Dark Side as well: the Imperial Storm troopers return,  backed by new baddies: flametroopers, Kylo Ren, and Captain Phasma.


Kylo Ren quilt kit

They all come in a range of colors and patterns, so you can pick what works best for your project, whether it’s patchwork or a panel. We’ve got quilt kits and pillow kits as well, if you need a quick hit. You can finish the pillow kits in just one afternoon!

So declare your allegiance, pick a side, and start sewing!

Rey Throw Pillow Kit

Rey throw pillow kit


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QuiltFest 2015

The Keepsake Quilting retail store grounds came alive with quilting, color creativity, and new ideas as QuiltFest 2015 showcased the best in all styles of quilts from around the country.

We were amazed and impressed by the mix of styles and techniques within quilts. Clearly quilters don’t let boundaries stop them! We had traditional patterns in modern colors, modern piecing with traditional quilting, modern piecing with traditional applique… I loved seeing quilters take whatever they needed from whatever niche of the quilting world to make a quilt that’s uniquely their own.

First place winner was Kim Gregoire with “Sunflowers”. She took an older pattern (which she had bought at Keepsake– yay us!) and made it her own by enlarging one detail of the pattern quite a bit. The results are gorgeous!


Not that the other winners were too far behind! Carmen Weeks’s beauty “Red Star Bouquet” took second place, and  “Pomegranates” Linda Miner won third.

We also had two Honorable Mentions: “Listen to the Stories They Tell” by Jennifer Carson, and “The Year of the Sunflowers” by Cynthia Zoller. Clearly, sunflowers are a current fave for quilters!

The Ladies of the Lake quilt guild from Wolfeboro, New Hampshire showcased their raffle quilt. (See how well the piecing and applique compliment each other?) Keepsake always like supporting local groups, especially when they do work this lovely.


Keepsake Quilting retail store manager Deb Comeau and her team worked their tails off before, during, and after the show to keep everything running smoothly. Congratulations- you guys did a great job! I hope you took a well-deserved rest afterwards.

I’ll close with one of my favorite images: a selection of the beautiful quilts on display (I’ve always wanted to try a star quilt but never had the nerve– maybe this will inspire me!) We’ll be back next year, so watch for your chance to participate in QuiltFest 2016!



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What is batting, exactly?

Batting is usually just an afterthought once the fun parts (picking fabric, and designing and piecing the quilt) are done. But it’s more than that! It’s the heart of the quilt: when you snuggle under a quilt, batting keeps you warm. It deserves just as much care as the rest of your quilt! So use these tips, our cheat sheet, and our size chart to pick the best batting for your quilt.

Let the quilt pattern guide your choice of batting.

Modern quilts generally have a more streamlined look than soft, fluffy baby quilts. So modern quilters tend to use cotton batting, which gives a flatter finish, while polyester batting, generally the loftiest, is common in baby quilts. Cotton and polyester are the two most common types of batting; see our cheat sheet below for info on bamboo, eco-friendly, and wool batting.

Batting in a 2.5″ wide strip is super useful! All those jelly rolls and strip quilts can use this size batting, especially for quilt-as-you-go projects, and it works really well in small projects like potholders, Christmas ornaments, or quilted jewelry, too.

Moldable batting is a stiff form of batting used in tote bags, hats, and other craft projects. It works great in those projects, but it’s generally too stiff for quilting.

Click to download and print or save this handy quilt batting reference guide.

Click to download and print or save this handy quilt batting reference guide.

What color batting to buy?

If you are working with a deep, true Amish black fabric, consider a black batting. This minimizes contrast in case of bearding. Otherwise, white or natural should be fine.

What size batting to buy?

Re-measure (measure, don’t guess!) your quilt top when it’s done, then look at our quilt batting size chart below. Compare the size of your top to the sizes listed, allow an inch or two extra batting (quilting always takes up some batting), then decide what size is best.

If your quilt will be longarm quilted, you must allow much more. The Keepsake Quilting longarm service asks for an extra 6” all around; all longarmers ask for at least this, and many ask for more. As a result, you might have to go up a size in batting. It’s worth it to get your quilt finished properly!

