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Hoosier Chicken Gumbo

Recipe from the KQ Cookbook: Hoosier Chicken Gumbo

Here’s a mild version of Louisiana gumbo. This easy, everyday version is excellent reheated, so it can be made a day or two ahead and refrigerated. However, it is the filé powder that causes the soup to thicken, so it should be added just before serving. If you don’t use filé powder, you may wish…

Black Bottom Cupcakes

Recipe from the KQ Cookbook: Black Bottom Cupcakes

If you want a Valentine’s Day that’s extra sweet, bake up a batch of these super-yummy cupcakes. When Kali made our samples, she used reduced-fat cream cheese and whole-wheat flour, and they were still over-the-top delicious. Whether you make these for the kindergarten party or for your sweetheart, you’re guaranteed to get rave reviews. The…