Halloween Mystery Photo Contest

Something wicked this way comes at Keepsake Quilting! Examine the craft crime scene and use your skills of deduction to tell us what you think happened. There is no correct answer, and the funniest, scariest, or most dramatic scenario will win! Leave your answer as a blog comment by 7:30 AM EST on Tuesday, November 1st. (You may also participate in the photo contest on the Patternworks blog.)

The prize at stake:
Miniatures Quilt Kit, $154.99 retail
As a BONUS, if we receive more than 100 responses, we’ll give away TWO quilt kits! So take out your magnifying glass, and start sleuthing!

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26 thoughts on “Halloween Mystery Photo Contest

  1. I finally realized I should stop collecting antiques and look for a new sewing machine and ditch the old clock that is housing a mouse in favour of an Iphone and remember to button my sleeve when I get dressed. Why am I sewing this quilt anyway? – it looks finished to me.

  2. Little Miss Muffet, sat on her tuffet, quilting to her heart’s delight!
    When along came a mouse, causing a terrible fright!
    Though the night was not young, at the stroke of midnight,
    all was not well, on this eerie night!
    Because of the scare, Miss Tuffet fell off her chair and hit her head,
    causing her to appear, as if she were dead!
    Was it really all due to the mouse,
    or was it the haunted apple offered by that crazy quilt hung up in the house?

  3. As Charlie the mouse hid in the goblet near the human he knew his mother would be uspset for not getting home before 12:00. Peeking out he spied a tasty treat that would satisfy his hunger. Taking a big chance Charlie lowered himself out and closer to the food. Taking a bite the juice run down his chin. Suddenly an object whizzed close to him stabbing the apple and missing his tail. Quickly Charlie ran in circles and hid under the cloth. Tears filling his eyes he peeked out hoping to find a place to get down. The human’s screaming filled his ears and made his head hurt. Oh if only he could escape from here he would never come back. As he darted from the noise he glanced over his shoulder watching the scene. The screaming human thrashed wildly catching its arm on the machine. Slowly it sunk to the floor in a heap. Remembering the apple Charlie darted back and kicked it off onto the floor before jumping down. The food was heavy but Charlie dragged it home with him. Maybe bringing the food home would make mother happy and not mad at him.

  4. Hickory, Dickory, Dock
    The mouse ran up the clock
    The clock struck midnight
    and down he ran for a fright
    He ran behind my apple to escape the flight
    Of my quilting scissors fell to his right.
    So around he ran right into a fan
    And blew out the candles
    As he search for the mantle.
    He knocked over my lamp while all helter-skelter
    Filling me with lots of terror
    A crazy quilt magically appeared
    Dancing with goblins who filled me with fear.
    I chased the mouse hither and there.
    and before I knew it I was twisted and scarred.
    And the goblins had sewn me on to my quilt
    Which made me wilt!

  5. She drove her husband too far ..scraps of thread on his clothes , pins in his bottom, fabric falling from all cupboards in the house .

  6. The corrected version:

    T’was all Hallow’s evening,
    I’m in my white blouse.
    A creature was stirring,
    eeeeek—it’s a mouse!

    The clock it said twelve,
    this quilt has to get done.
    So, to my work I must delve
    before it chimes one.

    When what should then happen,
    the munchies I got,
    I get an apple to eat
    but it’s starting to rot.

    I can’t sew any longer
    it’s sleep I must get.
    The candles have burnt out
    I’ll just rest a bit.

    As I settle down in
    to my quilt; I was wrapped,
    my machine started sewing,
    Oh no, I was trapped!

    I fought and I struggled
    the lamp toppled down
    guess I’ll be here til morning
    I’ll just hang around.

  7. In my Spartan sewing room
    I toiled away the day
    My candles blew out
    And left me with lamplight
    Higgeldy-piggeldy blocks
    The clock on my table struck 12
    The mouse ran away from the clock
    The oil lamp fell.
    I needed a break
    I wove my way to the kitchen
    And grabbed an apple
    Someone had taken my paring knife
    But my scissors could cut the apple
    I returned to my Spartan room
    And saw a goblet on my table
    Who, what? I drank a tot..
    I must, I must, finish this quilt
    A few more stitches
    Much too fast, my cuff attached
    I fell to the floor
    My head spinning ‘round
    I had become the Quiltmaster’s puppet!

