20,000 Facebook fan giveaway!

Wow! You like us, you really like us!

We’ve been so buried in working on our 2012 Fall Catalog, that we didn’t even notice when we hit 20,000 Facebook fans!

To celebrate, we are going to give away a $100 Keepsake Quilting Gift Certificate!

To enter, simply comment on this blog post, and tell us what you would buy! Perhaps there’s a beautiful kit you have always loved, or you need a beautiful backing fabric to finish off your latest quilt. Or, maybe you’d love to buy new tools and notions for your sewing room!

So tell us, what would YOU buy if you win?

Winner will be chosen from our fans who comment on this blog post before 9 am (eastern) tomorrow, July 6th, and will be announced by the end of the day.


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904 Responses to 20,000 Facebook fan giveaway!

  1. Karla says:

    I would stock up on fabric…lots of fat quarters!

  2. Kristen says:

    FABRIC…FABRIC…and more FABRIC, oh yeah, and a couple of really cool tools I found in your catalog!!! What fun, and thanks for the chance to win! :)

  3. Mary Monaghan says:

    Fabric, of course!

  4. Mary Kay Harman says:

    I would buy as much fabric as I could. I love all colors. And my summer would be spent making as many quilt tops as I could.

  5. Susie Stough says:

    Oh my gosh, I always have a hard time deciding what to buy! Probably some holiday quilt patterns. There are just so many choices

  6. Kerry M. Pere says:

    I would love to buy some tools and notions and maybe a few prepacked fabric selections! Something new and exciting…

  7. Charisse Gordon says:

    If I won, I would most definitely buy the Grinch kit that I’ve had on my wish list FOREVER! Love you guys and all your materials.
    Charisse Gordon

  8. Amy Seeley says:

    It would be hard to decide what to buy with so many options. Obviously fabric would be top of my list, but I find myself quite often looking at the goodie section in the back of your catalog. Maybe a split of the $100 between both sections is a good idea!!!

  9. Denise Forsythe says:

    I would buy fabric, thread and notions…there wouldn’t be a penny left when I got done…love quilting, sewing and love fabric. :-)

  10. Larry says:

    Fabric for my Christmas gifts!

  11. Donna Tyson says:

    I would buy some of the beautiful Batik Fabrics. I am ready to work with this wonderful medium.

  12. kelly says:

    thread and batting!!! I’m on a mission to finish UFOs

  13. Beth Guion says:

    I would buy backing fabric for a quilt that I am working on, or I might splurge and buy a kit that I really like.

  14. Teri Beamer says:

    I would buy some quilting supplies and lots and lots of fabric. I spend most of my day quilting. I live on a very limited income, so it is hard to buy what I need. I love Keepsake Quilting!

  15. ida lawson says:

    Choices, there are so many choices!! I would probably buy batiks!

  16. Ruth says:

    More fabric!!!!

  17. Erika Fields says:

    I would buy lots of your Keepsake exclusive shapes and precuts.

  18. Jennifer Hasher says:

    I would buy bright solid fat quarters!

  19. Sue says:

    I’d buy a kit to make a quilt for my parents’ 50th anniversary.

  20. Marie says:

    I’m on a Bali Batik Binge lately, so I’d probably get lots of batiks–either a selection of fat quarters, or 10″ squares. Of course, I do need a back for my Generals’ Wives quilt, so that would be an option. I think if I win I could get both!

  21. Lix says:

    I would buy a couple of small kits and some notions that are on my wishlist! Thanks for the chance at a giveaway!

    • Liz says:

      I would buy a couple of small kits and some tools/notions that are “wants” not “needs”! Thanks for the chance to win and go shopping!

  22. Lara-Rae Grant says:

    If I was to win a 100 Keepsake quilting gift certificate, I would purchase a “Mistral Horse Portrait Wall Quilt Kit” and use the money left to get bits and pieces of some other lovely fabric to add to the stash:) I know exactly who I would make the Horse Wall Hanging for. It would sure make a lovely Christmas present:)

  23. Deborah Swartwood says:

    I would use it to buy batiks. A girl can never have too many of them.

  24. Donna says:

    I would love to get a bundle of civil war fabrics to make yet another farmers wife pony quilt.!

  25. Susan. Ross says:

    Love your “stuff”

  26. I love quilting with my adopted mom, Kathy. Kathy makes the most amazing quilts out of scraps that I think are just garbage. I woul take her shopping with me to split the $100 so she & I could have a great time together & she could get some whole pieces of her own

  27. I could use some more of your wonderful halloween fabrics to finish off a project I have started with the halloween fabrics I got from your store last July!

  28. Louisa says:

    Stock up on fabric! I’m stocking up for retirement and insulating my house!!

  29. Cindy Sumner says:

    Lots and Lots of Batiks!

  30. LouAnn Cox says:

    I just happened upon your FB page and I’m so glad I did!! I’ve spent the last 2 hours looking at your beautiful fabric. I need a backing (probably a batik) to go on a scrap quilt I finished & has been hanging on my wall!

  31. Karen Horvath says:

    A scrapbag subscription so I can get unexpected surprises.

  32. Michele Moore says:

    A hundred dollars could buy a lot of Hoffman Bali Pops! A gal can never have too many! Pick me! Pick me!!!

  33. Amy says:

    I would buy lots of pretty thread for decorative stitching!

  34. Maryellen says:

    I really need some batiks, and would choose a nice variety of colors. I have a project I HAVE!! to do, and don’t have the fabrics I want for it! A gift card would really Help!!

  35. ChristinaP says:

    Fabric and books!

  36. Kathy M. says:

    I would buy some more 1800’s/Civil War repro 10″ stacks for my paper-pieced quilt I’m working on and then get Christmas presents for my quilting mom-in-law & sis-in-law!

  37. SueZQ says:

    Those lovely fabrics are callin’ my name!

  38. Dorothy Reynolds says:

    Oh it would be like heaven to win !! My first thought of what to buy would lean towards some new holiday fabrics for Christmas gifts .. then more fabric to add to my stash of course !!

  39. Melinda says:

    I would buy Natures Garden block of the month.. THAT WOULD BE FUN!

  40. Roxie Rahl says:

    Ooooh.. I so fell in love with the evening star quilt found here:


    You have the most awesome quilts kits.. Thank you for being there.. :)

  41. Karen says:


  42. Jane Ward says:

    I would start with the new holiday fabric and go from there. A stash is a wonderful thing and so helpful with those projects that come up suddenly.

  43. Krista Fernandez says:

    If I was lucky enough to win, I would probably but a kit or fabrics for my 7 month old daughter.

  44. Myrna Johnson says:

    Definitely would have to add to my notions and would have to definitely buy a new patterned fabric to build on. Thanx for offering “sew” much!!

  45. Carolyn says:

    Lots of brightly colored fat quarters. They make the prettiest wine glass koozies-and you know what they say…..a little wine (not whine) every day isn’t a bad thing!

  46. Roena Hopper says:

    I have been trying to get a little home based business started to hopefully pass on to my daughter so she can be a stay at home mom. I have time since she has no children yet, but I am sewing baby quilts and “girly things” to sell at shows. I would love to add new fabrics to my stash! Love your site.

  47. Amy Summers says:

    I would buy some batiks. I have always wanted to make a quilt out of some blues.

  48. Pam Rouette-Bryant says:

    I would buy Fabric, Thread and Batting for a couple of Quilts! : @)

  49. Carol says:

    Put it to the purchase of one of the many beautiful quilt kits that I keep dreaming of making!!!

  50. Linda Young says:

    Lots & Lots of Fabric….and thread!

  51. Darla Gibbens says:

    Always wanted to try a small landscape quilt. So either the cute Otter kit or the Dime batik kit. Love love love batiks. But I have also had my eye on all those veggie cat blocks, too. I can’t decide!

  52. Janet says:

    I would buy some fabric for wall hangings. Christmas gifts, birthday gifts,… I love designing and making interesting quilts.

  53. Terri Fry says:

    My latest “thing” is making lap quilts for friends who have been diagnose with cancer, my current project is actually for my own mother who was just diagnosed with kidney cancer. I’m not sure if it’s a sign of the modern world we live in, but it seems as if more and more of my friends and family are battling some form of cancer. The quilts I make is one way of showing my love and support and for channelling my fear and anixety for the person into something postive and creative.

  54. Charlene Satterfield says:

    I would love to buy the pre-cut 10″ squares to make blankets for my nephews and niece. They are so quick and easy to make. We have a baby coming, so there’s not much money for extras. And I’m getting close to not being able to get in and out of the floor. The sooner I could accomplish this task, the better. I am not sure if I will have any extra time for fun things here in the recent future.

  55. Margaret Haase says:

    You can never have enough fabric even if you are swamped by it.
    I would put a voucher towards some appliqué shapes and a bias binding machine.

  56. Gary says:

    I would get as much fabric as I could, and then add more! :)

  57. Jackie says:

    WOW!! Congrats on reaching 20,000 fans!!!! If I am chosen I would want to get a quilt kit to put together for a wounded warrior.

  58. Pamela Johnson says:

    ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING!!!!!!! Notions, quilt kits, fabric and toys for me!!!!!!

  59. Peggy Jo Smith says:

    Definately one of the kits on my wish list and fabric and notions …!

  60. cindy doolittle says:

    I would use it for batik fabric, I am just starting to use this type of fabric and really like using it!!!

  61. Having recently started a LongArm quilting business I would be thrilled to use the gift to purchase much needed supplies. When starting out a gift like this is such a help.

  62. Tracy Matuskey says:

    There are a couple of kits I have my eye on. I am working on getting a good stash of fabric going as well. I already signed up for the medley of the month club. Which I love surprises and enjoy what I get each month. Since I’m signed up for the club I am pretty sure I’d buy a fantastic kit with lots of fun summer colors.

  63. Judee Koda says:

    There are a couple of beautiful kits that I have had my eye on. They would be great to buy with this prize.

  64. Angie says:

    I tend to run out of steam when a top is done, so it would be backings for me!

  65. Chris M says:

    I would buy a new rotary cutting board. Mine is only 8×11, really restricts the cutting I can do. And maybe, just maybe FABRIC

  66. Shawn Swartz says:

    I’ve been wanting to get the surprise grab bag for years. It’d be like Christmas and my birthday all rolled up together seeing what was inside and thinking of what to make with the fabrics. Not knowing what’s inside until you open it gets the creative juices really going. :)

  67. Chris MacKenzie says:

    A beautiful queen-sized quilt kit! I’ve drooled over them every catalog for over a year, but you have so many beautiful designs I still can’t pick just one. Then I’d buy fabrics in 2-yd lengths for blouses and baby clothes–LOTS of them. Be lucky if I got out of there for under $500! Luckily, I never win anything…

  68. Carmen says:

    Kit or Medley? Kit or Medley? Kit or Medley?
    Well, I have to go with either a kit or a medley.

  69. Terry says:

    I would buy more fabric of course.

  70. AngelaG says:

    I’d probably get a couple of batik kits, and a handful of panels. I love the wild animal and Celtic panels y’all have listed.

  71. Theresa says:

    I would by the Pride and Joy wall hanging quilt to make for my daughter’s room. She is a huge horse lover and is just getting into sewing so I know she would love it.

  72. Dean Robinson says:

    No doubt about it, I’d stock up on medleys – of all kinds. My stash isn’t nearly big enough and that would certainly take care of that problem. Besides I love Keepsake Quilting. I know they’d only send me medleys I’d really love – as much as I love them.

    • Dean Robinson says:

      Got the new catalog today.
      I definitely would like to have the quilt wall so I can really see my work.
      It goes without saying that I’d like to ask for a little more and receive the new Geoscapes Batik Collection or in the alternative the new Santa Fe Batik Collection. With all of those things I could really make some truly wonderful quilts and wall hangings.

  73. Marcia Gauthier says:

    My daughter has been hinting she needs a quilt,but she has a king size bed. So fabric or maybe a kit would be great!

  74. Theona says:

    Fabric, fabric, fabric! Can never have enough in my stash!!

  75. Elizabeth Mishler says:

    Lots and Lots of batik fat quarters ;)

  76. Tiffany says:

    I would stock up on fabric and fq’s!!!!

  77. Jeanette Belz says:

    I would buy some solids because I have never sewn a whole quilt from just plain colors. That would be fun! Oh, I might buy some thread and a modern quilting book too!

  78. Janice says:

    If I won the $100 Gift Certificate, I would use it to buy fabric! Fabric! Fabric! One can never have too much stash. I would probably select some colors that I have not worked with yet. Maybe some nice purples and lavendars. Or maybe some awesome oranges and yellows! The possibilities are endless!

  79. Janis Silberman says:

    I would check out your books…as much as I would enjoy fabric, I find that in the early morning hours, with a cup of coffee, I enjoy reading about techniques and new patterns.

  80. Lura Cooper says:

    You have so many beautiful kits I would like, but I would probably get the back for the Bella Verona top I am working on or the Batik Nature that I have finished. Or then again I have always loved Garden Twist!

  81. sandy winkowski says:

    I have sooo many fat quarters I need some nice backing fabric.

  82. John says:

    I can always use a new quilt kit to put together.

  83. Krysti Shook says:

    I would purchase the Stairway to Fortune kit. Congratulations on your 20,000 likes :)

  84. Mary Lou Rounds says:

    FABRIC! and maybe some thread

  85. Lesley says:

    I’d buy lots of fat quarters and vinyl laminated fabric for bags and totes! Oh, and apron material.

  86. Thread!!!! I LOVE your thread!!!

  87. Debbi says:

    Cranberry table topper kit is gorgeous! It would be a wonderful gift for a friend who will really need something special this holiday season.

  88. Mel says:

    I would stock up on those beautiful batik collections – I love to throw unexpected colors together and hear people say, “I never would have thought those colors would work, but somehow you make it happen!”

  89. DMCostorf says:

    I would buy a new cutting board (or 2) and another rotary cutter and the bargello quilt books…I have always wanted to make one and this would be the time to do it…oh and fabric…its extra money so FABRIC!

  90. Jeanne Beaulieu says:

    Some holiday fabrics for a super holiday quilt!

  91. JoAnn Arnold says:

    definitely one of the quilt kits

  92. I would buy fabric, fabric, fabric and some new rulers. I also could use a new cutting mat. Just like any quilter, the list of wants goes on and on.

  93. joyce says:

    Red fabric would be wonderful or blue which are my favorite colors. You are quite generous in your giveaways, so anything you give would be fine with me. Congratulations on your many likes!

  94. Rosa D. says:

    I would add to my SABLE (Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy). I love FABRIC, FABRIC, and more FABRIC.

  95. Valerie Donahue says:

    I have to say that when I first saw the picture on facebook of the woman buried under the fabric, I thought of what happened before I organized my stash closet. I opened the door one day and the fabric exploded out!

    What to spend $100 on – too many choices. My top favorites for blocks of the month are the Amish With A Twist Block of the Month and Garden Block of the Month. I love the Blue Moon Kit and the Confetti Kit. The Prickly Pear Kit is another of my favorites because my daughter lives in Arizona and when I saw this, it reminded me of the wonderful cacti they have there. Of course, one can never have too many batik fabrics in one’s stash! Like I said, too many choices.

  96. Chris kitchen says:

    If I won I would buy tons of Halloween fabric! I have so many quilts I want to make!

  97. Anne says:

    Fabric naturally. But also notions and patterns, and maybe some books, and maybe a little bit of everything!

  98. Jane says:

    Two years ago, I found a special fabric that I will use for a border in a quilt. I need the right coordinating fabrics so when I find the perfect pattern to make my quilt I don’t have to worry if I have enough to do the job.

  99. Wendy Knudson says:

    More fabric! I think I have enough tools (for now).

  100. Patti Page says:

    Wow! I would buy all the beautiful things I have been wishing for! Like the new poinsettia 22 x 44 quilt, some new tools, and lots of batiks!

  101. Julie Kelley says:

    So many beautiful fabrics to choose from!! I’d have a hard time choosing!!

