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As part of our continued dedication to bringing you the best quilting content out there, we’re pleased to bring you this 12-part series from one of our sister sites, McCall’s Quilting. If you missed the prior posts in this series like Pressing Basics, Accurate 1/4″ Inch Seam Allowances, Rotary Cutting Basics, Safety & Maintenance, Basic Quiltmaking Supplies, Quilt Fabric Preperation, Chain Piecing and Opposing Seams, Color Selection Using a Focus Fabric, Simple Fusible Applique and Introduction to Half Square Triangles – be sure to check them out!


Welcome back to our weekly tutorial for quilters! In today’s free video lesson, we’ll go over how to make and use the templates that are sometimes necessary in various quilting designs. With the modern popularity of rotary cutters, today many people tend to think of templates as being used only for hand appliqué designs, but templates can also be used for cutting patchwork shapes for traditional piecing. You’ll appreciate having an understanding of this technique as part of your quilting skill set, as templates may still be the best approach for some pieced quilt patterns.

Follow along with Beth Hayes, editor-in-chief of McCall’s Quilting, as she shows you how to work with templates.

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TT template 1 Tuesday Tutorial: Making and Using Quilting TemplatesIn this video tutorial Beth demonstrates how to transfer template shapes, whether intended for appliqué or piecing, from a magazine pattern section to template plastic. You’ll learn a nifty tip for marking templates with curves, too. As you watch each step in the lesson, you’ll learn what materials you’ll need, how to mark and cut the template plastic, how to use match points for traditional patchwork piecing templates, and how to transfer the design to your fabric using the template you create. Beth also shows you how to pin your patches for an accurate seam.

tt2 Tuesday Tutorial: Making and Using Quilting TemplatesOnce you’ve watched this video lesson on making and using templates, you’ll be ready to take on quilt pattens calling for templates with confidence. Remember to bookmark the helpful free video tutorial, and refer to it anytime you may need a refresher. Steps are listed in text below the video, as well; you may like to print them out for an easy reference to keep in your sewing area.

Click here to watch the FREE video demonstration of how to make and use quilting templates.

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