Deploy That Fabric Winner!

It’s time to announce the winner of their very own copy of Deploy That Fabric and a Camo Quilt-Eco Messenger Bag.

Deploy That Fabric Book and Camo Quilt-Eco Messenger Bag

The winner is  Janet M., who has two West Point grads (and active military members), and has plenty of old uniforms to put to “good, loving use!”   Congratulations Janet, we’ve sent you an email to get your information.

Thank you all for entering! Be sure to stop by tomorrow for another blog tour. This time we will be featuring Modern Mix, by Jessica Levitt!

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3 Responses to Deploy That Fabric Winner!

  1. Janet M says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU–wow, what a treat. I’m so excited and will be watching the mailbox!

  2. Neece Houghtelin says:

    When I read things online, I wonder how they get any quilting done. I guess you all are better organized than me.

  3. Neece Houghtelin says:

    How do any of us get any quilting done with all of this good stuff online????

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