  102. Michele Delp says:

    Would love to finally make a full/queen size quilt for Mom’s Christmas present & could use fabric for it:)

  103. Julie Kavarnos says:

    I would buy the fabric to make our son a quilt, he does so much for me and never asks anything in return. he saw a quilt he really liked and I purchased the pattern now to try and save up for the fabric.

  104. Jessica says:

    Fabric, of course and lots of it!!!

  105. Simonne Murphy says:

    Besides fabric I could find some really cool gifts for my quilting/sewing friends!

  106. Trisha says:

    I’d chose the Autumn Magic Quilt Kit – it’s cute!

  107. Kathy Ross says:

    I might stock up on fabric, but more likely I would be tempted by one of your pattern plus kits! Love them!!!

  108. Ami Wells says:

    I would buy fabric to make new quilts for my boys since they’re grown so much since the first ones I made them!

  109. Corla Enevoldsen says:

    I would buy a bali quilt kit….Underground Blues!

  110. Elise says:

    Definitely a kit, though I’m not sure which one (the mood changes by the hour). If I went with fabric I’d never get around to finishing the project.

  111. De Cook says:

    Balis !!!!

  112. Leslie says:

    So hard to choose, but either a superboard, the labyrinth kit, or batik medleys. Deciding would be half the fun.

  113. Kathleen Frosch says:

    Fabric ! And notions ! And kits ! And ……

  114. Kathy says:

    Fabric! Preferably batiks to make a French Braid quilt. :-)

  115. Lola Bryant says:

    Oh, what a wonderful selection of fabrics. I would love to have these to roll around in. and sleep under. Inspiration for some of my best quilts comes in my dreams.

  116. Robin Bennett says:

    Honestly, I don’t think 100 is enough. Every catalog issue there is at least one new kit I’d like to buy. Maybe I’d get one of the geometric earth-tone quilts or one of the bright quilts. Possibly one of the Asian kits (Asian Divided by 3 table runner). Maybe Teddy Bear Parade or Blue Moon Bali. Freckles Frenzy or Simply Sunflowers. Yep, definitely right. 100 is not enough!

  117. Kelly says:

    Filler fabrics!! I have so many focus prints that I’m running out of my colors. $100 to spend on fabrics, guilt free, is a quilters dream!!

  118. Darlene Marks says:

    Oh, I’d have to have a bunch of batik’s and maybe a few new must have tools in there too… Oh, there is just too much to choose from…. I want it all.

  119. Deanna Kasch says:

    I would buy that quilt kit with the half square triangles in rainbow colors you had on Facebook a week or two ago. It’s just beautiful!!

  120. Judy says:

    With 7 grandchildren…the oldest getting married this Fall, it would be hard to decide which one would get a quilt. But, by the time I win this fabulous gift, I will have decided! Thank you so much! ♥

  121. ELFI says:


  122. Sue Bogard says:

    First I adore that picture!! I would either get a kit or some of your fantastic batik fabrics in FQ’s. and I would like to share the $$ with $30 that the store would give to a beginner who walks into your store this summer, with husband and kids in tow, who looks like she just needs some fabric!!!!! (like I did when I walked into your store so many years ago and literally drooled at the choices)

  123. Sonya Wood says:

    Oh lets see….:) I love paisleys oh maybe some batiks, or maybe a few flannels, or maybe some of all of them:)

  124. Susan Carter says:

    I would buy some more fabric, a couple of tools and either some new books or just some patterns, maybe even a kit or two, course I could use something to store it all in!

  125. Anne says:

    I would have to buy fabric because you can never have enough.

  126. Deb says:

    Fabric for my 16-patch quilt, fabric for my Storm at Sea quilt, fabric for my Dear Jane quilt, fabric for my Lorax quilt, and maybe a little for the stash.

  127. Marijke says:

    There are a couple of kits I have had my eye on for a while, so as much as I’d love to go wild with FQs, I think I’d pick a kit. Or some notions. Or threads. Hmmm… then again…. ;-)

  128. Karen says:

    I would get the Cat in the Hat quilt kit – my kids would really enjoy that!

  129. Gwen Denluck says:

    I would buy a kit I have wanted for a while – would have to add more $ to get it but that’s OK. $100 towards it would put it within my budget.

  130. Lisa says:

    Star Wars Fabric!!!

  131. Pat Hoffman says:

    DUH! FABRIC….I ADMIT…I AM A FABRICOHOLIC! I would want anything that is a staple, white, cream, tan….or BRIGHT COLORS! Really any fabric for the addiction is good! LOL!

  132. Jeanne Walsh says:

    Batik fat quarters and notions!

  133. Jo Ann Simmons says:

    With a new grandbaby on the way, either fabric or a kit for her welcome to the family quilt!!!

  134. Susan says:

    You have a couple of kits I’ve been eyeing so would probably pick one of them, or fabric if I just can’t decide which kit.

  135. Sandra says:

    I would use it for precut shapes, Bali pops, binding tape!

  136. Maegan says:

    I would make myself a quilt. I have made one for everyone else, but I would finally take the time and do one just for me.

  137. Linda Pearl says:

    Congrats on 20,000 likes! I would use the gift certificate to round out my stash – in black tone on tones, and greens too!

  138. Jennifer Boggs says:

    I probably would buy a batik kit. Love them all, especially the ones that are the blues and aquas.

  139. April Dumford says:

    If I won the $100 Keepsake Quilting Gift Certificate, I would give it to my best friend, Molly, to purchase fabric. She got inspired to quilt after seeing some of the tops I made and started making her own with scraps of anything she could get her hands on because she has never been able to afford to purchase any fabric herself. Her husband framed her first quilt and the next one she made was for me. I would love to help her continue with her creative desire to quilt.

  140. Cyd Runde says:

    Fabric, fabric, fabric

  141. Grace says:

    I love fabric, new notions, and books, so I think I would divide the money up, and spend it on those things.

  142. Kathy Allen says:

    I love fabric and would love to increase my stash.

  143. Michele says:

    I would most definitely pick a kit. So many beautiful kits to chose from it would be a very hard decision. I love it all!!!

  144. Paula Durkin says:

    I love your catalog and EVERYTHING that’s in it. It would be difficult to choose what to buy, but it would be oh so much fun!!

  145. Mary Brinton says:

    I have a log cabin variation quilt top that’s only waiting for an appropriate back. It’s on my “needs to get done soon” list. Drooling over backing fabrics is a priority for that, of course.

  146. Lisa Graham says:

    I would buy some fall fabric, the leaf bowl patterns and the pumpkin patterns! I’m hopeing to make a trip to the store late summer/early fall!!

  147. Tiffany Handley says:

    I would buy some backing fabrics to finish up some quilts, and maybe splurge on a new kit : )

  148. Karen Misner says:

    I would buy every batik I could lay my hands on :)

  149. Kelly says:

    Since I’ve been unemployed since September, I’ve only been using my stash fabric. It’s getting pretty low. I’d buy jelly rolls and layer cakes to repopulate my stash and to just cuddle with ;) Or maybe one of the bali kits.

  150. Ann says:

    I would stock up on solids and I need a new cutting mat!!!

  151. Debbie Bogenschutz says:

    Well, I’d probably have to add some of my own money. :-) I’ve had my eye and mind on one of the New York Beauty influenced kits, the Amish with a Twist BOM, McKenna Ryan’s birdhouses, …

  152. Laurie Glos says:

    I would buy fabric, lots of fabric…and maybe a few books also.

  153. Marlene says:

    I would love fabric and some tools, yea 20,000 :-)

  154. Tanja Haack says:

    I would finally make something for myself.

  155. Katie Mehne says:

    What fun to have “mad quilt $$”! I’d use it to purchase a frivolous tool or fabric–just to make me smile and remember being at KQ Shop.

  156. Dee says:

    My stash is lacking black and white fabrics. I would buy lots of black and white fabrics along with some beautiful batiks to make my next quilt. Of course, I would probably also buy some Christmas fabrics. Let’s face it – we never have enough fabric!

  157. Lisa Graham says:

    I would buy fall fabric, fabric leaf bowl pattern and if I had enough I would like to buy the pumpkins with the face patterns.

  158. JoAnn Harris says:

    I have had my eye on that beautiful poinsetta fabric for sometime now.
    A Christmas quilt would be a splurge just for me!!

  159. Jo Loder says:

    Fabric, Fabric, Fabric… I’m beginning a quilt for our Hospice and would love to be able to choose some fresh, peaceful fabrics for it!!

  160. Anita Bootz says:

    Spend days making lists of what I want to buy – savoring the adventure . Probably end up buying “basic things” but who knows!!! I’d love to find out.

  161. Kris says:

    I would buy the fabric to complete the Starburst Kit and the Season’s Greetings Kit.

  162. Susan Maguire says:

    Fabric,kits,tools…in fact there isn’t anything I wouldn’t like to buy.

  163. Christine Martinson says:

    If you don’t have any classes coming up, fabric would come in a close second right now.


  164. Laura says:

    I would get one of your great kits. You have such wonderful fabrics and the colors are matched so prefectly that any choice would be awesome.

  165. Ryan Elise says:

    I would buy kits, kits, kits. I would definitely buy the starburst quilt kit, I love the pattern and the colors and want it for my future home. I also love the spectrum quilt kit!! I would also buy the mama’s girl wall quilt to make for my father-in-law to be. I also want the pride and joy horse wall quilt for my future sister-in-law. I love Keepsake Quilting!! I wish I could spend my whole paycheck on this site!!

  166. Diane says:

    I gave up my cutting mats when I recently moved because they would have just warped in storage while we got settled. I need to replace them so I can get back up to speed with my projects!

  167. Congrats! I would love to buy some fabric for quilting!

  168. Sandra Perkins says:

    Would like a special book, backing fabric , or maybe a kit !

  169. Dorothy Brown says:

    I would buy red, white and blue fabrics, and then take all that red, white and blue fabric to my quilting group, The Monday Morning Quilters in Brownville Junction, Maine. Our group makes Quilts of Valor (QOV) quilts for our wounded soldiers. It is both heartbreaking and joyous to receive a thank you letter from a recepient of a QOV quilt. Our small group ( about a dozen members) have made over 100 quilts that have been sent on to our troops. We make quilts individually and as a group occasionally. It is the least we can give for those who have given so much!

  170. Carol says:

    I would love scrapbags, and melodies! I love appliqueing and the more choices I have the happier I am. I love to go thru “scrap bags” and look at my teasures!

  171. Frances S. Hughes says:

    I would love a Bali quilt kit! The colors are gorgeous!

  172. Beth says:

    LOTS and LOTS of fabric!

  173. Leia says:

    What wouldn’t I buy might be a better question. :). There’re a few kits I’ve had my eye on. And fabric is always at the top of my shopping list.

  174. Emilie Vangel says:

    I would purchase black and white material ,to make a “trip around the world” quilt

  175. Laura Powers says:

    Batik fabric! I love your batiks!

  176. fabric, definitely fabric!

  177. Rena Nowacoski says:

    A fabric splurge to celebrate my upcoming retirement

  178. Paula Crotty says:


    I will be needing 5-6 metres of backing for my queen size sampler quilt. I am thinking of something in a burnt red or maybe the natural stonehenge. Good luck to all:)

  179. Kimberly Wohlgemuth says:

    I got the new catalog in the mail today and this would go towards the kit for it :-)

  180. Kim Q says:

    I’d love it all! But I’m a batik fanatic…I just saw the new salt and pepper collection, so that would go to the top of my list.

  181. There’s a gorgeous Bali kit I’ve been eyeing, but it’s very expensive! The wedding ring with the flowers… The gift certificate would certainly make it more affordable.

  182. Sandr Sullivan says:

    Need lots of fabric for making all the cool things I want for our new beach house.

  183. Patty Baretsky says:

    I would buy material to make my 6 month old twin grandaughters each a quilt. Since my husband lost his job a few years ago and had to take a lesser paying one I haven’t been able to buy the extras like quilt fabric. I have been to your shop twice and it is amazing!!

  184. Melissa Remling says:

    Oh, the Christmas goodies I would stock up on with that $100 gift card!! :-)

  185. Ellen Arceneaux says:

    I would like to purchase the Labyrinth Quilt Kit. I just love the way it looks.

  186. Debbie Castonguay says:

    I am currently out of work, have been for about a year, I would buy kits, fabric, notions, whatever I could to help out for the holidays and birthdays. I miss sewing, and would love to do some again…..plus it would mean a road trip, I haven’t been to your store in YEARS….what a great get-a-way!!! Congrats on all the likes!!! You have an awesome store with great things and staff!!

  187. Mary Glynn says:

    Oh my! I drool over things in your catalog! But I think I would like reproductions and maybe some red and whites. (And maybe a little Charlie Brown. lol)

  188. Alaine Cherry says:

    Any material that I could learn to sew a quilt for my first granddaughter on the way! Due October 27, 2012 :)

  189. Amy McNulty says:

    I would buy one of your gorgeous quilt kits!

  190. Elaine Dzendzel says:

    I would buy all the quilt kits that are already cut. Those are awesome

  191. Elaine Jordan says:

    So hard to decide – but I’m sure my splurge would include lots of fabric, batiks & a pattern or two.

  192. Pat Moore says:

    Lots and lots of Batiks!!

  193. Toni Johns says:

    I would stock up on fabric!! My daughter is going to college this fall and even though she is living at home I still need plenty of quilts to keep me busy!!!Been canning pickles for 3 weeks and ready to get back to my sewing and quilting!!!!Thank you!!!

  194. Paula Lee says:

    I will buy some beautiful batiks. I love love love them. I’ve been eyeing some here as of late and am in love!!!

  195. roberta says:

    I would buy the kit from your catalog – a christmas quilt made with Fabulous poinsettia fabric. drool… no need to send me the $100 certificate. Just sent the kit. heh-heh… :-)

  196. kelli says:

    I would def buy some fabric, but I’d also buy some quilting patterns and books that I never want to pony up for usually!

  197. Tami Pollard says:

    Fabric for sure… some stash building colors that I don’t have. And gizmos and gadgets .. I love those. It would be a hard decision to narrow down what to get. I would love to have that decision to make though.

  198. Teri says:

    I would love to collect more fabric for charm square quilts!!

  199. Linda Pereira says:

    I’ve always loved quilting ever since I watched my mom, grandmas, and aunt’s at their quilting bees. And saw the beautiful results. Now that I am older and have more time, I’d like to make a quilt for each of my 5 children, 5 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild on-the-way. I think I would buy some fabric to get a start, for my first great-grandchild.

  200. Peg Dahlke says:

    I would love to have the Rhubarb Pie Quilt Kit. Love, love, love. Reminds me of my dear late Mama.

  201. dorothy seguine says:

    I would buy batiks, batiks, and more batiks. I just love them. not to mention there is a gorgeous kit (with batiks of course) I’ve been thinking about…….

  202. Lynda Reeve says:

    I would either purchase fabric of a quilting kit

  203. Amanda says:

    I would buy some Civil War Era fabrics and make my nephew his quilt for graduating from High School (with honors!) that I have promised to make him.

  204. Mona Beck says:

    Batiks! Maybe some patterns or books, and possibly a kit. But mostly batiks.

  205. Nancy Palagruti says:

    What a dilemma.. I know there are new tools out there I could use and my cutting ruler is so faded I can’t see the numbers, and there is always fabric crying out to come home with me…

  206. Suzanne Edwards says:

    No such thing as too much fabric….. :-)

  207. Carol Derouin Freeman says:

    BATIKS for sure, not many selections here where I live here in Northern Kentucky. Or one of your beautiful quilt kits. Thank you so much for the give away offer, we all appreciate it so much.

  208. Marie Roorda says:

    Oh gosh $100….neat!! 1) sewing table plans, 2) the ironing super board, 3) fabric, fabric, fabric!!! Love it!

  209. Vicki Sprain says:

    I would use the gift certificate to purchase a kit with batiks in it!!!

