11 thoughts on “Betsy Buried

  1. I would undoubtedly get a few things on my wish list. For instance, I would first order the cast iron flower thread spool holder. My wish list gets longer everytime I receive a new catalog.

      1. Thanks Bonnie, I was hoping the book on civil war quilts might have the pattern. I have been searching online and have found several patterns and they all seem pretty detailed. I will give it a try!!! Thanks for checking. Pam

  2. i would love to buy a several pieces of backing … i seem to work up a bunch of tops for the fun of it and never think about the backing so i can finish them. thank so such a generous giveaway!

  3. I just purchased a new construction house and have an 18 x 28 sewing room that needs organizational help. I would love some of the storage cubes and bins that go in them. There are some many beautiful things in your catalogue it would be hard to decide!!!

  4. I would love to buy some wide backing fabric for the Project Julia quilts we’re donating to charity. A dear friend passed away recently and willed to her closest friend her quilting fabric stash. This generous woman donated part of that stash to a group of dedicated quilter friends. One of those women came up with Project Julia (based on Julia’s love of the show Project Runway), to make quilts for children entering shelters with their moms. We got lots of scraps and fat quarters and really need backings so that’s what I’d do with the gift certificate.


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