  8. I was looking at the crazy quilt I had hung on the wall trying to summon my inspiration, then glanced at the clock. 12:03, oh horror! I had been crafting and sewing all day with my new fabric and forgot to start dinner! So suddenly I got an idea! I quickly sewed my sleeve to my project and pretended to sleep and hoped that would get me out of this jam! Hubby would be home soon with the kids and hopefully they’d laugh so hard they wouldn’t notice we’d have to order out!

  9. It was noon, a bold time for scoundrels to be doing their dirty work. Ms White was getting a head start on Christmas gifts for the family. Little did they know that she was also a secret agent otherwise they would have told her it was too obvious keeping the secret message “Keep to the Right 1882” in plain sight.

    The dark spy came into her room, picked up her scissors to attack when Ms Whit spun around and flung the apple. Her training became apparent as the apple met the scissors in the air and landed on her work table. With an odd sense of assurance she thought ‘good thing it missed my goblet or my wine would have spilt onto my work’.

    But the distraction got her sleeve caught under the pressure arm. Forced to fight one handed she flailed about until the dark spy subdued her with a knock out spray. He took note of the message on the hanging quilt and left before the authorities arrived. But he missed the true secret message. If he had been a quilter he would have realized no one works that closely to an open flame and that the candle sticks had been set there for a different purpose. The actual secret message was in the meaning of the two different colored candles. The secret was still safe.

    I know this because of the tiny camera embedded in the robotic mouse.

  10. To live is to quilt, to die is…..no wait, I’m just taking a nap because I can’t be dead, I only have a bazillion more projects to do!

  11. It’s been said many times that he was nothing but a Sew-n-Sew. All anyone needed to do was look at him with his funny little teeth that would grab any little piece of fabric that got in his way. I knew he was no good…. My mother told me he was nothing but a Spartan; uncompromising in discipline or judgment with severity to the pitch of hostility. She told me a stich in time …… well, you get the picture. Back then, I wouldn’t listen. Anyway, the time had come. I discussed it many times with my best friend Mouseshandra. Together we decided that I would clean finish the old Sew-n-Sew by carving a hole in an apple with my scissors and Mouseshandra would crawl in. Then, when the old Sew-n-Sew went to take a bite, Mouseshandra would jump out at him and bite his needle nose and give him a under stitch, a zipper foot and a little gear slip to get him bobbin. Little did we know that Ms. CrazyQuilt was listening in. She (Ms. CrazyQuilt) told that Sew-n-Sew our plan and in no time the old Sew-n-Sew had me hemmed up, tacked, buttonholed and appliqued. I’m left holding on to a thread waiting for Mouseshandra to come to my rescue. Come on Mouseshandra, clock him a good one. He’ll never hold a candle to us! We will survive to quilt another day!

  12. I armed myself with a goblet of warm cider with hopes to meet the midnight dead-line.
    Knowing all well the spirit of my late grandmother millie, that lived in her favorite 1882 crazy quilt, would move the needle of her spartan machine in a haunting motion.
    The clock struck the witching hour of 12….a cool blew out the light of the candles that
    which I was working under. Spooking a small mouse from the chiming clock, tipping
    the lamp, causing me to have a faunting feeling. The needle came to a sudden stop-as I fell to my knees—the time had past!

  13. When you have a “dead”line, you sew and sew and then weird things start happening. Things move and shift and you know you didn’t put them there. Stitches appear in places you didn’t think you could sew. Who knew what the midnight hour would bring.

  14. This is a case for “Quilt Busters!”
    Our poor midnight quilter was scared by a mouse which caused her to jump in fright as she held her shears. Upon looking to the right we discover she stabbed her healthy midnight snack apple, (a moist conductor!) and the machine’s power source. Unfortunately, it was an electrifying experience! Next time I suggest m & m’s!

