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Hi, I’m Bonnie and have worked at Keepsake Quilting for 19 years and have been quilting for 33 years. In my job as the copywriter, I get to write about all the products in the Keepsake Quilting catalog. It’s exciting to be among the first to see all the great new fabrics and nifty new tools and notions. My personal shopping list is always close at hand, since I want to make everything I write about. If only I had the time. (I certainly have the fabric stash!)

Jacob’s Ladder blocks, made from authentic 1930’s fabric scraps

My friends kid me and say I’ve never met a quilt I didn’t like, and I think they’re right. My favorites, though, are the reproductions, especially the 1930’s. I just love the happy palette of colors. Diane, one of my friends in my little Thursday Night Quilters group gave me authentic 1930’s scraps, which I’m hand piecing into Jacob’s Ladder blocks. I’m also hand quilting a doll quilt in 1800’s fabrics. Of course those are just a sampling of my multitude of UFO’s. Those unfinished projects do come in handy, though. Evelyn, our photographer, uses them as props in the catalog.

Evelyn, by the way, is my cooking buddy for the Hungry Quilter feature. One month I cook up the recipe, and the next month she does. She takes all the pictures and makes my cooking look so good! If working at Keepsake Quilting sounds like fun, you’re right, it is. I can’t think of a better place to work if you’re a quilter who just happens to like to cook on the side.

Below are photos of some of my quilting projects. Click a thumbnail if you’d like to view them larger.

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Employee Spotlight, Quilting Fabric

One thought on “Employee Spotlight—Bonnie

  1. Great to see your blog, Bonnie! I still have and treasure the little quilt you made and I ended up receiving in the Christmas swap at the Belknap Mill Guild, many years ago now. Happy you are enjoying your position as copy writer. Sounds like an ideal job to me for anyone who loves quilts as much as you do. Keep up the good work! Now I’ll pay even more attention to descriptions in the catalog, knowing that you wrote them! Happy quilting, whenever you have time! Pat


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