3 thoughts on “detail of Tumbling Blocks Quilt

  1. Your tumbling blocks fo 1930 material is breathtaking. This is what I think quilting is all about. My dad had plenty of stories of his grandmother’s quilting B. It’s only purpose was to help neighbors make quilts which were serviceable, warm bed covers made from scraps of material salvaged from overworn shirts, dresses, bouses and skirts. This is the kind of quilting I love. Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilts.

  2. Bonnie,
    Bless your heart! I’ve been looking for tumbling blocks for twenty years and could not get any answers from anyone. I made my son one when he was twenty. I used three shades of gray and it turned out just beautiful.
    I’ve always wanted to do do another in solid colors. Can you possibly tell me what it would cost for the filling and lining? (I have the material, three shades of lavender but I’m on a fixed income so have to be careful.) Thank you so much.
    Dorothy Lamb-texam1@hotmail.com

    1. Dorothy,
      Backing would be approximately 6 yards for a twin, and 8 yards for a full/queen size. Take a look at the various battings we offer, and see what you might like, choosing the appropriate size for your top.
      In case you’d want to use one of these for your backing, here is a link to our Lavender fabrics (you can click on each individual fabric to order it by the yard): http://bit.ly/qzw9EK
      Here is a link to our batting: http://bit.ly/o4oYQl


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