Celebrate National Sewing Machine Day!

Celebrate the quilting buddy who’s always got your back: your sewing machine! Yes, it’s National Sewing Machine Day. Whether you’ve got a simple classic Singer Featherweight or a high tech, high feature Bernina, today’s the day to send your buddy some love!

Classic old sewing machines
A wall of classic old sewing machines– a quilter’s dream!

Visit our tools and notions page to find something nice for your sewing machine, and for today only, free standard shipping on orders of $49 or more! How about a special foot to make free motion quilting easier? And remember, some specific sewing tasks need specific needles; find out which with Liz Kettle’s “Know Your Needles” book. And I’m sure your machine would appreciate a trip to the day spa (a.k.a a tune-up at your local sewing store).

Sewing machines are amazingly sturdy: the basic technology of two threads intertwining to make a nice durable stitch has existed for 150 years. Today we’ve got more stitch options, but the basic technique is tried and true. With proper care, your machine will last a long time.

If you want to get your bestie something extra special, consider this sewing machine cover. It will protect your machine and show off your creativity!

Patchwork sewing machine cover from Snippets
This adorable patchwork cover will protect and cuddle your machine while it show off your creativity.


Or declare your solidarity with sewing machines in general with this Christmas tree ornament (which is just the right size to work as a necklace). Remember, in celebration of National Sewing Machine Day, free standard shipping on orders of $49 or more!

Jim Shore sewing machine Christmas tree ornament
Show your love for your best sewing buddy with this sewing machine Christmas tree ornament from Jim Shore.


I close with a shoutout to my 22 year old Singer Spartan. I couldn’t afford much machine back then, so it was a big purchase. But it’s been with me through three states (Massachusetts twice), seven moves, and has sewn quilts, clothes, curtains, pillows, and cat beds. Thanks, dude. I appreciate the hard work.

What’s your favorite sewing machine? How many machines do you own? Share your memories with us, and happy quilting!


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