Accurate 1/4″ Seam Allowance

As part of our continued dedication to bringing you the best quilting content out there, we’re pleased to bring you this 12-part series from one of our sister sites, McCall’s Quilting. If you missed the first post in this series, Pressing Basics, be sure to check it out! _______________________________________________________________

Ah, the elusive 1/4″ quilting seam! For this Tuesday Tutorial, I am pleased to present another one of our free McCall’s Quilting University (MQU) video lessons, An Accurate 1/4″ Seam Allowance. Your host for this video lesson is Kathy Patterson, senior editor of McCall’s Quilting.

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quarter w tape Tuesday Tutorial: Accurate 1/4″ Seam AllowancesTake a few minutes to learn some great tips from Kathy for this essential quilting skill! Think a 1/4″ quilting foot is enough? Kathy will show you why it’s not. Have you ever had a suspicion that the thread you use might make a difference? Kathy will give you a great tip about what thread is best used for your piecing.

quarter1 Tuesday Tutorial: Accurate 1/4″ Seam AllowancesAfter Kathy walks you through the steps for setting up your accurate 1/4″ seam allowance, she’ll show you how to test its accuracy, as well as how to correct it if it turns out a bit too small or too large.

If your feed dogs would be partially covered with tape or post-its, try moving your machine needle as far to the right as it will go first , if your machine has that capability, then proceed with the accuracy test. Note: make sure you’re not using a straight-stitch needle plate if you need to move your needle to the right!

After you watch the video, be sure to download the free PDF as a handy guide to keep with your sewing machine—you’ll find the link on the video page.

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  1. My parent’s 50th Wedding anniversary is coming up next year and I am looking for either a template or a pattern to make the quilt “October Weekend” that KQ used to feature in the catalog. I remember that it came with a roll of triangles for piecing. Do you know where I can find that pattern or a template?


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