Halloween Mystery Photo Contest


Tina "Turner," Red Hat Society Nancy, The Dread Pirate Candy, Dawn the Witch, and "Batty" Marie

Congratulations Dawn Ellen Miller, you’re the winner of our Halloween Mystery Photo Contest! It was a close vote, and we had a great time reading all of the submissions! Thank you to everyone who entered!
Dawn, we sent you an email to get your contact information so we can get your Miniatures Quilt Kit in the mail. Congratulations!

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4 thoughts on “Halloween Mystery Photo Contest

  1. The Halloween stories were fun to read. Why don’t you try that for Valetines Day? I think that would be a fun time to come up with a quilt and story too. Maybe invoving chocolate and special hidden love messages.
    Lynda Falley

    1. We’re so glad you liked them! We had lots of fun reading them, and had a hard time choosing just one! It would be very fun to do a Valentine’s Day photo mystery, we’ll keep that in mind!


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