Monthly Archives: April 2011


Recipe From the KQ Cookbook: Mexican Lasagna

A holiday or special occasion is a reason to celebrate, and food always makes the celebration complete. With this month’s recipe, we celebrate Cinco de Mayo, a holiday that celebrates Mexican heritage and pride. This lasagna is great for Mother’s Day and graduations, as well, because it can be personalized to taste. Just like building…


Staff Judging

This week started off on a high note for all KQ Employees. For weeks we watch all the Challenge quilts coming in, and see the pile get taller and taller. Some may try to sneak a peek while Evelyn photographs them all, but most have to wait. Staff Judging Day is definitely a day that…


Spring 2011 Log Cabin Quilt Challenge

Here are all the submissions for our Create a Log Cabin Keepsake Challenge.  This challenge was to make the classic Log Cabin pattern your own by designing a challenge quilt from out Challenge Medley. Six fabrics were provided; entrants were required to use at least four, and are able to add two of their own…