August happenings at the Keepsake Quilting Shop: Friday August 9th

Sew you want to make an easy pattern? Meet Justin and check out the Yellow Brick Road! 

Justin helping a customer

Many of you may know Justin from our Annual Summer Sale. Justin started at KQ six years ago at the ripe old age of 15. He was hired to be our “recovery” person—the one who puts all the fabric away as the rest of the staff cuts for customers.  The hidden benefit of this job was that it gave him the opportunity to inspect practically every bolt of fabric that came into the store, and he quickly became an asset when someone was looking for a specific type of fabric (i.e. Do you have penguins? What about a pale green background with some sort of swirly design? Etc.) This proximity to the fabric has given him an incredible eye for possibilities.  He is known for taking one of our patterns and giving it an unexpected twist.  For instance, here is our Poinsettia Quilt that was meant to be done in red, green and gold.  He changed it to be done in black, green and gold.

Justin’s Poinsettia Quilt
Justin’s Poinsettia Quilt

Justin started with small hand-sewing projects, like making a teddy bear and completing some of our wool penny rugs.  He then moved on to working with panels, and has now completed his first quilting project, a modified Yellow Brick Road!

Justin’s Yellow Brick Road Quilt
Justin’s Yellow Brick Road Quilt

When not working at Keepsake Quilting, he is a student at Plymouth State University studying marketing and graphic design.

Yellow Brick Road Pattern
Yellow Brick Road Pattern

So all you new quilters, we invite you to come in this Friday and we’ll help you get started! Don’t be afraid; the fat-quarter friendly Yellow Brick Road is an easy pattern and we will be on hand to explain every step! Get 10% off the Yellow Brick Road pattern plus any notions necessary for you to get started.

Also, remember that August is Next Generation Show & Tell month! All quilters under 18 years of age will receive 15% off their purchase if they bring in a show and tell item. There are many youths out there discovering and appreciating the time-honored tradition of quilting, as well as beginning the all important task of building a stash…so bring in your grandchild, niece, or nephew and let’s see what the next generation can do!

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5 thoughts on “August happenings at the Keepsake Quilting Shop: Friday August 9th

  1. Just called the number you gave me and the lady told me a new panel for backing had been shipped! Thanks so much for your efforts–I shall continue to order from your company with confidence! Can’t wait for the laser cut pieces of sunflowers you show on the front of your catalog to get here! Thanks again–satisfied customer…

  2. Just visited with one of your sales ladies-also placed another order with your company. However, am very very disappointed in your company’s decision not to correct the material that was cut wrong in your holiday farmyard gathering kits # 1746. Your sales lady told me that your company had “discussed this problem, and it was decided that it was just going to be that way-that’s just the way it is”

    REally?? I believe your company has a great quality product, but not correcting this for your customers is just not right. Please reconsider your decision and send out a new backing to your customers that purchased this kit.

    Thank you-Sue McKenna, Winnett, MT

    1. Hi Sue,
      I am so sorry for the misinformation you were given, as well as the fabric shortage! You should have received a 47″ x 44″ piece of backing fabric for this kit, which should be enough for you to orient it correctly on your quilt. If you did not receive a 47″ cut, please call customer service at (800) 525-8086 and let us know. We’ll be glad to get a replacement order out to you ASAP!
      Happy Quilting!

      1. thank you Betsy-I just went and measured–it is 36 x 42–fits the front panel exactly, but the wrong direction…so I will call the # you listed above-thanks for the help!


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