Quilting Spotlight: Jessica Homan of Los Angeles, California

Jessica’s Flag Quilt

Jessica’s Flag Quilt

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3 Responses to Jessica’s Flag Quilt

  1. Karee says:

    I love this American Flag quilt! Is there a pattern or did Jessica create it? I think I would make it with a modified log cabin but would love to not have to create a pattern… Did I mention: I LOVE this Flag Quilt!

  2. Keepsake Quilting says:

    Hi Karee,
    We contacted Jessica to find out if she used a pattern for this quilt, and she responded:

    “I didn’t follow a pattern for the flag quilt. It was constructed using 6″ log cabin blocks with alternating red/white centers. I’d be happy to share how I put it together in more depth–feel free to post my email address if Karee would to discuss it further!”

    If you’d like to send Jessica an email, please let us know at kqfacebook@keepsakequilting.com

    Happy Quilting!

  3. Carol Fitzgerald says:

    I never have gone into any blog-twitter or facebook…but sitting here nursing my sore back and looking through my kindle…I went am into Keepsake Quilting blot and I am so glad I did….loved Jessica’s story and the flag quilt. Ito quilt for peace of mind. I live in West Covina about 23 miles easgt of LA.

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