We Love the Keepsake Quilting Staff–and They Love You

Happy Employee Appreciation Day! We’d like to this opportunity to introduce you to some of the many people who work at Keepsake Quilting and give you some insight on what they do.

It takes a team of dedicated staff–most of whom live within a few miles of our New Hampshire store–to bring you the best in fabric, quilt kits, notions, tools, and so much more. Let’s meet some of them now.

Heather, Cutting Room

We start in our cutting room, where each staff member is responsible for cutting fabric in the amount or size to match the project. Cutters like Heather train for 2-3 months, working with a more experienced “buddy” to learn proper cutting, folding, and kitting techniques.

cutting quilting fabric
Heather loves to cut kits.

“I have to be busy all of the time so I love this job.  I get to see the new products before anyone else.  Sometimes I’ll ask if I can be the person who cuts the prettiest ones.

Each fabric cutter specializes in cutting different lengths, but they’re all cross trained. Heather cuts medleys, scrap bags and kits.

“I can cut up to 8 layers at a time but some of my coworkers can do 10.  Batiks are may favorite to cut because the fabric is so smooth.  I laugh when some people ask us why there is ‘peanut butter’ on their fabric.  That’s the wax from the batik dyeing process.”

Kits are complicated to cut because they have so many components. One of our most popular kits, Close to My Heart, has 15 fabrics and six different cuts.

“My favorite part about cutting a kit is when all the pieces are ready to assemble.

quilt fabric strips
Fabric strips stacked and ready for assembly.

“We build a line of all of the fabrics that we call ‘the wall,’ and then we start with the smallest piece and pack all into a bag,” Heather says.

It’s not all work though! “Twice a day there is a stretching break. In the morning we all stretch.  In the afternoon, some of us walk laps around building while others stretch.”

And there’s the occasional par-tay.

“I love my teammates and I love working for Kathy, our supervisor.  We bake for each others’ birthdays, decorate the cutting room and have contests.  The next one is to guess who each baby picture belongs to.”

Speaking of parties, Heather adds, “By the way, I am the fabric auctioneer at the Tent Sale!  Hope to see you there!”

packing quilt supplies
Vicky picks your order and packages it.

Vicky, Packing Department

After Heather and the cutting team do their thing, the fabric cuts go on to the packing department where Vicky and her coworkers assemble your order.

Vicky picks the products you selected from their carefully labeled–and sometimes sky-high–shelves and bins.

We have stacks–and stacks–of fabric, but also notions, tools, batting, thread, and other quilting supplies. And Vicky has to keep it all straight so she can put her hands on everything in your order quickly and efficiently.

Wearing protective gloves, she carefully wraps and packages them for shipping. We try hard to use enough packing material to keep your quilting supplies safe in transit without overdoing

Vicky says she enjoys her job because of the way she serves customers and, “The great people I work with.”

When your package arrives at your door, we hope your smile matches Vicky’s!

Ali, Shipping Department

ali shipping quilting supplies
Ali prepares orders for shipping.

Once Vicky prepares the packages, she sends them on to Ali, who weighs and labels them for shipping.

Ali makes sure each package (or letter) is sent the way you requested–because when you need fabric or a special kit, you can’t wait for it to arrive!

Like everyone else here, Ali has a fast-paced job that makes the day fly by.

“I love the people I work with and sending out items that make customers happy,” says Ali, who surely has seen the look on a quilter’s face when she (or he) opens a package of fresh fabric.

Bruce, truck driver

quilting supplies on truck
Bruce, one of our truck drivers.

Now your package goes on the next step in its journey, and Bruce is ready to take it there.

As a truck driver, Bruce transports packages to the post office and other shipping services and conveys bolts of fabric and other items between our distribution centers and to outside vendors.

He not only has to make sure to load the truck correctly and get they packages to their proper destinations, but also maneuver during tough New Hampshire winters.

“Each day when I come to work it’s a challenge. You never know what to expect,” he says.

On the other hand, when the weather is fine, he gets a great view of the mountain and lakeside scenery around Center Harbor.

One thing is constant: “I love working with my co-workers,” he says.

We love working with you, too, Bruce, Heather, Vicky, Ali, and the whole team at Keepsake Quilting. We hope you’ve enjoyed meeting them

Happy Quilting!

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4 thoughts on “We Love the Keepsake Quilting Staff–and They Love You

  1. year 2016 What a weekend ! this was my 3rd year. The best thing about the tent sale (besides the low prices) would
    be the staff. They ALL put their heart and soul in making the current year better than ever!!!!! Their smiles and genuine
    concern for their guests. The real transformation takes place inside an empty tent early Thursday morning !!!!!! I was their before anyone arrived and still have trouble believing the organized, detailed, highly trained co-workers join in and
    transform everything into a wonderland of quilting, sewing, and needlework !! Everyone was kind, upbeat, and smiling
    all weekend long. Then at the end of the day Saturday – they all got together and took it all down to get ready for Monday. This group of co-workers are a very caring family to each other and their customers. The Lord’s blessings to all
    of you. #1 in line this year—- Sandra Thompson, Aylett, VA

  2. had a great time (again) at the tent sale. I’ve been coming since KQ was where the liquor shop is now. The staff is always so upbeat and helpful Thanks for helping me in my fabric addiction.

  3. Absolutely LOVE the staff at KQ – simply the nicest, friendliest, helpful group I have EVER met at ANY quilt shop! Fun and the kind of people you want to be friends with 🙂 See you at the Tent Sale!


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