KQ introduces Fabric Bargain Bin Site

The Fabric Bargain Bin at Keepsake Quilting* is the place on the internet to find quality, discount quilting fabrics with savings up to 50%!

Treat yourself to the same top-quality quilting fabrics that Keepsake Quilting has always been known for, but at bargain-bin prices. This online fabric store will always be stocked with hundreds of sale fabrics, and those fabrics will be continually changing.

Keepsake Quilting prides itself on always offering the very latest collections from the top fabric companies. In order to make room for the new, last year’s fabrics must go. From now on, they’ll be going right to the Fabric Bargain Bin, so you can buy those fabrics at greatly reduced prices!

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2 Responses to KQ introduces Fabric Bargain Bin Site

  1. Denise says:

    How cool is this? Today is National Quilting Day, Free shipping at KQ, my sister, neice and I are having a “girl’s weekend”, AND it’s my birthday! Yippee for me!

  2. Looking for quilting fabrics. Need 3 quilts of some kind before the end of the year. Actually 4 including 1 childs. Have always liked what I saw in your catalogs(Keepsake Quilting). Haven’t been to this site yet.

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