  210. Dee says:

    I would splurge on precuts, or fabric. Also a couple of rulers. Thank you for the opportunity.

  211. Katie says:

    I love to purchase some bali pops. I’ve been itching to play with them!

  212. Karen says:

    I would buy the beach quilt kit made with the batiks. I’ve had my eye on that one for a while,and it would be mine! Which is why I haven’t purchased it yet!

  213. Donna English says:

    I would get some batik fabric! Congratualtions on 20,000 FB fans!

  214. Mickey O'Donnell says:

    I would purchase lots of your beautiful batiks and orientals.

  215. Tina Kensinger says:

    I would buy organizational tools and lots and lots of fabric.

  216. Venessa Saucier says:

    I’d buy a mini clover iron, maybe a template or two, and every leftover penny would go to fabric!! :-)

  217. Debbie monsma says:

    I would buy more fabric to work on a quilt for my son who is in marine boot camp at the moment

  218. Jayne Vossen says:

    I would get fabric. KQ has so many wonderful choices!!

  219. Valerie G says:

    Being a beginner quilter I have SO MUCH I would love to get! Especially, some new fabric for a quilt I am working on for my daughter! And then I can blog about it!

  220. Debbie says:

    If I was lucky enough to win I would buy a couple of patterns, a couple of rulers and spend the rest in fabric.

  221. Barbara says:

    I would put it toward one of you B O M s!

  222. Becky Weimer says:

    I would buy Civil War fabrics to make a quilt for my CW re-enactor son who just graduated from high school. He needs a CW era type quilt to cover his sleeping bag in his canvas tent while at these events (especially now that the 150 anniversary events are happening). :)

  223. An says:

    Sewing Table, caddy…I need a place to work and design to create my beautiful quilts!!!

  224. Connie Snyder says:

    I would probably buy batiks. Can’t seem to get enough of them lately!

  225. Charlotte McIver says:

    Fabric, fabric and more fabric!!

  226. meda says:

    I would so love to win this, woo too, I would buy fabric to finsh my grandaughters quilt and buy a kit, a new backing for my husbands quilt my mom gave him before she died,,and kits,

  227. Joyce Cloud says:

    I would buy fabric, sewing notions and also things for my mother to work on.

  228. kathy emberley says:

    Lots of fabric. It would probably mean trip to your store!

  229. Christina Shea says:

    I’s love to get supplies to make my mom a quilt <3

  230. Diana says:

    A couple of new patterns and fabric to complete them (or at least as close as possible).

  231. Doralyn Cloward says:

    I would buy one of your wonderful quilt kits. It would be hard to choose which one, but that is what I have been wanting for so long.

  232. Carina Hydén Lauritsen says:

    I would buy AMISH WITH A TWIST COMPLETE QUILT KIT. It’s a little expencive, but it’s SO bautifyl. I love it.
    Carina, Frederikshavn, Denmark

  233. Bonnie says:

    I would buy one of your wonderful kits. Every time a new book comes out I see another one that I would Love to make.

  234. Nancy Barnhill says:

    I would buy fabric or perhaps a neat kit!

  235. Bonita Reveles says:

    A Keepsake Quilting certificate…….I’d be picking out some new notions, thread and fat quarters :)

  236. Diane Mann says:

    Congratulations on your fan numbers!!! I’d love to win because I have my eye on a couple of kits… I wouldn’t have to choose between my two favorites!

  237. Linda LaBrot says:

    Backing fabric for the kit I just purchase from your website while looking thru trying to figure out what I would purchase with a $100 gift card. Who can resist?

  238. Tracy Trimble says:

    I would buy table runner and wall hanging kits, I love them all.

  239. Vivian Oaks says:

    Oh, wow!!! With $100? What wouldn’t I buy!! :-) I’d probably go for patterns first, then fabric. I’m starting on my stash now, so when my husband retires, and we have no money, I’ll still have lots to keep me busy!!!

  240. Betty says:

    I would buy fabric to add to my stash – your fabric is eye- candy!!! YUM!

  241. Mary Jean Price says:

    I would save it for the new Fall Catalogue and splurge! If I can’t wait that long I would buy fabric.

  242. Paula Wilson says:


  243. Linda Middlemist says:

    Wow, what a wonderful amount of money to spend. Probably would get a kit.
    thanks for the opportunity, and the daydreaming this brings.

  244. Karen L says:

    Congratulations on 20.000! I would definitely buy some fabric!

  245. Lynda says:

    I have 5 quilts tops waiting to be quilted so I would buy some Warm and Natural batting and backing material so I could get all my quilts finished this summer.

  246. Wow, 20,000 likes! that’s awesome! You’re the best!
    Sew My Gosh!

  247. Robin jones says:

    New fabric! Oh, and notions too :). Would love an excuse to take a trip to your store !

  248. Donna T says:

    I like gadgits, lots of gadgits. I am sure there are some I don’t have. Then there is fabric…… I am sure I will find many things to get…… I just need to win…..

  249. … and I would buy some baby fabric to make a quilt. :*/

  250. Charlotte says:

    Fabric! I would buy some of your pretty pretty fabrics! Congratulations on so many fans!

  251. Sheila Galindo says:

    I would buy Jelly Rolls, Charm Squares and fabric to go with them.

  252. Catherine Wiggins says:

    Fabric, fabric and more fabric! Just getting started in quilting and want to plump up my stash.

  253. Kornelia Massner says:

    I’d buy as many half yard pieces as a $100 would buy me. Please pick me :O)

  254. Kathy says:

    I love all the supplies you carry. I can get things I don’t even know I need!

  255. Janet Just says:

    I would buy some fabric to make a quilt of my daughter’s horse for her. It is a wall hanging!

  256. LillianWalker says:

    I would buy a quilt kit.

  257. Anita Lansberry says:


  258. Sheila Pinniger says:

    Fabric of course

  259. Brandy says:

    I would buy fabric, a new rotary cutter and metallic thread. I am due with our 9th child in December, making it 3 birthdays and Christmas that month. I would love to get started on baby and Christmas quilts ASAP.

  260. Shirl says:

    I would buy some kits and some fabric and some patterns and some thread.

  261. Beth says:

    I’d buy fabric! Yards & yards & yards of fabric!

  262. Rachel Crocker says:

    I would buy fabric to finish all the projects I have started.

  263. David Shattuck says:

    Fabric, fabric, and more fabric, of course!

  264. Christine Berrafato says:

    I would put the money towards the Blue Moon Bali Quilt kit that I have been wanting for a long time.

  265. linda says:

    I need to by jungle animal or circus animal fabric for a quilt for my new great nephew who is coming in September. I love the picture! Looks like what would happen if I opened the closet door in my sewing room!

  266. Holley says:

    Either the Oh Christmas Tree kit or the Radiance Kit.

    Although I reserve the right to change my mind many, many times!

  267. Oh, if I won I would definitely buy some batik fabrics!!! I would probably spend hours and hours trying to figure out exactly which batiks I would buy ~ I love them all!!!

  268. Diane Klersy says:

    I would purchase a great quilt kit I saw that would make a wonderful addition to my collection. I am trying to make a quilt for each month of the year for my bedroom. So I will always be wrapped up with something I made

  269. Sharon says:

    I would buy QOV fabric.

  270. Sara says:

    A quilt kit to remake my brother in law’s “lost in the move” quilt!

  271. Trudy Spears says:

    I have fallen in love with Batiks! I would buy some fat quarters and have fun playing!!!!

  272. Terri van Gulik says:

    I would buy more 10″ square packs, and fat quarters. I have the catalogue highlighted already.

  273. Leeanna Walker says:

    Whatever my little heart desired!

  274. Danielle says:

    Lots of different fabrics – it would be great to stock up some more! :)

  275. Donna Olweean says:

    Oh my 100 bucks worth of material and tools…
    I have 2 baby quilts and 2 wedding quilts that both need some extra special fabrics..
    There is also the graduation quilt and Moms new lap quilt!! Yikes putting in writing makes it real!! Well that’s what I would do is buy some fabric for all these wonderful peoples projects!!

  276. Margaret Mulchahey says:

    I would purchase Batiks and stock up on different gadgets. Love all the new products that KQ puts in the catalogs.

  277. Schultz Metcalfe says:

    I would purchase some great Christmas fabric.

  278. Sue Leenders says:

    Bright cheerful fabric – lime green, turquise and orange! And a new rotary cutter blade or 2!

  279. Nina Kuusisto says:

    Fabric, maybe a pattern or two, a book….love your store and website.

  280. Jane Bergquist says:

    I would splurge on one of the beautiful batik kits you have available!

  281. Rhonda says:

    I’d love to get some FQ bundles, and a new 6 x 24 ruler for sure!

  282. Becky Baird says:

    I would buy fabric and patterns!! LOVE you guys!!

  283. I would get a lot precut fabrics jelly rolls etc. and a die cutter if possible. and threads of all colors.

  284. Anita Powell says:

    I recently needed to temporarily move into a small apartment which did not have room for my household goods and sewing/quilting stash. So, I rented a PODS unit and was robbed. I lost almost all of my fabric “stash” in addition to thread and other quilting/sewing supplies. So, I would use the money to restock my fabric “stash” and replace quilting supplies that were stolen.

  285. Nicci Bush says:

    I’m a fan of the civil war reproduction quilts. I would love to sign up for an upcoming block of the month…….

  286. Laura B says:

    I would buy thread! It’s so much easier to store than fabric. :)

  287. Lisa says:

    I would use my winnings for some of your precut coordinates. Even if I don’t win I still say thanks for your awesome catalog!

  288. Amanda Bush says:

    I would purchase the Quietude and Motley Quilt Kits. I am loving the simplicity of these quilt kits!

  289. Karen Smitg says:

    Oh my! What would I do??? Probably fabric & notions for a special baby quilt for a special little one that will be here in Nov.

  290. Anita Fuehrer says:

    I am learning how to machine quilt. I would buy some supplies–mostly thread, I think, to help me along with this new venture. I might check out a new kit. (Like I need another Keepsake Quilting kit.) I would have fun. Or, there is always the standard answer of fabric…

  291. Faye Hurd says:

    I would buy The Freedom Flag kit and donate it to our local Home for PTSD and TBI men and women. Please pick me!!

  292. Beckie Hultman says:

    Wow, that would be a great amount to shop with. I’d love some batiks, fat quarters to boost my stash, Christmas fabric and some new tools!

  293. Kerry says:

    I would be stocking up on all the gorgeous Batiks you have. Now that would make a fabulous collection!

  294. Pamela Karp says:

    I am love with batiks!! I would buy those with my gift card!

  295. Nicki says:

    I would definitely by fabric.

  296. Pamela Karp says:

    I am in love with batiks, and would buy those with my gift certificate!

  297. Anna Miner says:

    First off, I would get some Star Wars fabrics for my son-in-law. He loves anything Star Wars and it would make a great quilt gift for Christmas, and also, I would love to have the Autumn Harvest kit for myself! ;-}

  298. Karen Hildreth says:

    I would stock up on batting and backing.

  299. Charlotte Melching says:

    I would buy batik jelly rolls!!!! Yeah!

  300. Jan says:

    Fabric a-go-go! Batiks, precuts, by-the-yard cuts, kits … oh, the choices are vast! And maybe a tool or two as well!

  301. Linda Johnston says:

    My adult son and I have been collecting batiks for a quilt for him. He had selected browns and blues and we have been slowly adding to the stack. This summer he spent a month in Israel on an archaeological dig and when I looked at his photo from their dig site overlooking the Dead Sea, the colors in the photos are exactly what he has been selecting for the last two years. I can’t wait to make the quilt for him now to be a memory of that trip.

  302. jeanne storm says:

    Probably some Christmas fabric, thread and maybe a kit!

  303. Phyllis Miles says:

    Backings and tools and more fabric and thread and kits. I am excited!!!!

  304. Donna Lees-Kennedy says:

    Love the fabric and the kits, have to get me few of them. Love it

  305. Fabrics,fabrics and more fabrics :-))

  306. Roberta Martin says:

    I am going to be making a silk tie quilt and I would look for some great fabric to edge and back this quilt because you always have the best selections…. And I haven’t done any quilt store shopping since my husband passed away in April… It is time to get back in the groove.

  307. Tina says:

    It would be fun to buy fabric again. Financially we have had it rough the past few years and haven’t been able to quilt much! I would DEFINATELY get some fabric to make a lap quilt for my mom who turns 83 in August!

  308. Peg Knick says:

    I would buy the kits with the birdhouses, flowers, and squirrel. I can’t decide which is my favorite!

  309. quiltinglady54 says:

    I would probably buy Christmas fabric as I have a real addiction to that!

  310. suzann says:

    My daughter is just now learning how to quilt and my sister in law wants to learn soooo I would buy stuff to help them get going

  311. Dinah Tackett says:

    I think the key word is FABRIC, then on to accessories :D

  312. Eva Mari says:

    I’d go completely nuts after picking myself up from the floor! :D
    Everytime the wee booklet is picked up from my mail box I dream of all the possibilities – if only… :)

  313. Ginger James says:

    While you can never have too much fabric, I really like the quilting books for great ideas….and the tools…ooooo…and the fabric!!

  314. BonnieComar says:

    I would love to buy a kit to finish and some beautiful backing fabric to go with it.

  315. Jaci Emerson says:

    Fabric, and more fabric! I found a piece that is calling my name today. Marcus French Dress (Black) – I have some great ideas for that one! Thanks for offering the chance to win!

  316. Donna legat says:

    I have been wanting to go jelly roll crazy…so many things to make with them. Go jelly roll go!!!!!!!!

  317. BonnieComar says:

    I would love to buy a kit and some beautiful backing fabric to finish it.

  318. Donna Klein Gebbinck says:

    If I won the $100 gift certificate, I would join the keepsake quilting gold club – I have always wanted to do that! and probably a couple of scrap bags to make the comfort quilts that I love to make for those that need one!

  319. Denise Kramer says:

    I would buy more fabric for my stash! :)

  320. Gina Courter says:

    I would buy some batiks, and Benartex fabrics for a kalidescope quilt.

  321. Kristin says:

    If I am lucky enough to win, I would donate the money to our quilting guild, Pieceful Quilters of Savannah-(Savannah, TN) to purchase fabric for quilts to donate to children at our local hospital Hardin Medical Center.

  322. MK Chavez says:

    I have been wanting to get The Edge cutting mat, cutter and rulers…I’m sure I could spend it quickly.

  323. Julie Wilson says:

    I’ve been making baby quilts for all of my son’s friends as they have them children of their own. AND, they are having them quicker than I can get them made. I’m finishing up 2 next week and have one more to make. This newest baby will be here in December. I would DEFINITELY buy material! :)

  324. If I were to win, though it is not likely, I would sign up for the medley of the month and it probably be the Moda Club since I am starting a Farmer’s Wife Sampler soon and I so dearly love some of the Bonnie and Camille prints for it.

    I just got my summer update catalog today and was pouring over it at lunchtime! Keep up the good work. Oh, and I am also on the lookout for a Marti Michell log cabin ruler but I didn’t look to see if you carried them.

  325. Kathleen Munden says:

    Fabric! Always fabric!

  326. Marcy Ostrander says:

    There is a witch quilt that I have been wanting for a while now.

  327. K Beechler says:

    I’ve always wanted to work with Batik fabrics. They’re just such a wonderfully rich and colorful fabric choice that I have yet had the opportunity to work with. It’s been on my wishlist for so many years now…one day soon I hope. :D

  328. Sheila Simpson says:

    I would increase my ever-growing stack of fabric! Or maybe a book or two…or maybe a kit! All I know is that it sure would be a lot of fun!!!!!!

  329. Anna says:

    I would buy a new thread collection, and of course more fabric! You can never have enough in your stash.

  330. debbie payne says:

    I would buy notions and rulers to use that I always drool over in your book and on line.
    I would also get some kits that I like :)
    love your products and have had great service on my orders in the past

  331. Brenda MacKinnon says:

    I would buy batiks, medley packages & yardage. I love all batiks but especially like the polka dot variety I bought August/11. Some of your kits would be a consideration as well & if I had any balance left I’d get thread! Thanks.

