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  1. Donna Hamer says:

    I would make a quilted Christmas jacket to keep me warm…..winter snow is coming the leaves are already turning color in Muskoka.

  2. Jeff Bretthauer says:


  3. Janet Batot says:

    I’m a quilting instructor….When I get new student quilters, I always give them a list of (to-do’s)….. Call and request a current Keepsake Quilting Booklet…….It’s a perfect starter for new quilters, plus it is not only for supplies, , informative…..Thanks, as I always seeing what is coming in for fall…..

    Janet Batot

  4. Pamela Davis says:

    Love the Christmas Countdown Fat Quarter Collection, By Deb strain for Moda. I could make spicy spiral table runners for Christmas! And perhaps a wall hanging!

  5. dawnmarie Graziotto says:

    thank you amazing

  6. Janet Doby says:

    This is beautiful fabric. I think I would make a Christmas Log Cabin out of it.

  7. Edwina Hutsell says:

    Beautiful fabrics to go crazy over.

  8. Diana Kovacic says:

    I love, love, love this fabric. I could see these as table runners, or they would make beautiful tote bags.

  9. I would make a quilt, auction it off at the different veterans clubs giving us more money to make more quilts for the veterans. We can buy wheel chairs, walkers, lap quilts and etc.

  10. Marcie says:

    I would love to have this collection to make Christmas table runners and small table top quilts as gifts.

  11. Thank you for all you add to the rich quilting community. With (these) your fabrics I plan on make a quilt :)

  12. Rosie Blok says:

    I love this fabric and can see table runners, wall hanging, a lunch tote, a Tuscony bag, oh so many beautiful things.
    Thank you for the contest.

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