Staff Judging – Hip Hip Hurray Challenge

Yesterday was a very special day here at Keepsake Quilting. A day many of the employees look forward to all year. You see, yesterday was Staff Judging Day! We’ve been receiving challenge quilts for the past few weeks, and we have been eagerly waiting for the time when we get to see them all. Every year, the entries are so very different from the previous year’s quilts, and it is so interesting and fun to walk around and see each and every one!

This year’s challenge was the Hip Hip Hurray Challenge. Quilts were to be celebratory in nature, and should express pride and joy. Each entry had to use at least four of the six provided fabrics, and could add up to two other fabrics of the quilter’s choice. It was such a surprise to see how each quilter interpreted this challenge theme! View more information for this challenge here: Hip Hip Hurray Challenge

View the entries in last year’s Botanical Challenge here: Botanical Challenge Slideshow

View the entries in the Log Cabin Challenge, Landscape Challenge and Beautiful Bali Challenge here: Challenge Slideshows

Thank you to all of our entrants! Winners have been notified; you can look forward to reading about them in our upcoming Newsletter.

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5 thoughts on “Staff Judging – Hip Hip Hurray Challenge

  1. When will the winning quilts be displayed from the Hip Hip Hurray contest?I am anxious to review them. Also ,when will my wall hanging quilt be returned ?Will I get a notification so I can be watching the mail? I’m looking forward to the next challenge.

    1. Doris,

      The winning quilts will be announced in our Summer Catalog, which mails mid-May. All challenge quilts will be shown on our website soon after that date. Since your quilt is for sale, it will be returned after September 9th. If you no longer wish to sell your quilt, please contact Customer Service at or 800-525-8086. We will make a note to email you when it is being returned.

      -Bonnie, Challenge Coordinator

  2. I am an amateur at quilting with only the home sewing machine to use. I entered the Hip Hip Hurray contest not realizing that professionals was what I was competing against. My question is will someone please send me a note when my quilt is returned to let me know how I did .I am so looking forward to the next challenge. The black bottom cupcakes were a hit!Thanks

    1. Doris,
      Quilters like you are the reason we love this challenge contest. You’ve only been quilting less than a year, and you designed the ship “Old Ironsides” in fabric! Now that’s originality.

      It’s a joy to see such creativity in both first-time and long-time quilters.

      -Bonnie, Challenge Coordinator

      1. Bonnie, thanks for letting me know that someone did see my design. That really means a lot to me. I have found out that I really enjoy the designing ,it is like I’m all thumbs with the quilting.I have had lots of laughts trying to get the concept of quilting.I had to retire from nursing due to an unsolveable balance problem.Q uilting has now become my anchor. Thanks!


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