QuiltFEST Contest – You Be the Judge

We put a little twist onto this year’s QuiltFEST contest: we made it Show and Tell!

We asked quilters to bring along their quilts on August 3, 2016, with a brief written bio about the quilt and show it off to the staff and customers! We took pictures of the quilts (see below) and invited customers to vote for their favorites.

***Edited 8/24/16***

Winners Declared!

1st place-Sea Swept in NH 2015 by Jean Vaillancourt

2nd place-Finding Rest by Wendy Sanden

3rd place-Farmer in the Dell Log Cabin by Victoria Carroll-Parkhill

Judging for this contest is now closed. Thank you for your help!

And that includes you!

Please review the quilt projects below and leave a comment below ranking your top three (indicating which one is 1, 2 and 3). We’ll tally the votes here and at the New Hampshire store and declare the winners in about a week.

In no particular order, here are the contestants:

quiltfest 2016
Kaleidoscope In Half Square Triangles
quiltfest 2016
Hazel Hedgehog
Claire’s Happy Quilt
quiltfest contest 2016
Farmer in the Dell Log Cabin
quiltfest 2016
Batik Basketweave
Quiltfest 2016
Beach Quilt
quiltfest 2016
Birthday Coneflowers
quiltfest 2016
Carpenter’s Star
Quiltfest 2016
Christmas and American Girl
quiltfest 2016
Contra Dance
quiltfest 2016
Everybody’s Got to Have a Hobby
quiltfest 2016
Finding Rest
quiltfest 2016
Flannel French Braid
quiltfest 2016
Flowers by the Lake
quiltfest 2016
Interlocking Pieces
quiltfest 2016
Jelly Roll Stash
quiltfest 2016
Ladybug Quilt
quiltfest 2016
May the Force Be with You
quiltfest 2016
Seaswept in New Hampshire
quiltfest 2016
Sunset at Hills Beach
quiltfest 2016
Sunshine and Flowers
quiltfest 2016
Whirlygig Quilt

Thanks for your help. May the best quilts win!

***Please note: We have to approve your comments (which we will, so long as you abide by community standards and you’re not a spammer) so your comment may not appear right away. You don’t need to submit it more than once.

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116 thoughts on “QuiltFEST Contest – You Be the Judge

  1. They are all beautiful!!

    #1 Sea swept in New Hampshire
    #2 Sunset at Hills Beach
    #3 Farmer in the Dell Log Cabin

  2. Each and everyone a lovely quilt… Here are my three top picks!

    1 – Birthday Coneflowers
    2 – Finding Rest
    3 – Seaswept in N.H.

  3. 1 Seaswept in New Hampshire
    2 Flowers by the Lake
    3 Kaleidoscope in Half Square Triangles
    They’re all terrific! Good work quilters.


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