  332. Marsha McCurdy says:

    I would buy fabric – LOTS of your beautiful fabric!

  333. Toni Campagna says:

    Lots and lots of fat quarters. You can never have too many. Batiks, solid brights, pretty florals…the list is endless.

  334. MIckey says:

    fabric, fabric, fabric…batiks!

  335. Darlene Staley says:

    I would by Fabric, fabric, and more fabric! Thanks for a chance to win!!

  336. Lisa says:

    I would love to win. I would buy some of your beautiful fabric.

  337. Erica says:

    I would buy fabric to make a quilt for myself…I’ve made several for others but not one for me yet.

  338. Sher Stiles says:

    WOW!!! a chance to win is awesome! I’d probably buy a quilt kit that I’ve kept my eye on, or I would get some new tools to try out, or get the batiks that I need to complete one of my quilts that is in the process. The options are endless. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  339. Deb Boden says:

    I would like to buy fabric to make lap quilts to donate to our local Veterinary Hospital for furbabies to lay on who are sick and also ones that they have to put to sleep. When I had to put my furbaby to sleep someone laid a small homemade quilt under him and it touched my heart. Also fabric for lap quilts for our hospital cancer center because when you have cancer treatments you get so cold, I know because I went through it. Good luck to everyone.

  340. Lynda Ward says:

    Lots of batiks!!

  341. Dianne Martel says:

    I would make a quilt to give away!!

  342. Debra Russo says:

    More fabric! Batiks, Asians and Brights!

  343. Emily says:

    A fabric medley, or some of your lovely batiks. Congratulations on 20,000 likes! :)

  344. Robin says:

    Fabric of course! Congratulations on hitting this milestone!

  345. Kathy Weed says:

    Oh my goodness … what a great giveaway! I love to buy your fabrics and your pre-cut fabrics. I have used many of them in my kids’ charity quilts!

  346. Susan K says:

    I would love some batiks, a book, a kit, tools, oh my…. do I have to choose now?! There are too many beautiful things that I want!

  347. Sandy says:

    Yes, buried in fabric… perhaps shelves for the pile??? I can so relate to this. lol
    But I really NEED MORE fabric…. for dolls or quilts or….co-coordinating outfits for my American girl doll err dolls….. maybe I’m in my second childhood? I thought I only needed one to sew for, however I think they multiply.

  348. Sondra Millard says:

    I would buy batiks!

  349. Donna Larson says:

    I would buy backing for my halloween baltimore album quilt

  350. Sharron Brittingham says:

    I would buy a batik kit. I’ve just started working with batiks and LOVE, LOVE them!!!

  351. Jolene says:

    I would get fabric of course. Need to keep my stash fully stocked. :)

  352. Karen Cooper says:

    It would be very tough to decide–fabric is probably my first choice–perhaps a couple of medleys? But you also have such great tools, and books, and battings… I love your store\business! :-)

  353. Sofia T. says:

    I would love a quilt kit, maybe jelly beans, jelly pops or cabin fever.

  354. Jennifer Baltzersen says:

    I would get the Poinsetta quilt kit. I have loved it for a long time. I would make it for my 12 neice, Rebecca Lynn.

  355. Lindy Enlow says:

    I would buy fabric Or even a kit. I don’t have a stash at all and starting one sounds very appealing!!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  356. Karen Hazlewood says:

    Wow! What would I buy??? I’d have to narrow down my wants considerably from just about everything in your catalog to Batiks. I LOVE Batiks. I think I would most like to join one of the fabric clubs. Bali Medley or Moda Medly clubs and a couple scrap bags, and, and, and….. It would be a tough decision.

  357. Kathy Stone says:

    I’d buy Kona Cotton solids and play at making amish-style quilts in bright colors.

  358. sharon hettinger says:

    I would like to refurbish my cutting area—a new mat is needed to continue making quilts for our Fabric of Life group…(charity quilts). We’ve given away over 500 quilts to Katrina folks, Joplin folks, Alabama tornado, and working on a lot more for Harveyville, KS. And, with any left-over $$, I’d be purchasing a few special fabrics for my own little stash… :)

  359. Carolyn bailey says:

    I would buy the Plantation botanical medley.

  360. Dwynette says:

    I’d get lots of fabric!

  361. Lisa says:

    I would purchase fabric and pattern to make a new quilt for our bed, I am tired of the old one…..

  362. Carolyn BIailey says:

    I would buy the Plantation Bontanical Medley.

  363. Donna says:


  364. Linda says:

    I would buy new tools and notions to help me use up some of my stash

  365. Patricia Biggs says:

    If I won the $100 gift card from Keepsake Quilting it would be tough……real tough …..to decide what I would buy. Keepsake Quilting’s catalog is full of wonderful fabrics, kits, pre-cuts, colored pens, threads, templates, notions, sewing furniture, machines, parts, needles, rulers, rotary mats and cutters,…….I could go on and on ! I do have a favorite, however, that I NEVER tire of, and that is batiks ! So, if I couldn’t decide on WHICH batik fabric to buy, then I would just have to decide from all those other wonderful items I find in your catalog ! Thanks for the chance to win $100 gift card, however challenging it might be !

  366. Susan Darling says:

    I would put the money toward a quilting class to learn machine quilting and binding

  367. Debbie says:

    McKenna Ryan – Home Tweet Home – just love her work!

  368. Linda! says:

    I would buy new tools and notions to help me use some of the stash I have tucked away! New tools would inspire me to try new patterns and methods!

  369. Laurie M Hahn says:

    Summer 2012 Catalog, page 23: Smokey River Kit in “Autumn” colorway or maybe Page 9 Upper Right – Summer Solstice Kit or maybe page 8 bottom Florigia Kit – it matches my room better – but Smokey River Kit page has been turned over more than anything else ! Thanks for putting out a GREAT catalog!

  370. Debra says:

    Batiks batiks and maybe some batiks!

  371. Paula Havird says:

    I would buy anything I could add to my “stash of fabric”. Doesn’t every quilter have more than enough, but never enough = so we keep on buying?!! For our love of quilting!

  372. Kathleen Waldron says:

    I drove all the way up from MA to buy sports fabrics for my grandson, Riley’s Quilt!!! I’m putting it together now!!! I would buy the fabric for his little sister, Mallori’s Quilt!!! When you want to sew an heirloom you have to begin with the best fabric available!!! Love your store!!!

  373. Karen D says:

    Batiks, batiks and more batiks!

  374. Jan F says:

    It would go so fast! Batiks, notions, thread, …everything!

  375. Heather Ellis says:

    I would replenish my stash with lots & lots of beautiful batiks. And of course, share with my “sewing circle sisters” from work.

  376. Patti Meyers says:

    Believe it or not…I would buy thread, thread and more thread. I’m a beginner quilt maker and I never have the color or kind of thread I need. So I just make do some times and that doesn’t work very well. Thanks for the contest!

  377. Connie Giambrocco says:

    I would buy exciting new patterns, beautiful fabrics to make the patterns,wonderful threads to match each fabric, and lots of notions to help put it all together. Then I would tell all my friends about Keepsake Quilting and what a wonderful place it is.

  378. Kimberly Penney says:

    I would love to take a trip up to the store and have a great time with my mom and daughter :) We could deff spend $100 between the 3 of us :)

  379. Phyllis Manson says:

    FUN!!! I would buy more fabric…maybe a kit.

  380. AnneK says:

    I saw some fat quarters calling my name. :)

  381. Lisa Martin says:

    I would put it towards the Blue Moon Kit (4526). This is a GORGEOUS quilt!

  382. Linda Heath says:

    I would buy backing fabric for my grandaughters quilts.

  383. Liz Rambo says:

    I would love to get some fabric to use on some quilts I am in the process of doing for my grandkids.

  384. Patricia Taggart says:

    If I win I would spend the $100 on fat quarters and then share them with all my friends who where there for me when I was ill and needed a friend. Quilting friends are the best.

  385. Irma Odecki says:

    Oooh – a kit. Something for Christmas in July.

  386. Barb Gonze says:

    Probably a quilt of valor kit but the possibilities are endless! Someday I mean to make it to the store to experience the glory in person.

  387. Marty Askins says:

    Congrats on 20,000 followers. I would by some batiks for sure, more fabric and some notions. Thank you for the giveaway.

  388. Sue Lichty says:

    Fantastic!! It’s no wonder you have so many likes….a true treasure of a store and catalog and superb fabric and everything else a quilter could want! Keep up the good work!

  389. Suzanne B. says:

    Really hard decision because you can never have too much fabric. My husband is trying to convince me I should put it toward the About Trout Bali Quilt Kit. He says he knows right where to put it.

  390. Sue Lichty says:

    Fantastic!! It’s no wonder you have so many likes….a true treasure of a store and catalog and superb fabric and everything else a quilter could want! Keep up the good work!

  391. Sonya says:

    I would buy fabric… y’all have all the fabrics I love! :)

  392. Freddie Brown says:

    fabrics and notions [ it wouldn’t take long……]

  393. Freddie Brown says:

    notions and fabrics

  394. Carol Littlehale says:

    I would love to buy fabric with that $100. It would be wonderful to have it on hand. I have quilts that I’d like to make for my grandkids. My fingers are crossed…..

  395. sara howard says:

    I would love to start another fat quarter quilt – lovin’ some of the bali batik (deep water collection is simply beautiful) bundles! <3

  396. Lori Mosley says:

    Thread, batting, and FABRIC!

  397. Sue Anderson says:

    I would buy some batiks for a wall hanging I want to make for Christmas.

  398. Vanessa Towns says:

    Love this shop. If I win I will share the winning with my linus group.

  399. Rita 7e says:

    I would be challenged to find something- LOL – of course I would buy cool tools and fabric- to relieve you of some of your stock.

  400. Kathleen says:

    Batting, backing fabrics, jelly rolls and Christmas fabric!!! Oh yeah, I’ll need some thread too! Thanks!

  401. Sue Templin says:

    I recently decided to save the pennies to purchase the KYOTO GARDENS BALI QUILT KIT and build it this coming winter. When I win the gift certificate I will be able to afford it. Thanks, Keepsake Quilting.

  402. Barb says:

    I’d love to have some beautiful batiks!

  403. Donna Sheffer says:

    I would buy a BOM. There are some really pretty ones that I have been drooling over.

  404. Trudy Oye says:

    I would purchase the BUTTERFIELDS QUILT KIT. I love the soft colors and simple triangles. It looks elegant and peaceful! It is so nice of you to offer this contest!!

  405. Patrice says:

    I’ve been collecting fabrics here and there to make a quilt for Quilts for Valor so I would take advantage of the certificate to get the balance of fabrics needed for this worthy cause!

  406. Linda Vitzthum says:

    First of all, congratulations for reaching 20,000 happy followers! You have a wonderful website with great products and service; it’s no surprise that you would have a strong following of fans – good job! Thanks also for having a neat giveaway . . . we all have such fun ways to spend $100 . . . I guess if I could choose, I would be spending it on thread, and templates. Thanks again for the opportunity to win!

  407. Jo says:

    Oh, CW and 30’s reproductions for sure…i love your stuff! Thank you!

  408. sandee vanwinkle says:

    i would have a ball going over and over my choices, lots of fabric and/or kits. i love so much of your stuff!!

  409. Kathleen Crabtree says:

    Totally awesome. I’d use the $100 to buy one of your newest Judy Niemeyer kit.

  410. beverly cox says:

    i would buy fabric, thread, kits. i would be like a kid in a candy store. good luck all

  411. Judi Hollifield says:

    One of my favorite catalogs — love your fabrics– you deserve all the likes you get– have two new quilts that I have been thinking about– how does dancing chickens sound to you

  412. Bob says:

    I would buy the “Labyrinth” kit #5366 and then sew it up! I have been wanting to buy that kit for a while!

  413. Lisa says:

    I would buy a pattern and fabric to make a new quilt for our bed, we are LONG overdue!

  414. Susan Biles says:

    I would buy civil war repo fabrics for American Hero Quilts. Thank you for this giveaway!

  415. Sarah Stephenson says:

    Jelly rolls, I would buy jelly rolls! Lots of jelly rolls!

  416. Vicky Reidelberger says:

    I would buy fat quarters .

  417. Black and white and modern prints/solids.

  418. Jackie Miller says:

    I absolutely love the little quilt with Teddy Bears!

  419. Elizabeth Del Rosario says:

    I would definitely get one of the new kits in the recent catalog. Fell in love with it, but can’t afford it. Love you guys and keep up the great work!!!

  420. Donna Siburt says:

    I would use it to build up my stash and help teach kids quilting and pass on what I have learned. I might also buy a couple of new tools.

  421. Patricia S says:

    Well, I’d definitely take advantage of choosing from your wide selection of lovely fabrics! I have a double wedding ring pattern earmarked for my daughter that’s been waiting for just the right fabrics to call out my name. Congratulations on reaching 20K FaceBook friends and thanks “sew much” for this chance to win!!

  422. Kate McGinty says:

    Kits, and batik and Christmas fabrics, and some baby patterns too. Gotta cover as many bases as I can!

  423. Barbara Wayman says:

    Fabric of course!!!! Fat quarters, jellyrolls, charm squares, batiks,maybe quilt backing…. oooh maybe the 30′ s collection!!! Ooooh so many choices how could one decide?? I’d love to find out! Pick me!!!! :)

  424. Judy Ridings says:

    I would choose south seas imports Garden Magic. It is a beautiful collection.

  425. Geri Pierson says:

    Fabric to finish some of my quilts and also let my bff pick out some things as she is the one who got me started in quilting.

  426. Jill Franke says:

    I would take quilting lessons and buy fabric. I started lessons and the store closed and never learned. I just started a class but they have stopped for the summer, not much luck here…lol. i did start a fabric stash :) for when I do learn. I also want my daughter to learn with me :)

  427. OMIGOSH!!! I would buy the Top Hat kit and the Golden Glow Batiks!!!
    Thank you so much for this chance!

  428. Joey mahieu says:

    I’d buy $100.00worth of quilting stuff!

  429. Debbie Noel says:

    Things have been so tight and money just is not there for my hobby anymore! So I would pick out fabric to make some baby quilts so that I can sell them and make myself some money!

  430. Donna Sayers says:

    The awesome fabrics and quilt kits that you have and also the pre-cuts

  431. A DeRubeis says:

    Lots of fabric!

  432. Donna Rushing says:

    When I win this drawing, I will be thinking carefully how to spend my prize. Where do I start my shopping spree? Your catalogs overflow with so many things I want; it’s like the Sears Wishbook at Christmas time. Should I get Jelly Rolls from Moda’s new fabric lines? Books that have been on my ‘must have list’? Notions, notions, notions. My sewing table shows how much I like gadgets. As difficult as this task may be, I know I’m up for it. Thanks you KQ for the opportunity to win.

  433. Roanne Speedie says:

    I think I would get the new Up North kit – looks just like home. If not that then probably a couple holiday patterns and fabric for them. It definitely would be a hard choice – you have so many nice things to choose from!! :)

  434. Eddie says:

    Well seeing as I’ll be celebrating Christmas in July very soon (its a bit of a strange australian tradition…. ) it would have to be used to buy Christmas fabrics… Ready for the REAL christmas…

  435. Glenda Gosey says:

    I would buy a wonderful quilt kit, I just love kits.

  436. Diana Wilsey Geer says:

    After I’m done drooling over the large variety of goodies, be it fabric, thread, patterns or kits, I’d be torn on a decision. I love nature and batiks, so I’m betting batik fabric and some great threads.

    Thank you, and congrats for being SEW darned “LIKED”!

  437. kim marks says:


  438. Pat Burwell says:

    Fabric and more fabric

  439. BJ says:

    Fabric. Likely something to challenge myself with a new skill….

  440. Sabrina Diehl says:

    Are you nuts?! Why FABRIC, naturally!

