Employee Spotlight – Jen

Jen and Dakota

Jen poses with the most loved doggie on earth

Jen is a fabric cutter at Keepsake Quilting. She’s busy all day cutting fabric for your orders; preparing kits, blocks and medleys of-the-month; and putting orders together for shipping.  She’s been with us about a year and a half, and her favorite parts of the job are seeing all the new fabrics that come in and watching what people like to buy (she’s a big shopper).  She lives right around the corner from us and loves being able to walk to work each day. When she’s not working she likes playing with her adorable rottie Dakota, kayaking, and playing outdoors with the kids (Dakota likes that too). She’s just learned to knit, and also enjoys quilting, making stained glass panels, doing cross-stitch, cooking and teaching people how to cook.

Jen's quilt & tote, made from her husband's military uniform

Jen's knitting project

Jen's Scarf

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2 Responses to Employee Spotlight – Jen

  1. Deborah says:

    I know that it’s probably a hard job to cut up fabric all day….but oh, I would love to work to work and do that!! Love the camo wall hanging. I’ve made camo curtains for my son’s room.

    So nice to meet you.

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