Quilt batting sizes

Batting size chart

Terms To Know When Choosing Batting For Quilts:

  • Loft: the degree of puffiness that batting gives the finished quilt.
  • Sandwich: the three layers of the quilt as a group: top, batting, back.
  • Longarm: a large quilting machine that pulls the top, batting and back through separately, and hence always needs extra batting.
  • Bearding: when bits of batting work up through the quilt top. Keep your piecing nice and tight and you won’t have to worry about this!
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Win Fabric For Life!


She who dies with the most fabric– probably won our Fabric For Life contest!

That’s right: the latest top quality quilting prints, solids, batiks, flannels, and whatever else fabric designers come up with in the future! It will all be yours.

Entering is easy: once a day, right here, and you could win more fabric than you ever dreamed of! Yep, that much.

But remember, your life will change if you win. Quilting buddies requesting fabric, having to design a bigger sewing room, forgetting what your husband looks like because you’re spending so much time in that new sewing room… I have faith that you can handle these “problems.”

And I want you to know that I’m not resentful at all that as a Keepsake Quilting employee, I can’t even enter, let alone win. Not resentful at all. Nope. Not me.

So take advantage where I can’t (sob). Enter to win!

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Fabric for Life Winners







We are pleased to announce the winners of the Fabric for Life contest:

Status City State
1st Place Christina Strass Calgary AB
2nd Place Jean Howey Goffstown NH
3rd Place Beverly Williams Fort Worth TX
3rd Place Linda Verburg Lansing IL
3rd Place Phyllis Miller Shelbyville IN
3rd Place Barbara Hadderton Crosbyton TX
3rd Place Bonnie Fish Fort Nelson BC
3rd Place Rosanne Riley Riverton WY
3rd Place Vicki Clem Fountaintown IN
3rd Place Karen Schackow Defiance OH
3rd Place Donna Maher Media PA
3rd Place Karen Richards Snohomish WA
3rd Place Kathleen Luongo Parrish FL
3rd Place Kristina Rudis NOVI MI
3rd Place Dorothy Grady Olive Branch MS
3rd Place Patricia Dance Port Alberni BC
3rd Place Jean Deming Everett WA
3rd Place Lisa Hackney Portland OR
3rd Place Jara Christensen Bixby OK
3rd Place Barbara Larson Cascade WI
3rd Place Shirley Reed Crawford NE
3rd Place Regena Hardy Twin Falls ID
3rd Place Farhana Shehzad Mason OH
3rd Place Pat Stringer Rogers AR
3rd Place Judy McGavock Crivitz WI
3rd Place Jo Baker Jefferson OR
3rd Place Krista Gordon Frostburg MD
3rd Place Barbara Adams Coal City IL
3rd Place elisabeth johnson paris IL
3rd Place Diana Wilkins West Linn OR
3rd Place Pamela Troxell Amelia OH
3rd Place Pearl Wieneke Lismore MN
3rd Place Sheri Guenther Gregory MI
3rd Place Bev. Lundy Cedar Falls IA
3rd Place Eileen Franks Corydon IN
3rd Place Mumina Donaleski HOUSTON TX
3rd Place Val Iven Portland OR
3rd Place stephanie sosa huntington bch CA
3rd Place Irme McLaren Silver Springs NV
3rd Place Penny Huffman Northport AL
3rd Place Kirkland Bader N Chesterfield VA
3rd Place Jeri Edgar Elk Grove CA
3rd Place Krystal Shook Colorado Springs CO
3rd Place Leslie Lee Sulphur LA
3rd Place Gwen Loiselle Edmonton AB
3rd Place Sue Werkmeister Maywood NE
3rd Place Amanda Hawkins Colorado Springs CO
3rd Place Michelle Harrison Morganton GA
3rd Place Vilinda Pierce Beloit WI
3rd Place Carol Carney Van Buren AR
3rd Place Janice Dunigan Grove Hill AL
3rd Place Denise Duff new franklin MO
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