  441. denise moreland says:

    so much to choose from!!!!!!!!How about some awesome new cutting tools!ORRRR a new cutting mat and rulers orrrrrr a AWESOME NEW KIT,or all of the above.

  442. Lynette Hilgers says:

    I would buy more FABRIC! Who doesn’t need more FABRIC!!!
    Plus any pin cushions kits/ patterns I might come across!

  443. Kristi curtis says:

    I would buy batik fabrics. As I have so little of it.

  444. Ellen Murphy says:

    It would be a very difficult decision, but I’m thinking I would buy the Starburst Quilt Kit. I love the deep rich colors! But, since I’m a beginner, I would probably have to buy something else, like the Oasis Quilt Kit.

  445. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    I have been wanting to get one of your kits to see what they are like. Right now, I am really wanting to get the Spectrum kit. I think it would look wonderful in my living room!

  446. Rhonda Rabus says:

    I would let my four daughters (triplet 8 year olds and a 12 year old) each pick out something they like so that it will encourage them to continue to want to learn to sew.
    We need to bring up the next generation to love sewing too, don’t you think?

  447. Norrine says:

    that’s not fair. there’s way to much to decide on.

  448. Sharron Smothermon says:

    OH My , I would buy FABRIC, FABRIC & MORE FABRIC, mostly batiste and flannel . I dearly love making heirloom baby things and the flannels make such wonderful little blanket & pillow sets.

  449. Denise Richards says:

    Too many things to count!!!

  450. Sherri Morris says:

    I Love all the Halloween Kits,and some fun fabric to keep me going on all my UFO’s

  451. Shelley J. says:

    I’d buy fabric and the Wedding Ring kit.

  452. Miriam Bolster says:

    Fabric, fabric, and more fabric! I love all your medleys! I truly appreciate how they are all color coordinated. I have a terrible time putting colors together. Looking at all of your medleys is so pleasing to the eye!

  453. Cindy Gray says:

    I would purchase material for a queen sized quilt backing! C”:-)

  454. Debbie-do says:

    I need Christmas fabric in my stash!! However I will most likely by an assortment if you choose me. Thanks!

  455. Cyndy Hearn says:

    I think I’d join a Medley-of-the-month club or buy a bunch of grab bag type of fabrics. Just like Christmas every month!!! Always a surprise!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  456. Kathy Morgan says:

    I would love to stock up on more batiks and fat quarters! I’ve only been quilting about a year but I am hooked! Would love to make my daughter another quilt!!!

  457. grapenutquilter says:

    I would buy the new rulers for making flying geese without all the steps and fabric left-over pieces.

  458. Mellissa Voreis says:

    Oh let’s see, I think I could spend $100 in your catalog in the “blink of an eye”. Probably start with some fall and Christmas kits/fabric.

  459. randa anderson says:

    Fabric!! Fabric!!

  460. Mary Henris says:

    I would buy the Autumn’s Glory Keepsake Challenge Medley and batiks – you can never have too many batiks.

  461. neena says:

    tools, books patterns and if enough FABRIC. thanks

  462. Phyllis Manson says:

    Fun!!! I would probably buy a kit…but definitely fabric~!

  463. Joanie Klein says:

    I would buy fabric for my 4 year old great nephew’s quilt. Now that his sisters are both done it his turn.

  464. Pamela Vance says:

    My son recently got engaged and I want to make a quilt for my future daughter-in-law. I would buy fabrics for her quilt, in purples – her favorite color! With maybe some greens thrown in, so many possibilities.

  465. Teresa Schiech says:

    I would have to buy Holiday Fabrics first. I need a pattern to make a quilt for my niece in the Marines. More fabric. Some awesome new notions and accessories. Maybe a gift or two for special friends.

    Good Luck to everyone.

  466. Judi Hollifield says:

    Buy fabrics for one of the new quits that I am thinking about — you all are great!

  467. Jane Barger says:

    Fabric to make a quilt for my son, who will be returning home from the military in September. He’s been in the Navy for 5 years and except for a few short leaves I have not seen him very much. He loves to fish and I would like to make him a fish quilt.

  468. Tami Johnson says:

    If I won the gift certificate I would buy some of the great notions….OR fabric…OR a kit…OMG so many choices I don’t know for sure, but I do know it would be GREAT!!

  469. Luisa Tusen says:

    I wolud buy fabrics, tools and notion

  470. If I won the gift certificate, I would purchase either storage for fabric or a new cutting mat as my current mat is looking pretty bad.

  471. Cindy B says:

    Batiks! Batiks! and more Batiks! One of each please!

  472. Joan says:

    I would buy fabric! I love the Indian Summer batiks.


  473. Tina Underwood says:

    Oooh! There’s a curved template I would buy, along with some snappy black and white fabric.

  474. Sudi says:

    I would buy a Judy Niemeyer kit!!! Love them!!

  475. Mary Moors says:

    I would buy some beautiful fabric in summer colors

  476. Suzanne LaFlex says:

    Fabric kiT I’ve been wanting!

  477. Sondra Smith says:

    I would by every sewing notion I could!

  478. Yolanda Robinson says:

    A couple of years ago, I discovered quilting when I was diagnosed with Lupus.It is something that I can do for the few minutes that I can manage to be up during the day. I am so thankful for this wonderful hobby. It has allowed me to make new friends and has given me something to focus on outside of my illness. I have learned a lot, but still have a lot to learn. I would really like to win this giveaway. I would love to be able to purchase more fabric and quilitng supplies! Thank you.

  479. Gayle Dancer says:

    I would purchase fat quarters, some bias tape, some stabilizer in order to make stained glass quilts!

  480. Pauline R. Ruhl says:

    I would buy backing fabric and some solids.

  481. Elizabeth Kuntz says:

    Oh my gosh!!! How can you pick just one thing. There is so much on my wish list. Fabric, quilt kits, notions, fabric….. I think I’d pick kit. I have 6 on my wish list.

  482. Peggy Summer says:

    I would buy fabric, or a quilt kit!

  483. Kim Wood says:

    There are a couple of kits I would like and of course FABRIC!!!!

  484. Stephanie mittelstadt says:

    Holiday fabrics! Halloween and Christmas and anything else that strikes my fancy. I saw a quilt kit that I would love to make for my daughter, too. Oh I love to just dream about the things I could do!

  485. Leslie Dennis says:

    Half of the fun would be deciding how to spend it! There are many patterns and fabrics on my wish list….

  486. Kathy Lawson says:

    Oh, I might take a little time to see what’s new, and then look at the books, but in the end I would probably just buy more fabric.

  487. Cheryl G says:

    I would love to win. I could certainly find something to buy. Every day I seem to have new ideas and need supplies! Keep up the good work on your site; you have lots of good things to choose from.

  488. Jan Kosinski says:

    I would buy Fabric, Fabric and more Fabric. Oh, did I mention I’d buy fabric?? or, I’d buy gadgets and gizmo’s. I love those things!

  489. Pauline Gudas says:

    I would batiks to make the Labrinyth Star

  490. Kim McGrath says:

    The Keepsake quilting gold club is what I would purchase, then the other $50 on fabric.

  491. Dawn Frisch says:

    Great giveaway and congrats on 20,000 likes! If I won the money I would purchase the Mosaic Quilt Kit Item 6569 (I would make up the difference of course). I want to thank you all for the fantastic catalogs that you publish. They are my favorite catalogs to look at and dream and of course, order from! Keep up the great work!

  492. Jerry Beavers says:

    I would stock up on lots of thread, fabric, & maybe some notions. Would love to win. Thanks for the chance.

  493. Ronda Martin says:

    I would purchase one of your beautiful kits! I need to make a charity quilt to help out a high school friend who died at the age of 50 to cancer and give all the proceeds from the sale of the quilt to his wife, who is also a friend to help her out with his expenses that he left behind! Congrats to whomever wins!!!

  494. Carol Fraley says:

    I would purchase the BALI FEVER QUILT KIT!!!

  495. Sue K says:

    I would buy lots of fat quarters, I am collecting Batik and 30s reproduction right now. I also need some backing fabrics and some yardage for the Batik and 30s quilts I am planning. A year ago I lived in Laconia, only 20 minutes from Keepsake, now I live in Maryland and I really, really miss just stopping into the store whenever I need a “fabric fix”. Please pick me, I will be in the area in August and plan a visit anyway, so it would be a perfect time to spend a $100 gift certificate!

  496. Helen Malanchak says:

    If I was fortunate enough to win I would get the Starshine quilt kit and make it for my son who will be enlisting in the army in February. He is going to need it at the training camp because it gets very cold there.

  497. Nancy Beardsley says:

    I would buy fabric as you have a beautiful great selection. I would also get more quilt sleeves. They are so easy to put on and i don’t have to make them. Thanks KS for being a good place to order from.

  498. Lee Bulman says:

    I would get Hannah’s Rainbow kit, or maybe Rhubarb Pie. No, maybe Desert 9 Patch or Prairie Crossing. That would be such a tough decision!!!!

  499. Kathy Bess says:

    Pick Me!!! Pick Me!!!! Moving 7-20-12 and I’ll have a new sewing room!!!!

  500. Gwen Wehner says:


  501. Mary Jane says:

    Batiks! Batiks! Batiks!

  502. Kathy says:

    I would first buy a quilt kit that I have been looking at for some time now and then I would have to say FABRIC.

  503. Joanne Brown says:

    I would check out the new fabrics and patterns along with the latest gadgets :)

  504. Laurie Lahman says:

    I would be torn between the FLEUR QUILT KIT or the SPRING SMOKEY RIVER QUILT KIT!

  505. Alyce Fradenburg says:

    I would love anything and everything….batiks, tonals, border prints and use them to make things for my new grand daughter due any day!

  506. Agnes Gates says:

    I would buy all the fabric and books $100 would buy and probably a little more, what the heck I need it.

  507. Jan S says:

    Fabric! Maybe a mini portable iron.

  508. Kathy says:

    If I won I would buy the quilt kit that I have been looking at for some time now and some FABRIC.

  509. Linda Davis says:

    I would love to purchase the Evening Star Quilt kit, I have been looking at that for awhile, so with your $100 and some of my own money that is what I would purchase.

  510. Kelly Grace says:

    Hmmm….I’d either get fabric, batting or thread – or all 3!

  511. Kathleen Grant says:

    A shopping spree? Sounds fun to me! I’d go for some Bali pops, I think!

  512. Laurie Anderson says:

    Batiks & more batiks

  513. Micci Freyenhagen says:

    I would love some batiks, some new quilt books, 1930’s fabric, and anything that has a snowman on it – in it- or to be “fabricated!”

  514. Lynda Donovan says:

    Visiting your shop is a much-anticipated part of our family’s trip to New Hampshire every two years. The only way to top the visit itself would be to be using someone else’s money to shop. I would wander the aisles, touching every intriguing bolt that catches my eye and peruse each quilt book or pattern I notice.
    It’s great to actually see the wonderful items and fabrics you showcase in your catalogs…almost like visiting family.

  515. Kimberley Lindsley says:

    I would get fabric for my mom to make more quilts to give to the Veteran’s home, the maternity ward, and the children’s home. She loves to quilt and gives them all away.

  516. Deborah says:

    I’d buy 108″ wide backing fabric for a quilt I’m doing for my sister & brother in law.

  517. Carol says:

    Fabric or the Christmas quilt kit.

  518. suzanne jolivette says:

    I’d start out with several yards of amish black so I can finish this quilt for the show. Then move one to some batiks, and 30’s. I’d definately be looking for some sea turtle print and I volunteer at our local sea turtle hospital here in NC>

  519. Linda Rheault says:

    I could use a 20 x 20 inch ruler to cut out big squares for jelly roll quilts done in a quilt as you go method.

  520. Judy Patterson says:

    I would like to buy he Hokey Pokey kit and some threads. I pray to be lucky winner.

  521. Amy Fecteau says:

    That would be a toss up between the wonderful kits and backing for those unfinished projects.

  522. Lisa Crall says:

    BLISS!!! BLISS!!! BLISS!!!

    That would be winning, then selecting some of those awesome fabrics and other resources, celebrating my 50th birthday with Keepsake Quilting stash would be just the ultimate experience!

  523. Angela Hinshaw says:

    I would purchase the fabric for the quilt my son has been asking me to make.

  524. I would get $100 worth of fat quarters! That way I could see all the lovely fabrics and pick out the ones I would want to use for future projects. I love charm packs too!

  525. Rita C Wilson says:

    I would turn around and start purchasing those batiks I keep loving. More and more of them. I love to quilt with such high quality material and with the batiks the beauty cannot be duplicated.

  526. Terry L. Durst says:

    I would LOVE to get more thread and backing fabric for the multitude of quilt kits and yardage + pattern sets I already have, so I could finish all my not-yet-started WIPs. ;)

    Thank you for your appreciation of your fans!

  527. cynthia lyons says:

    I would stock up in solid color fabric. :-) Or thread. :-) Or maybe some new rulers. :-) OK…maybe a bit of all of those. :-)

  528. Brenda Lopez says:

    I need to buy some black ‘n’ white & red ‘n’ white fabric fat quarter bundles.

  529. Judy Offen says:

    There are a couple of quilt kits I’ve been admiring (as well as everything else in the KQ catalog)!!

  530. karen myers says:

    Fabric, Fabric, Fabric….you can never have too much fabric. Precuts are so much fun to use. Would love to spend this.

  531. karen albert says:

    such a difficult decision I like all the fabrics keepsake has maybe something for the holidays

  532. Judy Hunt says:

    Christmas is calling me. I would buy a Christmas quilt kit if I won the gift certificate. Then I would smile with every stitch.

  533. Celeste Hauser says:


  534. Arlene S. says:

    I would buy fabric to add to my stash.

  535. Deb says:

    I would buy fabric there is so mcuh that I want, never to much!

  536. Robin Cockrell says:

    I have been drooling over the Florigia Kit and the Inside Out Kits. They sure are pretty and I would love to make one of them!

  537. Cindie Crull says:

    I’d buy some baby material to make quilts for my grandchildren and greatgrandchildren to wrap them in love.Then Id purchase halloween material and make them all halloween bags.. And some christmas material to make stockings for them maybe put a gift in , then send it to them..Because Nana misses them..

  538. Janet L. Morgan says:

    I would buy a pattern, and fabric. Thank you!

  539. Connie says:

    If I win, I would choose a kit. I do like kits.

  540. Elaine says:

    Being a single mother of 9 children and 19 grandchildren on a very limited income, I would like to make each of them a quilt. I would use it toward fabric for the quilts. I love the fabrics that you have at Keepsake quilting.

  541. Karen Goddard says:

    I’ll take 1 of everything, LOL!! But if I have to choose it would be batik fabrics.

  542. Eileen Stone says:

    I would buy lots of batiks and a pattern or two!

  543. Christal Lacombe says:

    Congrats on the 20000 likes!!!

    If I won the $100 I would love to get the purple dawn kit… as well as to re stock my scrap pile… :) I don’t think it would be too hard to spend that $100 plus some.. :D

  544. RaeLyn Weaver says:

    I would get the bali fever kit.

  545. Kathy P. says:

    I would love to make some aprons, so I would buy some fun, happy fabric.

  546. Patricia Taylor says:

    I would buy some batiks and fat quarters.

  547. Michelle Hache says:

    I’d probably buy a kit of some sort. I love most of your kits.

  548. Jeannie Malatesta says:

    I would go back to my catalogue and start ordering off of the pages with the little sticky flags – my wish list! Kits, fabric, notions, patterns – any of these!

  549. Jasmine says:

    I would buy ANYTHING to inspire my quilting mojo which has been in limbo for the last 18 months – since I became ill and couldn’t sit to sew, grrrr! Congratulations on so many likes, too! Hugs from Oz.

  550. Jan Curtis says:

    Fabric. Just fabric. So tempting all the time.

  551. Charlotte says:

    I’d pick out stuff my mom, great niece and sister-in-law would enjoy. I am not crafty but they are!

