Ribbon Weave Spring Foyer

Libby and Heather have given us a little taste of Spring today, even though the temperature outside was 0° this morning.  They got their inspiration from Stephanie Sheridan’s beautiful Ribbon Weave Quilt.  The lavenders and greens make me think of crocuses; we won’t be seeing them for some time yet with all the snow we have, but I’ve heard they’re coming up in warmer parts of the country.  Inside the shop we have some lovely Easter themed collections and very soft, very adorable bunnies.  Oh-don’t forget the sock monkeys!

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3 thoughts on “Ribbon Weave Spring Foyer

  1. What beautiful colors! Sorry, but here in Texas, I sat on the back porch this morning, and my husband mowed the grass yesterday, because it is already turning green. You will get your revenge, NH, this summer, when it’s blazing hot here–but never too hot to quilt or shop!

    1. Then you should come visit us this summer! Lake Winnipesaukee is right across the street from our shop. After you see the shop, you can take a nice, cool cruise around the lake on the Mt. Washington.


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