  15. As I was burning the midnight oil trying to complete my scrappy quilt…I felt this cold chill over take me… As I shivered in my seat I noticed the crazy quilt on the wall in front of me was no longer there?! Suddenly an apple came flying towards me…I’m thinking Snow White and the Evil Queen…could it be poisoned? I grabbed my trusty Ginghers and stabbed said apple saving me from a horrible fate I’m sure~Feeling better now I continue to try and finish my quilt in the quiet of midnight when I realize I haven’t had my quota of water for the day…I sip from my silver challis and being proud of myself I continue to sew…got to get my quilt finished~~~ Hmmm…I feel so sleepy….was there something in my wa-t–e—r? All of a sudden the lamp went out and the the candles flickered and poof! no more light…I couldn’t see a thing but I was still determined to finish my quilt…sleepy or not! The next morning my hubby shakes me awake…he had taken a picture of the state I was in when he found me…I still have no idea what happened to me…but in the picture there was a tiny mouse smiling like she knew exactly how my quilt was finished and how the cuff of my shirt was sewn to my quilt???? Was she the Fairy that finishes your UFO’s?

  16. The police were called to Chloe Quilter’s house at 10:30 am, November 1, 2011. Chloe didn’t show up for her job at the Crafty Lady Quilt Shop and the manager had gotten worried. When police arrived they found Chloe, unconscience. The paramedics were called and they were able to revive Miss Quilter. She recanted the following story….”I was spending a nice quiet All Hallow’s Eve evening sewing on a quilt for a customer. I had gotten hungry and went into the kitchen for a snack. Trying to stay on my diet, I chose an apple. Once I had sat down I realized I had forgotten a knife to slice my apple. I wear braces, so I must cut up things like that when I eat them. I saw the scissors and thought they might work. Just as I stuck the scissor into the apple, I spied a mouse on my sewing table!! I am terribly frightened of mice so I jumped up, and knocked over the lamp. This frightened the mouse and he jumped onto my pants leg! I screamed! Everything went dark and the next thing I know, the police are here at my house. I must of hit the foot pedal of my sewing machine when I fell and that’s how my sleeve got sewn onto my customer’s quilt. I feel so silly to so afraid of something as small as a mouse and to have caused all this concern.” The police chuckeled, told Miss Quilter that they were happy she was ok and they filed their report. Miss Quilter, took the day off from her job at The Crafty Lady Quilt Shop and her manager agreed that that was a good idea.

    1. It was the night before Halloween and all through the house not a creature was stirring,
      Not even the mouse.
      As I stitched and sewed and the candles grew dim, I worried I wouldn’t finish in time to win.
      The Witch has promised if the quilt was not out, there would no Trick or Treater’s about.
      She gave me an apple and told me to eat, She smiled ever so slow said it was also very sweet.
      I thought it might be as sweet as candy, but as a tool it would be very handy.
      But as I punctured the apple and licked juice on my hands
      A glow came over the room, and I slowly began to swoon.
      Little goblins began to hurry about and sewed my sleeve to the table with a happy shout.
      With a whisper of encouragement to little mouse said “Don’t worry my Dear the Pumpkin will be sure that Halloween is not Dead!

  17. The witching hour had struck…..I had attempted to finish this quilt. Why WHY was I not able to??? Soon the quilt master will come for all my notions! NO!!!!!!! As I stab my scissors into the apple rattling my precious sewing table and knocking my lamp over. What is that noise? It can not be…IT CAN”T be the quilt master! Not yet. Please… oh please, allow me more time. Look, here on the wall. I finished this beautiful crazy quilt. Please take the crazy quilt! Not all my notions! How will I ever quilt again??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO……as the quilt master takes all my beautiful things I fade away to the floor…..

  18. As I was sewing one Holloween night it came upon the witching hour. The clock struck mid-night and suddenly I realized the crazed crazy quilt on the wall was haunted and had come to life! As it swooped down from the wall to attack me I grabbed for my scissors but they got stuck in my apple. Oh my, what to do! The quilt swooped over me and I started fighting to get away. I knocked the lamp over and the candles went out, then I thought I know how to win this battle! With the crazed crazy quilt still covering me I grab onto my sewing machine, and began to blindly sew on the good quilt. I sewed and sewed until I could no longer move my arm. I hope that good would overtake evil and I would survive my ordeal. When I awoke all seemed normal but I had sewn my sleeve onto my quilt and a little mouse was laughing at me.


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