  552. Jane Dino says:

    I’m going to become a Grandma next week, so I neeeed lots of fabric! I love the batiks and your peacock medley.

  553. Connie says:

    I would buy a kit!

  554. Glynn Martin says:

    I’d start out with fabric! Got to build up my stash! Then if I had anything left over, I might get some of those neat notions you have or maybe some of the pre-cut appliques. I’d definitely make good use of it.

  555. Cheryl says:

    Can’t ever have enough fabric!!

  556. Sally Gordon says:

    Well right now I would have to say if I won the gift certificate I would like to buy some fabric to use for a quilt challenge at our campground’s next quilt retreat. The ladies I quilt with are very new to quilting. Most of them I have helped become addicted to this hobby. They are so open to new ideas and projects that it makes it easy to teach and share with them.

  557. marti rajotte says:

    A gitlcan never have too many batiks…it justcan never happen… and with those batiks are some beautiful mckenna ryan and edyta sitar portraits of a bountiful nature. If I am in sn eclectic mood I would create a ‘tossed’ quilt. Please pick. Me..

  558. Nancy says:

    Oh my, that is a really tough choice but I would have to buy more patterns. Specifically the beautiful circa 1930’s patterns that you have :)

  559. Vicki says:

    Fabric, of course! Is there anything else better than that?

  560. Sue Anderson says:

    Love those batiks!!!! That is how I would spend my money.

  561. Janet Meeks says:

    I have a daughter that just got married and another one getting married in April. I need to make 2 quilts! I could buy lots of fabric to go for these quilts with $100!

  562. Andrea Southern says:

    I have always wanted to make a wedding ring quilt so I would use the gift certificate to help me buy the beautiful Grandma’s Wedding ring kit that you have.

  563. Jane Luxenberg says:

    I love fabric! I have my whole life. I am exploring new things to do with fabric by using new heavy weight interfacing such as bowls, boxes and everything imaginable. Newest, I would buy supplies for flowers and leaf bowls and boxes. Visited the store on my vacation. Please pick me but don’t tell my family!

  564. Beth B says:

    I would buy fabric and maybe a pattern or a kit. I don’t think I’ve ever made a quilt from a kit, but would like to try it. Thanks for the chace to win.

  565. Kathy Fictorie says:

    Lots of batiks! I love batiks!

  566. Lindsay Stowell says:

    I would spend the gift certificate on new pattterns, books, Bali Pops, and Batiks! Absolutely love Batiks! Also, I could use some yardage for quilt backs and always love picking out new Medleys with bright colors and great new fabrics from all the best designers. Thank you for the opportunity for a chance to win! And congrats on all your “likes”.

  567. Barb says:

    I would get fabric for sure!!

  568. Barb says:

    I see items to make and buy for my Mom and sisters in new cataloge

  569. DebbieWd says:

    I would probably buy one of those wonderful kits I’ve been drooling over! That, or some wonderful backing fabric for one of the quilts I’m working on.

  570. Lynn J says:

    So many great items to choose from but I would most likely start with batiks my favorite fabric oh and holiday fabric too.

  571. Joan Digney says:

    I love the Green Tea bali quilt kit and the Purple Dawn quilt kit!

  572. Carol Doyle says:

    Civil War Fabric!
    Love to make quilts! Keep the faith, just don’t keep it to yourself!

  573. Nancy Hullings says:

    Batiks, batiks, and more batiks.

  574. Diana Allen says:

    I would buy some more fabric (there is no such thing as having to much, no matter what some people think, right honey, lol), and some nice new blade to cut it up with.

  575. Dawn says:

    If I win anything, I’ll make a quilt and donate it to St. Judes, Great American Heroes or possibly something geared towards the victims of the Colorado fires. Pray for rain, people, we all need it.

  576. Shelley Leber says:

    I would buy some quilt kits you have that I have wanted to buy for a long time.

  577. Lois Ruley says:

    I would really enjoy making the Aunt Grace Garden party quilt. The gift certificate would be a good start to that project~

  578. Melinda Zimanwoda says:

    I sit and drool when I look at your cataloge. Choosing a favorite quilt is like choosing a favorite star. One thing that I do need to do is make another Autism quilt for my son’s class room. I make one for his younger inclosed classroom, and I would like to make another one for the other inclosed children’s room, so they could auction it off to make money for the classroom.

  579. Bonnie says:

    I would purchase material to create quilts for homeless people.

  580. Janet Goins says:

    I would buy an assortment of fat quarters, thread, and/or batting. I want to make a patriotic quilt for my son!

  581. Gwyn stobie says:

    I would put it towards the sock monkey kit. Or batiks. They make the world go round.

  582. Bonnie says:

    I would buy material to make quilts for the homeless.

  583. Alison Arsenault says:

    I am new to quilting so do not have a stash built up, I have jsut finished my first top and need batt and backing for it and I have identified a couple of patterns I would love to try and already have the colors in mind for them plus I need tools. What a wonderful opportunity if I won to get these and not have to save up until I had enough to purchase these items.

  584. Suzanne Knazek says:

    I would buy blue and green batik fabric for a wedding quilt I promised my niece!

  585. Linda says:

    fabric, kits, patterns, I would love to have the opportunity to decide!

  586. linette says:

    i would buy lots of fat quarters and blenders

  587. sue harr wolf says:

    i am sure that my fabric stash is not big enough, so definitely fabric. fabric for upcoming holidays, along with some new fun tools

  588. Cindy says:

    I would buy hockey fabric I need for a quilt for my grandson.

  589. Linda Ward says:

    I would buy some minky. We have 3 babies being born in our family, and a co-worker and a family friend are having babies before the end of 2012. I’ve always wanted to use minky for my baby quilts, but couldn’t afford it. Now would be a perfect time to win a $100 Keepsake Quilting gift certificate!! And Congratulations to you!!

  590. Joan Eagan says:

    I have been drooling over your Stonehenge kits for months. That is what I would get if I won this prize!

  591. Judy Docter says:

    I drool over your entire catalog, especially the bali batiks and the Asian prints. But if I were to win, I think I’d treat myself to your Autumn Magic Kit. It really caught my eye.

  592. I’m a fabric-a-holic!! It most definitely would be fabric, maybe a tool or a couple of patterns…there’s so much to choose from!!

  593. BJMarley says:

    I love their quilt kits. There is one I’ve had my eye on.

  594. Janet Bast says:

    I would buy fabric. Either batiks or Christmas prints. Maybe a kit.

  595. Cheryl says:

    I would stock up on your lovely charm squares!

  596. Vi Jobb says:

    I would buy jelly rolls, kids fabrics, backing, kits and all kinds of fabric.

  597. Heather says:

    Fabric, Fabric and more Fabric!

  598. Sharon Kriesch says:

    I would use this gift to purchase a special kit or fabric to make a dear friend of mine a quilt or wallhanging. She just had breast cancer surgery and waiting to hear if further treatment will be necessary so I’d love to surprise her with something special. Thank you so much for your generous offer of giving away such a fantastic gift.

  599. Aase Vinther says:

    anything and everything, love it all, would be a hard press to have to make a dession.

  600. Christina Denninghoff says:

    If I won the 100$ prize, I would buy batiks and Asian fabrics, but also thread and accessories. Congratulations for reaching the 20,000 mark :-)

  601. Mary Meiser says:

    I have my eye on the Bali Fever kit

  602. Louise Loughrey says:

    I have had my eye on some panels that I have only seen in the Keepsake Quilting catalog. I have been saving up to purchase them for Christmas presents.

  603. Patricia Husher says:

    It would be neat to join the Keepsake Quilting Gold Club and then use the free shipping to buy some of the blended medley fabric. It is so pretty!!!

  604. Jo Ann Pilgrim says:

    I would buy fabric for backing quilts for Quilts of Valor. Expensive buying all the fabric for donated quilts. This would be a gift that keeps on giving. Support our veterans.

  605. Diane LOEHR says:

    I love all the batiks in your catalogs….

  606. Cheryl Jenkins says:

    I would put it toward a Civil War block of the month so I can have something new to look forward to every month.

  607. Bettina Elliott says:

    i’d get some FQ bundles, to facilitate making my fave lap quilts, Yellow Brick Road & EB’s Quick Trip. i make all my Christmas gifts & these are always a hit, a perfect size to watch TV.

  608. Elysabeth Morris says:

    a light- to help these aging eyes see to bead and stitch and applique and bead and design and play with color and fondle fabric and… oo oo fondle fabric! Congratulations! Now that I’ve found you again I can throw away the catalog I’ve been holding onto for years…

  609. Joyce Ford says:

    I’ve been on a fabric diet since the quilt shop I used to work in closed——-haven’t been able to afford new fabrics. It would be a blessing and I would have soooo much fun being able to buy some new fabric!!

  610. Anne Marie Raadam says:

    Wow, the things I could get!
    Here in Denmark, Europe, quilting is not as popular as in the states. And so the selection is a lot smaller.
    So I would get batik backings (in Denmark I can find 2, if I’m lucky!), Bali Pops (bargain price here starts at 50$), cool tools and lots of fabrics!!! Eh, can you make it a 1000$, please? :-D
    I have close family in NJ, so I really hope to visit you some day.

  611. Barbara E. says:

    Fabric, fabric, always fabric!

  612. Janet Knight says:

    Whatever is the lightest to carry home in my suitcase back to England. We are coming to America in September and we will be visiting your shop on a New England Quilting tour – cant wait :)

  613. Josiane PELISSERO says:

    Wooooooow I ‘d buy batiks and… batiks and… batiks………….

  614. Gitte Sinnet says:

    I have nerver won anything, but I can dream of more fabric.

  615. shellie says:

    I might try to save it for next year’s Tent Sale but that’s almost a whole year away!! Could I truly wait that long….??? ;)

  616. Effie Powell says:

    Fabric! Mostly batiks, my favorite type. Never can have too much fabric in your stash, especially if you love scrappy quilts like me!

  617. Peggy Mlynek says:

    Wide backs…to go with some of the many bottomless tops waiting to be finished.

  618. Tracy says:

    Congrats! That is awesome! I would definitely buy a $100.00 scrap bag, love all those scraps!!!! Happy Quilting…..

  619. Tracy says:

    Wow, Congratulations! I would definitely buy a $100.00 Scrap Bag~ Love those Scraps! Happy Quilting

  620. Brian says:

    Wow, that is terrific! I would be a hero to my wife! It would be her choice, she loves your fabric!

  621. Tracy says:

    Congratulations! I would buy a $100.00 Scrap Bag ~ got to love those scraps! Happy Quilting!

  622. Judy Notzon says:

    It is very difficult to decide as the selections in the catalogue/website are so extensive but The Bali Bitty Bundles would be my choice . These bundles which include several shades of a specific color are just the right size for making smaller art quilts. Another choice, however, would be the Scrap Bags- especially the flannel bag as there is enough variety and amount of fabric to make a lovely warm quilt. Too many choices!!

  623. Diana Haas says:

    You can never have enough batiks!

  624. Karen says:

    I would buy a fabric kit to make for Christmas for my niece.

  625. LynnP says:

    What to choose………!! I would probably buy some of those gorgeous batiks or maybe some Christmas fabric.

  626. Kim Cisar says:

    hmmmm… maybe a kit… no some Christmas fabric… wait no maybe a new tool or gadget… there is soooo much to choose from at Keepsake Quilting

  627. Kelly Crosby says:

    Oh, the possibilities! I am moving my sewing area from the corner of one room into a spare bedroom soon. I am sure I will need lots of new goodies for my brand new sewing room!

  628. Sarah Seeley says:

    Fabric & patterns…oh, and do you sell time…the thing I need the most!

  629. Mary-Frances Reavey says:

    I would buy fabric to make a quilt for ME!! I’ve made over 25 queen size quilts as wedding gifts and I have 1 for my bed. .

  630. Val Larson says:

    Congrats on your 20,000 LIKES!
    I would buy fabric and thread!!!
    Crossing my fingers…..

  631. Mary B Kasavich says:

    I would buy as many fat quarters as I could – maybe the $99 fat quarter special that you are currently offering! I LOVE KQ – you have the best fabrics around!

  632. Oh, this is sooo easy! I would buy batiks…no, well, maybe background prints, or no!…wait…I know….fabric to make a new sunflower quilt!…no, maybe just some bright summer print, yes, that’s it…or…well, maybe some 30’s prints, yes…to make a summer quilt, or..well, my friend is expecting a baby so maybe juvenille prints…yes…no…maybe a floral print for a new quilt for me! Okay, to be quite honest, if I win I will sit down and spend hours pouring over the magazine for just the right fabric…..okay, okay….I won’t be able to keep the purchase under $100 so where is my VISA card?

  633. Terrie says:

    I would probably buy batik fabrics. I think they are just so beautiful! But, I may buy a kit, or a Jelly Roll or two, or some other pre-cuts. That is just a really hard decision to make. Hope I have to make that decision!

  634. Jaynie says:

    Got to visit your shop this past fall. It was magical. So many beautiful fabrics & notions & books…oh my! Thanks for having such a great give away…would love to have a certificate to spend on some of that beautiful fabric!!!

  635. Erika says:

    I would buy the Baltimore Halloween BOM kit. I’ve wanted this kit for so long and this gift certificate would be a sweet surprise. I love the Keepsake Quilting catalog and would love to visit the store soon.

  636. Christine Anderson says:

    I would buy fabric; you cannot possibly ever have enough FABRIC!

  637. Erika says:

    I would buy the Baltimore Halloween. BOM kit. I’ve wanted this kit forso long and this gift certificate would be a sweet surprise. I love the Keepsake Quilting catalog and would love to visit the store soon. This message contains my correct email address. Sorry I sent the first message incorrectly.

  638. Heike says:

    Oh, I would buy a lot of fabric. Jelly Roll and fat quarters. I think fall and seaside.
    A wonderful giveaway – thank you.

  639. Patricia Mulvey says:

    I’d use the $100 toget some gorgeous baby theme fabrics to have a beauitful new quilt to wrap my little one in when it arrives in Nov! Then I’d spend as much again on postage to Ireland but totally worth it. I’m a long time admirer but new quilter.

  640. Kathy Heaverlo says:

    batiks PLEASE!!!

  641. Desanka Brown says:

    i would buy pattern books-mostly on paper piecing!!! love your site!

  642. Norma Tanner says:

    So much to choose from!! But it would definitely be fabric, maybe a kit. Congrats on the 20,000 Likes…thanks for including us in your celebration!

  643. Bonnie Bain says:

    I would buy the blue and silver holiday fabrics (my favorite!), the Beautiful Bugs fabrics, and anything with seashells on it!

  644. Mary Ellen says:

    First, I would create a special Pin the Tail on the Donkey game with all the different must-haves all around it–30’s reproductions, extra-wide backing fabrics, tools, notions, patterns, books–everything. Then I would blindfold myself and spin myself in 3 circles and push a pin into my ‘donkey’. Unless I leave it up to the Fabric and Quilting Gods and Goddesses, I would either spend hours trying to decide or I would just use that $100 as a starting point and who knows where my credit card would end up!

  645. Lauree Scott says:

    I would buy batiks because I love them!

  646. Barbara Scott says:

    I would help my daughter choose
    a kit that she likes. Now that she
    has a daughter of her own she
    wants to learn to quilt!

  647. Carri Butler says:

    Medleys, only instead of fat quarters I would get yardage! Oh how I love your medleys…you should see my stash. ;-)

  648. Katie Styren says:

    I only have one Home Tweet Home kit right now; I would buy the remaining kits! I love that collection and with KQ laser cut pieces, it is easy and fun!

  649. Jane K says:

    I would add to my fabric stash… so many quilts to make, so little time!! Especially love Batiks.

  650. Jennifer Grambs says:

    Nifty notion gadgets, kits, sale fabric (more fabric for the money).

  651. Kris says:

    Batiks of course!

  652. Sue V says:

    I would buy something that stretched my quilting boundaries since I only seem to default to the practical.

  653. Doris Werkman says:

    Oh oh so much! I have had my eyes on a block of the month kit, so beautiful! I could buy it! That would be the greatest treat :)

  654. Traci Bray says:

    I would spend every bit of it on fat quarters for a scrap quilt I’m planning for my 10th anniversary. Its so hard to find different orange and black fabrics.

  655. Leona says:

    Smokey river kit will be my purchase when I win!!

  656. Sandy Fraser says:

    Just the thought of buying fabric from you makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. So much to choose from…I’m drooling .

  657. Cindy C says:

    I’ve always wanted to buy a kit with all the right fabrics. I think one with batiks would be great.

  658. Myra says:

    I guess the question would be…what fabrics would’nt I buy???? I am a true fabricaholic!!!!! One look in my sewing room would prove it!! But then,theres all the gadgets and notions!…..Oh my gosh,how exciting!!!!!

  659. Oh, the BATIKS. They’re my very favorite. Followed by Halloween.

  660. Laurie Evans says:

    I love quilt kits! So great to get the pattern and the fabrics that you need to complete it all in one package!!!

  661. Nancy Edmonds says:

    I would order the Tri Me Quilt Kit. I love that quilt and it has been on my wish list for a very long time. Then I would buy the rulers and backing to actually finish it. What a deal, you get a purchase and I save some money – just in time to make with the lovely fall colors!!!!

  662. Julie Fancey says:

    There is one kit that I’ve wanted for about 3 years now, it’s the Desert Nine Patch kit. I just love it and always have.

  663. Jeanne Polzin says:

    How wonderful! I’ve always thought Keepsake Quilting as the best. This proves it. I think I would use it towards the “Vintage Rouge” kit. I’ve liked that pattern the first time I saw it. But anything from Keepsake would be awesome!

  664. kmjtax@netzero.net says:

    The one on the last catalog cover. The Rhubarb Pie kit, of course. It is so pretty.

  665. Barbara Bell says:

    I would split it between my daughters, Francesca and Allegra… I have 4 daughters, and these 2 are the ones who’ve inherited the love of fabric, sewing and creating. This would be a way to build their stashes, their skills, and what fun besides to win something so cool!

  666. Barbara says:

    I’d buy 2 gift certificates. 2 of my 4 daughters have inherited “the bug”, and this would be a stash-building, skill-building treat for both of them.

  667. Christy says:

    Lovely, lovely wool batting!!!!!

  668. Syl Trundle says:

    I would buy some of the many items I have on my “Keepsake Quilting” wish list. $100 is a great start!

  669. V. J. Heins says:

    ~~~~Whyyyy — FAT quarters, of course! Stay cool!

  670. Karen says:

    CONGRATS! That’s a lot of “Likes”! ;)
    If I won I would have to sit and ponder just how far I could make that money stretch……
    Just how much fabric ( batiks, 30’s and blenders) I’d be able to hug and bring home….;)

  671. Verna LaBounty says:

    I love batiks so would pick up bundles of the various color ways.

  672. I believe I would buy all the fat quarter packages I could get and then buy some more.

  673. Doris O'Gara says:

    A little bit of this & a little bit of that and, oh yes, some of that over there; oops, hold on, I just saw something else! $100 would vanish in the blink of an eye!

  674. Nancy W. says:

    Can a quilter ever have too many fabrics and special tools?? Sort of like a girl having too many pairs of shoes! :)

  675. Kay Holm says:

    I have been drooling over your batik collections and I know that would be my choice!

  676. Sherri G says:

    Probably a kit, or lots of patterns, or batiks. Hmm!! It’d be a lot of fun deciding!!! :-)

  677. Tina Raspuzzi says:

    Fabric to finish my current projects

  678. Karen Fellenbaum says:

    I want it ALL. But I would buy fabric—lots of fabric.

  679. Claire says:

    I’d buy a beeeeautiful bali batik kit.

  680. Kay Hurt says:

    I would buy the pattern “Laberynth” and batiks to make it. I love your site, your store and your catalogs!

  681. Steph Kuligowski says:

    I would buy at least 2 1/2 – 3 yards of my favorite fabrics for summer dresses and bags, and some fat quarters of patriotic fabrics. Love to sew, quilt and shop at Keepsake!

  682. Tracey says:

    I would buy a quilt kit (or two :) )

  683. Beverly B says:

    I’d buy the Season Greeting panel kit, lots of fabric and notions too!

  684. Mary Bowen says:

    If I were to win the Keepsake Quilting $100.00 Gift Certificate I would buy the New! Top Hat Kit. Mr. Winter! I Love snowmen and this is one of the cutest I have seen. Thank You. :)

  685. Maria Ayer says:

    I have an “Ocean-themed” quilt to make for my brother and his lovely wife to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. I am short some fabrics and backing. This would help me finish it up. :)

  686. Alicia says:

    I would love to be able to get a kit. Your site has so many amazing things I would LOVE to have.

  687. Connie B says:

    I would buy fabrics as I am fairly new to quilting and need to build a stash.

  688. Susan Molnar says:

    Wow. One hundred dollars could buy something really special. I would love to buy a kit or more fabric. The holidays are coming, and I am sure there is new beautiful holiday fabric. So many choices. I do not normally have good luck, but a girl can dream.

  689. Jacque says:

    Has to be fabric, can never have enough. My 3 yr old granddaughter loves going throuugh my fabric and picking out what she wants for dresses and HER quilt. She collecting a bit of a pile of strips ( because they’re pretty) on her table.

  690. Wendy Hanscom says:

    I would start my stash! I am new to quilting….let the stash building begin!

  691. Kelsie Hanscom says:

    Make a fabric stash! Lots of fat qu

  692. Paula Miller says:

    I would love, love, love to buy a new Koala table and oodles of 1930s fabric! Keepsake Quilting is the greatest!

  693. Deb Titus says:

    I would use it to buy batting and backing so I can use up some of my stash to make charity quilts.

  694. Diane Foresee says:

    I would probably buy everything I need to finish up UFO’s, and maybe some brand new fabric, too. Love your catalog!!!

  695. Beverly Krenning says:

    I would buy fabric, fabric & more fabric!

  696. Nancy in Minnesota says:

    Batiks, batiks, batiks!

  697. Rosa says:

    I have the white cutting table you have in your catalog and I would love to buy the cutting mat and ironing pad to go along with it.

  698. Karen Kueck says:

    I’d buy fabric, of course. Do you still have the kit for the garden quilt top? Very pretty. Thank you for this opportunity.

  699. Mona Gill says:

    I would choose 3 of the Home Tweet Home kits……I’ve been dying to try them!

  700. Monica Kryzer says:

    I would finally go for one of McKenna Ryan’s beautiful kits

  701. MonicaK says:

    I would finally get one of Mckenna Ryan’s kits

  702. Ray Gill says:

    Entering to try for my wife. She would live me forever if I win this.

  703. Sharon T. says:

    What a treat winning would be! I would select fabric for a class I’m taking in September and some thread. Thank you for sharing this opportunity!

  704. Judy Sailer says:

    I would love to purchase backing material for my quilt tops, I, like others favor batiks.

  705. Anne Cohen says:

    I would start a new quilt with new fabric!

  706. Lynn D in NC says:

    I know I would buy batiks for sure. But, I’m sure I’d find a pattern or two, or maybe a kit. Wide backing fabric. No doubt I wouldn’t have a hard time spending $100.

  707. Karen says:

    I would be able to get something off my wish list.

  708. arol Erkkila says:

    I would buy as much batiks as I could. They are all so beautiful.

  709. karen mezera says:

    WOW! That would be Great! I would love to put the 100$ towards a Sharon Yenter Garden Twist Fabric pack for a Queen size quilt. I have looked at it for a long time and always admired it.

  710. Margaret Chair says:

    I would probably buy some fabric … since a girl can never have enough fabric!! Must be prepared when creativity strikes & I learned early to always be prepared!

  711. Karen Van Offeren says:

    I have a loooong list of lovely patterns I’d love to get. Maybe I’d splurge and get the kits for some of them … hmmmmmm!

  712. Dawn Aragon says:

    I would add to my fabric collection!

  713. Mary M-C says:

    I would purchase some of the newer batiks and maybe even a kit or one of several patterns that I have been “eye-balling” for a while. I would like a few of the newer tools too. Thanks

  714. Michelle L says:

    Considering my wish list is just about your entire catalog, spending would not be the problem. Deciding what to spend the loot on would be the challenge. Fat quarters? Backing? Notions? That gorgeous kit I have been denying myself for months? Oh the possibilities!

  715. Chris Johnson says:

    What perfect timing! I know I’ll find much more fabric that I won’t be able to live without, so I’ll have to bring my birthday $$ with me. This means I can more than double my joy of quilting and guarantee this is definitely my best birthday year ever!!!

  716. Kathy says:

    You have so many beautiful things to select from it’s a hard choice. Maybe some batiks or reprodution fabrics. How about a beautiful kit. I believe the kit would be the winner for me. The Labyinth, Josephine’s Knot or Blue Moon Kit would be my final three choices.

  717. karen says:

    I am a fabricaholic.. you can never have enough.. and then there is bag patterns, I love making hand bags to keep, give away, and to sell. Oh, and wall quilts, every wall needs a quilt! From whimisical to landscape to country and flowers I love them all. Too many choices.

  718. Judy Loosmore says:

    Congratulations on 20,000 fans! A $100 gift certificate could start a block of the month quilt – maybe Bella Garden or Nature’s Garden. They are both yummy. Of course, the bali materials are wonderful, too. Or maybe a Christmas kit. With so many fabulous things from which to choose, I would no doubt change my mind a zillion times before finally landing on a favourite.

  719. Eleny Maul says:

    BATIKS definitely.

  720. Jenay Reynolds says:

    Rhubarb Pie Quilt Kit. I’m not traditionally a pink quilt person, but there’s something about this one that I love.

  721. Marian says:

    I’d buy quilting tools and maybe some batiks.

  722. Chris says:

    I would love a kit with batik fabric. The purse kit that was in today’s email would be my choice.

  723. karyl david says:

    batiks, a diff thimble tool thingy. choices choices !!!!!

  724. Alonna says:

    Fabruc by the yard and pre-cuts!

  725. Janey Cook says:

    Wow–a$100 dollars–would go fast for me as I would buy fabrics from Andover Fabrics aka Lonni Rossi–love it, love it, love it. And the kit Lumineux Wall Quilt Kit, Item No: 5107. Both would give me great joy to work with!!!

  726. Barbara Thomson says:

    I want to make a special quilt for my oldest sister who just found out she has cancer.

  727. Leontine Thomson says:

    It’s such a hard choice, but I love the Tulip Star kit.

  728. Barb Williams says:

    I would use the $100 towards one of your many beautiful batik kits–so many that I can’t decide what I would want right now.

  729. Carol says:

    I’d buy an insulated cover for my iron for taking to retreats and then fabric, of course!

  730. Rina says:

    Three patterns; Starburst, October Weekend PatternPlus and Shadowplay. the Merry Christmas Kit, Clover Wonder Clips and lots of fabric. I know that’s more than $100 but my visa is on standby as backup.

  731. Sunni Jordan says:

    I’d drown my self in gorgeous Keepsake Quilting Batik fat quarters!!! Can a girl ever have enuf fat quarters?!?!

  732. Edith Koprek says:

    With a Keepsake gift cert. I would buy backing, I’m into finishing right now.

  733. jquiltlady says:

    Wow! this is a hard one. I have had my eye on a couple of quilt kits that are so-o-o beautiful. I think I would treat myself to one.

  734. Marsha says:

    I have a “wish list” of quilts I’d make if money was no object! I truly want a mariner’s Compass quilt like I’ve seen in Judy Niemyer’s patterns, done in batiks. I’d love to be able to just scoop up every batik that caught my eye. What a wonderful giveaway; you are very generous!!!
    Your shop is the BEST!!!

  735. Nancy Miller says:

    I’ll be in the Boston area in September – I’ll rent a car, drive to your shop, and spend that gift certificate in 60 seconds flat!

  736. Marie Keel says:

    Buy fabric, batting and supplies to make more quilts for the local nursing home residents.

  737. Christine K says:

    I love Mckenna Ryan patterns, don’t have any yet, so would get some of those. Also fat quarter collections!

  738. Corey Warner says:

    I would buy fat quarter’s, new acrylic rulers, batting, maybe even a quilting machine so I can make & donate baby quilts to the nursery at the local hospital … It’s all about quilting so that’s what I’d buy :)

  739. Pingback: 20000 Facebook fan giveaway! | Keepsake Quilting | How To Quilt

  740. Kay Greeley says:

    A batik kit would be just the ticket!

  741. Jean Carpenter says:

    I would buy Batiks, Batiks, Batiks!

  742. Kari Day says:

    I would buy on of your lovely kits.

  743. We just did a road trip in May and are planning on coming back to see you guys in the fall. So I would most likely buy batiks or Christmas fabric. Never have a problem when I come to your store. Love it.

  744. Gidget says:

    Well I would ofcourse buy fabric and patterns since i am a practising quilt addict lol. Would love to win and have opporunity to spend on things i love.

  745. Judy Crutch says:

    As I live in Australia, I would buy fabric in the lovely colours of oceania and the tropics, probably in jelly rolls and fat-quarters, to make lovely quilts for our 15 Grandchildren/Step-Grandchildren. A great retirement dream would be fulfilled, after studying since 2004, if there’s no jobs at our age.

  746. Elaine Bosvik says:

    There are a few quilt kits I would love to buy, too many beautiful ones to chose from

  747. Juliane Schmidt says:

    I would buy everything I could to plan and execute my 2013 Toby Keith Foundation Charity quilt. I have been making one every year to donate to their auction. The better the fabric the better the quitl. This year, I used a pattern I found in a Keepsake Quilting catalog.

    • Keepsake Quilting says:

      Juliana, that’s so wonderful that you make a quilt every year to donate! We would love to see photos of the quilts you have made, especially the one you made with one of our patterns. Which pattern did you choose? We would love for you to share the photos on our facebook page!
      Good luck!

  748. Michelle H. says:

    I’d love the GIANT RAIL WAVES QUILT KIT…it’s perfect for my teenage daughter and I love that I don’t have to guess fabrics with a kit.

  749. daphne brown says:

    I would buy a new cutting mat and some blades for my rotary tools. I would also like some christmas material for at least one christmas quilt.

  750. Linda Bevins says:

    I would head right up and start planning a new quilt, buy some new batiks.

  751. Shelley Meyers says:

    I would buy fabric probably a kit! Thank you!!!

  752. Ilana Lunn says:

    I would put it toward bali fabric for my parents 50th anniversary

  753. Mette Olsen says:

    Surprice me …. Most of all i like yellow roll or fabric i same color, but with different stile…

  754. Lacy Jo Burgess says:

    I would buy batik and 30’s print fabric. I want to make a quilt using mostly brights.

  755. Debra Mack says:

    There is always something missing from a UFO to get it finished..A kit a great idea, something I have never purchased. Congratulations on so many Fans…you are so loved. Sew Peacefully

  756. Janet Reeves says:

    I would buy the low shank big quilting foot. I have wanted one for a really long time. then I would probably buy lots of fabric to add to my stash ! and of course, more thread. I need good quality thread.

  757. Susan K says:

    I would buy fabric to make a baby quilt to give to someone who really needs it!

  758. DebraAnn Conness says:

    Well I would buy 1 or both of the quilt kits I have had in my shopping cart forever !!!

  759. Kathy Lang says:

    Patterns to use some of the fabric I already have, but probably more fabric also!

  760. Barb Sullivan says:

    Fabric/Fabric/Fabric !!! and Batik at that !!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  761. Stacy A says:

    Fabric to make a quilt for our bed!

  762. Cyd Runde says:

    Batik fabrics, and applique threads would be at the top of my list if I am lucky enough to be picked!!

  763. Jackie Celestine says:

    I would buy some 30s fabrics…..

  764. Loralie Wareing says:

    The new Petals of my Heart pattern by Mckenna Ryan. Most definitely. I may have to visit your store next week on my way to Maine!

  765. Shirley Soellner says:

    I would buy batiks and notions – maybe more books. Can’t ever have enough quilting stuff!

  766. Lauren Cullen says:

    of course the answer is fabric! i would get shades of green for a new quilt for a beautiful new handcrafted bed in our new home.

  767. Amanda says:

    There are a few quilt patterns and kits I’ve been eyeing for a while. And some fabric packs to round out my collection and other projects that I’ve been working on. It’s such a difficult decision! LOL.

  768. Becky T says:

    I would get beautiful fabric!

  769. Thee are several things I might want – our guild will be having a solids challenge next year and I think some of your Amish fabric medleys would be helpful. But then I like the desert 9-patch kit too. And then I’d love to try one of those wholecloth quilts. And then…..:)

  770. Mary Ellis says:

    I would buy enough material to make a quilt for my first grandchild who is due in October!

  771. Pattie says:

    I guess I would buy batting.. because I sure do have a lot of fabric already…well I guess I could buy a little bit more of that too……(can you say… I have a problem)

  772. meredith carver says:

    I would get the Kyoto Gardens quilt kit. It would look great on my bed! Thanks. Merry

  773. Cathie Nelson says:

    I would buy fabric and notions!

  774. Terri says:

    Fabric – most definitely fabric…lots of it!

  775. Ginny LaMere says:

    I would buy FABRIC!!!! of course and there are several patterns that I am interested in and oh have I said I would by FABRIC!!!! as I told my family just the other day there is no such thing as to much fabric

    Love your website!

  776. Therese Augustine says:

    My oldest grandson is getting and I would love to get a Wedding Ring Kit to make for their 1st anniversary,since I know I couldn’t get it done before the wedding…

  777. Jessica says:

    More fabric to add to my STABLE (STash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy)

  778. I’d pick a few books out of your great collection!

  779. Philippa S says:

    New quilt project!

  780. Subee says:

    I need to buy background fabric for my Grand Daughter’s wedding quilt. She is getting married in 2013 and want s all the guests to sign a block and then I will assemble the quilt.
    Crossing my fingers here in steamy hot Indiana!
    XOXOXO Subee

  781. Joan Mansfield says:

    Congratulations! I would love to buy a quilt kit like the BALI FEVER QUILT KIT or one equally spectacular.

  782. Angi says:

    I would buy lots and lots of fabric!!! I have a quilt in mind… just need the fabric!!!

  783. Ruth G says:

    Patterns and books are on my list of things to buy if I won a Keepsake gift certificate. But if I go to the store to redeem it and browse I am sure I will be tempted by so many of the gorgeous fabrics it will be hard to decide. :)

  784. Connie Coe says:

    I would buy the Golf Anyone? kit to make for my husband. Then I would buy FABRIC with the rest.

  785. Janie Davidson says:

    I would spend every dollar of that $100 on fabric- my choice! At least half would be batiks, then the rest probably retro fabrics and novelties. My family keeps me busy making quilts for high school graduates and crib quilts for new babies!

  786. Donna Rowe says:

    I would buy wonderful prints to go with the blenders I seem to have a lot of – oh, wait, I may have that backwards! And New tools! or batiks! I love it all.

  787. Carla Bell says:

    I just recently received the Summer update catalog, and had been admiring the “Underground Blues” kit, so If I am lucky enough to win the 100 dollars, I would definitely get that. Love shopping with you, and love your monthly Fat quarters that I receive.

  788. Regina P. says:

    I would buy batiks and make a new quilt for our local cancer treatment center to give away to a patient receiving chemo. I have been told that patients who are receiving chemo are always cold. What better gift to receive than something to keep you warm!

    Over the past couple of years, I have given the center 2 fleece quilts/year so they can give the quilts to patients. The only thing I ask for in return is that they not give the patient my name. I want the gift to be anonymous.

  789. Barbara Forslind says:

    Oh my! I would wonder through the rows of fabrics and ponder. I would make a second wonder ponder and find blues…batiks, Moda marbles, floral, beach..

  790. Diana Lindsley says:

    One of your kits, or some fabric,or some patterns, or some tools, or…. there’s such a good selection! It’s always hard to choose!

  791. LeeAnn M says:

    Oh…where would I begin…my local quilt shop is going out of business, so I would have to stock up for planned future projects…baby quilt for a friend, graduation quilt for a niece and a wedding quilt for another niece…

  792. Judy Vaughn says:

    I would buy every new gadget I don’t have yet.

  793. Marcia says:

    I would buy lots of bright and happy fabrics and pattern books!

  794. Diane Jackson says:

    You always have the fun prints to make my day — one year it was mountain bikes for my son — last summer I stocked up on chipmunk print — cute as can be! Wonder what this summer’s find will be ?

  795. Nona T says:

    I am moving to Alaska to teach in the bush. I would get a kit to piece.

  796. Miriam Carvalho de Resende Laignier says:

    Fabrics,fabrics and more fabrics…

  797. marianne says:

    I would love to win fat quarters or material by the yard. Love your site and I love the projects. thanks you for inspiring me to try new things and get out of my comfort zone.

  798. linda says:

    Fabric, fabric and more fabric!

  799. Connie Snyder says:

    Batiks are my love right now. Love your catalogs! The colors are like a giant hug!

  800. Diane F says:

    Lots and lots of fabric!! Love the strips, dimes & charms — it would be a fund day when it came in!!!

  801. LeAnn says:

    I have a pattern I would like to do and it calls for Batiks so I would stock up on them. It even needs jelly rolls so I would start there. Thanks for the contest and I would love to get up to see you sometime.

  802. Brenda Melillo says:

    Thread lots and lots of thread….. or gadgets love gadgets….. or, or, or ???

  803. Catherine McCormick says:

    You have so many beautiful quilts and fabric that it is hard to decide which I would want more. Probably the Spring Wagon Kit and part of the Summer Solstice kit.

  804. carolee says:

    I love pre-cut items…..applique, layer cakes, jelly rolls, etc.

  805. Deborah Collins says:

    I would buy fabric….lots and lots of fabric…all kinds…especially fabric from Keepsake Quilting…

  806. Anda says:

    I have a fabric addiction, so I would buy fabric!

  807. Paula Stuplich says:

    Oh! Wonder C;ips and fabric. Yes, I need more fabric!
    What a wonderful giveaway. Good Luck to all

  808. I just got a new quilting machine, so a bunch of machine quilting thread would be great! Also a batting or two (need to catch up on quilting those tops now!), or a new big ruler.

  809. Donna Maine says:

    I would buy more fabric! Because you can never have enough fabric!

  810. Maria in Tucson says:

    I would love the chance to stock up on some wide backs. They are so hard to find and you have great colors! And of course a scrap bag or two… or three… or four…..

  811. Devora Olson says:

    Pick me, pick me, please!! If I’m picked to receive the $100 certificate I would put it towards the Labyrinth Kit. We were looking at a catalogue recently and he turned to this one and loved it. He thinks it would be wonderful in our bedroom. This from the man who usually have make any quilting decisions. Maybe it’s that we walked labyrinths where ever we visited and found one. Oh I do hope you pick us. Thanks for reading this.

  812. Kathy van klaveren says:

    Definitely fabric and possibly a few patterns.

  813. Trish says:

    As much music fabric as i could get!

  814. Elaine Dzendzel says:

    I would purchase all the already cut kits

  815. Jeanne Kingsley says:

    Fabric!!! Can never have enough!

  816. Patty Wheeler says:

    I would buy lots of diecuts and maybe a kit or two!

  817. Mary says:

    Love your catalog I’m trying to shrink my stash but always find new things to work on the stash, so many Ideas. I’m a ruler queen according to my friends. Love quilting

  818. Mary Ann Harpe says:

    Batting, thread and then fabric.

  819. Jane says:

    Have several backs that need fabric for fronts. Thanks

  820. Lorie Ehmer says:

    I would by lots of fabric!!

  821. Lois Clark says:

    BRIGHT fabrics, probably batiks!

  822. Dorothy says:

    There are a couple of quilt kits I just love. I would just have to decide which.

  823. I would buy fat quarters and notions! I cannot imagine the joy of picking and choosing whatever my heart desires. Thank you for providing the opportunity to win!

  824. Judy Williams says:

    I would buy some of the kits for runners and table toppers, love them………..

  825. Susan Haag says:

    A kit I have had my eye on! Than again, there is lots of fabrics I have had my eye on also.

  826. Diana Carter says:

    I’m always too cheap to invest in a kit, so I’d buy a kit if I had the gift certificate.

  827. Suzanne Knazek says:

    Batiks, batiks, batiks!!!

  828. Beth Porkert says:

    I would love to buy a kit or two. Congrats!

  829. Lynn says:

    Fabric of course!!! Thank you!

  830. Candy Jung says:

    I would buy a bit of everything! :-)

  831. Pat says:

    I went to your store for the first time yesterday. Though I have purchased items before through your catalog, what an experience it is to shop at the store! I would use the gift certificate to buy a whole lot of fabric. Your selection of fabrics are incredible to say nothing of all kinds of other goods related to the sewing world. Thank you!

  832. Suma says:

    I would get big-back fabrics in batik.

  833. Brenda Sanders says:

    fabric! Plus you have a couple of Block-of-the-Month items that I just love! And then there are a few notions… Whoops, I’ve spent more than my $100!

  834. Christina Carlson says:

    That’s a tough question! I’d probably buy one of your amazing kits.

  835. Judy K says:

    I would buy fabric for a Christmas Tree Skirt and also their is a kit in the catalog that I keep going back and looking at it. Eventually I will break down and get it.

  836. Mary Stumpf says:

    Buy lots and lots of fabrics and tools. I love to shop for these items Its so exciting and fun to think about winning free fabric i cant wait to see who gets it

  837. Karen says:

    Fabric, fabric and more fabric.

  838. Denise Garceau says:

    I would probably buy one of the (there are several I would love to have) Keepsake Quilt Kits, or maybe some of the Bali Blenders. You have so many wonderful products to choose from!

  839. Caren says:

    Lots and lots of fabric!

  840. Debbra Perrault says:

    I would buy more of those fabulous fabrics you carry so I can make lots of fun quilts for my new Grandson.

  841. Donna Flanery says:

    I have my eye on some bitty bundles that would be perfect for a block of the month quilt I am getting ready to start.

  842. Karen Imwalle says:

    I would buy batiks-love them. Maybe I would buy some pretty lights.

  843. Diana says:

    I make charity quilts. I would enhance those Charity quilts with fabric from your website. I love the quality of your fabric.

  844. Kristy Boule says:

    I’d finally get the Labyrinth Kit! Or the Smokey River Kit. Or one of the Quilts Made Modern Kits. Or…

  845. Christine says:

    I would put it towards the Stepping Stones quilt kit and the backing!! It’s perfect for a “men’s” quilt that I’ve been needing to do for my step-son!!

  846. Susan Needleman says:

    I would buy a kit with Batiks in it. I really haven’t done much with batik even though I absolutely LOVE it !!

  847. Dianne Martel says:

    i would make a quilt to give away

  848. mickey says:

    batiks, batiks, and more batiks!!

  849. Kristi Jackson says:

    I would buy the new Freedom Star Flag Kit…Love it!!

  850. Jennie says:

    With a $100 I would buy maybe a few notions that I have been wanting then with the rest I would just buy as much fabric as I could!!

  851. I would treat myself to some of the Bali medleys I’ve been drooling over.

  852. Becky Cardwell says:

    I would purchase fabric, or maybe tools, Oh I could get some notions, or a quilt kit. No, I think I would purchase fabric. I like some of the patterns on your site, oh but the batiks. Maybe a little of all of it.

  853. Lynne Ravas says:

    I am trying to entice my daughter-in-law and a couple of nieces to try quilting, so a few tools to get them started would be wonderful. My stash has enough fabric for their starter quilts!

  854. Patricia Stroud says:

    I would purchase one of the really nice kits I’ve been drooling over.

  855. Karen Johnson says:

    I would purchase fabric to finish the 3 quilts I’m currently working on. Plus a few notions I have been wanting to purchase.

  856. Lynn Michel says:

    You have the best of the best in your catalog! I would buy all Judy Niemeyer kits you have, because they are easy and always use batiks, my favorite!!!

  857. Barbara Forslind says:

    I would wonder and ponder. So much to see and touch. Blue is my favorite color…batiks, Moda marbles, prints, stripes. There are to many selections to mention!

  858. Linde says:

    I would love to get lots of small kits to make up for Christmas gifts!

  859. Irene McMahan says:

    Fabric and quilts for that first precious long awaited grandbaby due in November

  860. DonnaAlvested says:

    How exciting. I would buy more batiks which make the most beautiful projects.

  861. Sandy Skribiski says:

    My collage age son is moving out in Aug. This will be be giving me a sewing room for a first time! ( how long this will last I will not know? ) I would put the $ 100.00 towards a Quilt Wall,( I have been wanting one for a very long time!) and perhaps Super Satchel Thread Box. This should be a good start to the sewing room : )

  862. Pocahontas says:

    Fabric, books, quilters toys, and more fabric, more books and more quilters toys.

  863. Jeanene Gibbs says:

    Fabric, fabric, fabric. $100.00 of Stonehenge fat quarters. Yes!

  864. Paula says:

    I would buy gagets! You just can’t have enough of them – so fun to use.

  865. MERRY REED says:

    I would buy a kit, never bought one before! Or maybe fat quarters, lots of purple! patterns, gadgets I couls spend $100 in a hundred different way!

  866. Nancy in Minnesota says:

    I would close my eyes and flip through the catalog and order the first things my fingers fell on. Everything in the Keepsake Quilting catalog is so beautiful that there isn’t anything I wouldn’t want to have!

  867. Nancy Barnhill says:

    I would buy a lovely kit……a treat for myself!

  868. Doris says:

    As any quilter would say: FABRICS. I would love to buy a number of blenders so that I could use more of my fabrics in my statsh that I can not find anything else to go with at this time.

  869. I would buy beautiful batiks because I can never get enough and I love being surrounded by eye candy.

  870. David Buell says:

    I would buy some patterns my wife has had her eye on. She likes the camp shirt and some purse/tote bag patterns too. And more fabric of course!

  871. Jane says:

    We live in Colorado Springs and were evacuated because of the fire raging a mile away. Our house is fine and we are back home now; it is time to dig the blocks for my son’s “going away to college” quilt out of my evac bag and get sewing. I wondered if I should pack the blocks but then I thought if our house does burn down he’ll appreciate a quilt even more. I do not have binding or backing for the quilt so that is what I would get.

  872. susan says:

    I love fabric. I need some new rotary cutters, and I wouldn’t mind some organizational things

  873. Dawn says:

    I would probably buy some batiks, you had some amazing ones. And also some appliques & misc tools.

  874. Rachell R says:

    Oh my goodness, that is a great giveaway! Hope it’s me! Thank you!
    How will I decide? I would buy a few patterns (Stars Unlimited book, I Met a Moose, Christmas Holiday), some notions, some batiks. Maybe a Super Satchel.
    Or maybe I’ll just get a kit–I’ve got my eye on one or two at least!

  875. Pamela Killinger says:

    I would buy a kit. I would love to have a kit all cut out and ready to go. I have carpal tunnel in my right hand right now and can’t cut fabric to sew. It would be lovely to not have to do that. Love your page.

  876. Jean Ledoux says:

    I would buy a kit. There are so many I love and would enjoy making. Christmas one maybe…who knows!!!

  877. Peggy says:

    I would love to add to my Halloween Fabric Stash….or maybe
    that picture reminds me I need some organizing items!

  878. Jodi S-W says:

    Bali’s for sure!

  879. denise danish says:

    Really now i said help me smuggle it all in not snuggle in it all.. but i guess your right its all so bright and comforting i want to bury myself in it too.